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The easy way to give up snoring.

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 20:09
      Very helpful



      Relieve the causes of snoring with eith a nasal or throat spray.

      Snoreeze Spray

      Snoreeze makes a variety of sprays and nasal strips which are supposed to relieve snoring. I myself have never used this product but my partner has - to help me get a better nights sleep!!


      There are various causes of snoring and in order to treat your symptons effectively you must find out what is causing your snoring. There are some causes such as age or obesity and if this is the cause, there is not much that can be done. For me and my husband it was a matter of trial and error until we found the right product.

      There are two main causes of snoring which CAN be treated. The first one is related to the throat.

      When sleeping the airways can become narrowed decreasing the amount of air able to pass through at once. This causes the muscles in the back of your throat to vibrate and thus produce a snoring noise.

      The other main cause is related to the nose. Your nose can become congested while sleeping, again limiting the air passing through your nasal passages, perhaps because of a blocked nose or cold causing the passages to vibrate thus again producing a snoring sound.


      23.5ml bottle - 50 applications - £11.99 from Boots

      This is the snoreeze product which my husband tried first. Unfortunately before this he chose to try an array of other brands and methods, none of which had the slightest effect, apart from heavily depleating our bank balance!!

      After reading about Snoreeze we chose to try this method first as the throat is usually the main cause of snoring. This method is also highly recommended if you snore more on your back. I knew my partner sometimes slept on his back but I wasn't entirely sure if my partner snored more on his back or not. I just new that it needed to stop as at times I was sleeping on the sofa just to get some peace, and even then I could still hear him!! This didn't make for a happy bunny!!

      Apparently the snoreeze would work by coating the rear of my husbands throat thus stopping the vibrations causing the sound. The ingredients are meant to be slowly released over time to combat snoring through out the entire night.

      Snoreeze throat spray comes with clear easy to follow instructions and my husband had no problem applying the product.

      To apply you simply shake the bottle and turn the spray nozzle then spray three times into the rear of your throat. The nozzle is long and thin and helps you get it right to the back. Then hold for ten seconds before swallowing. It also recommend not to eat or drink after using the spray, or if you do then it is best to reapply.

      It all seemed so easy, but would it work?

      The answer was yes and no!! It helped , by god it helped, but it didn't eliminate his snoring completely!! However by this stage I was just thankful that it had some sort of effect as nothing else had helped at all. At least now I could sleep on the sofa and NOT hear him!!

      The next stage was to try the nasal spray as was recommended by the pharmacist at Boots, who by now knew of both of us, and the problem!! Even though the Throat Spray had some effect my partner was told to stop using it and try the Nasal Spray.


      10ml Bottle - 25 applications - £7.25 from Boots

      This spray is ideal for preventing snoring caused by some sort of congestion to the nose. The nasal spray was to work in a similar way to the throat spray. It was to coat the nasal passages to improve the air flowing through them and was supposed to work through out the whole night.

      Again the instruction supplied were very clear and easy to follow and included a wealth of added information on snoring.

      Before applying this spray it was recommended that you blow your nose. Then simply shake the bottle and spray three times into each nostril.

      Again I waited patiently for my husband to sleep and braced myself for the results. This time it actually worked, sure there was the odd grunt here and there but I could certainly live with that!!

      This time I went back to see the pharmacist to thank her!! She told me that it is plausible to use both formulas at once if required as sometimes snoring can be caused by a combination of the two methods.

      As my husband still had some of the throat spray left he started using them both together. Now it is almost silent at night thanks to Snoreeze!!

      I would highly recommend this product to anyone if they or their partner snores. It is a miracle cure!! I recomend you try these to products before any others as they are in my opinion the best on the market!



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