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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2013 21:11
      Very helpful



      good medicines for children

      I first became familiar with the brand Tixylix not too long after having my son. He developed his first cough and, amongst the panic that this caused me as a new mum, came sound advice from mummy friend that I should have a bottle of Tixylix on hand. Since then, I have learnt that they do a range of medicines specifically designed for children suffering the common symtoms of colds. The range includes nasal drops as well as cough syrups designed for babies, toddlers and older children - chesty or dry coughs.

      The packaging on all the range is similar and seems a little old fashioned looking to me - which is quite a nice touch as it makes you feel like the brand has been around for ages (to be fair, it has!) and that it can be trusted. Inside the cardboard box (which is always predominately white with a flash of colour depending on the product) is a brown, thick glass bottle. I can vouch for the resilience of the bottle as I have dropped this on more than one occasion on my tiled kitchen floor and it has withstood any damage! All the cough syrups come with a white plastic measuring spoon so that the correct dose can be administered. This has a 2.5ml spoon on one end and a 5ml spoon on the other - dosage depends on the child's age.

      The first syrup that we used was the baby syrup - which can be used from 3 months of age to 5 years. This is for the relief of dry, tickly coughs and is blackcurrant flavour (as is the toddler syrup). More recently, we have been using the Honey, Lemon and Glycerol version on the cough syrup. This is for children from 1 year of age and is for the relief of coughs and sore throats. The syrup tastes really sweet so my son doesn't mind taking it at all. It has really helped to soothe him and ease his cough too. I also find it easy to administer using the spoon although the syrup is very sticky if spilled - predominately due to the liquid sugar content!

      I find the range to be reasonably priced, at around £3 a bottle. Obviously, as with all medicines, once the bottle is opened you have a reduced timeframe to use the contents so it usually only lasts for one cold but I will happily pay £3 every cold for the relief that this gives my son. The medicines in this range are really effective and ease the symptoms of a cold well. As a parent, this is really reassuring and I tend to keep a bottle on hand as my son does seem to get a lot of colds!


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      10.02.2006 17:37
      Very helpful



      Fast acting, yummy tasting, baby & child cough medicine

      My 11 month old daughter developed a cough about 3 weeks ago, and as this was her first ever cough we didn't have any medicine at home. I had heard the name Tixylix before so I had this in mind when visiting the chemist.

      I couldn't find what I was looking for so asked the assistant about Tixylix. I found out there are 2 different types of Tixylix.

      - Tixylix Baby Syrup. This is suitable from 3 months - 5 years. It is sugar & colour free. It is designed to provide relief for dry coughs. It comes in blackcurrant flavour.

      - Tixylix Chesty cough. This is suitable for 1 - 10 year olds. This is also sugar & colour free. Designed to relieve chesty coughs and catarrh. Also blackcurrant flavour.

      As my daughter is under 1 year old, the pharmacist recommended the Baby Syrup, which I bought approx £3.05 (sorry I can't recall exact price) for 100ml.

      ~ PACKAGING ~

      Tixylix Baby Syrup comes in a white rectangle box, which is tinged red at the top and bottom. Tixylix Baby Syrup is printed in red at the top, and there is a picture of a sleeping baby with her teddy at the bottom. All the relevant dosage information is printed on the back, which is:

      3 months - under 1 year: one 5ml spoonful.
      1 year - 5 years: two 5ml spoonfuls.

      Inside the box there is a brown glass medicine bottle with a Tixylix label, and a white, plastic measuring spoon. One end of the spoon measures 5ml, and the other end 2.5ml. There is also an information leaflet giving various details e.g. What is in the pack? What is the medicine used for? Before giving the medicine. How to give the medicine. After taking the medicine and how to store the medicine.


      Well as I said my child had never had a cough before this, so I have no other cough medicines to compare Tixylix to. However, she'd had her cough for 2 days before I decided enough was enough and went to purchase Tixylix, as her coughing was waking her up a couple of times during the night.

      It was mid morning when I gave her the 1st dose of one 5ml spoonfuls. I smelt the syrup as soon as I removed the safety lid, it was a lovely mild blackcurrant smell. My daughter sucked the syrup off the spoon, and even wanted more! She hasn't got a particularly sweet tooth, so I wasn't sure if she'd be impressed, but she took it fine. Thankfully.

      Obviously her cough didn't clear immediately, so approx 3 hours later I gave her another 5ml dose, and again at bedtime.

      That night she didn't wake AT ALL coughing! I was amazed. I expected the syrup to take effect over a day or two, but not within the same day of starting it. What a relief. That dose I gave her before bed, was the last dose, I didn't need to give any the following day, or since.

      ~ CONCLUSION ~

      A yummy tasting, baby syrup which really works...and fast!

      You can give the medicine 3 - 4 times daily, but make sure you allow 3 - 4 hours between doses.

      This is particularly good as babies as young as 3 months can have this, I don't think there are many cough medicines on the market which can be used this young...although I could be wrong.

      Novartis Consumer Health
      Horsham, RH12 5AB.



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