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The British Heart Foundation

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The aim of the British Heart Foundation is to play a leading role in the fight against heart disease so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death

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    3 Reviews
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      27.01.2009 02:47
      Very helpful




      10 years ago my Grandfather passed away due to heart problems; he was a great man who always tried to do right by people. He offered me so much advice during my early teenage years and had so much wisdom. It is in his memory that I spend a lot of time fundraising for The British Heart Foundation.

      This is a fantastic charity which has been going since the sixties and, like many other charities, do so much to help all of us everyday people. The money donated to them goes to so many different worthwhile projects which help us to understand more about the heart and how to protect us from and fight against disease. They have been involved in so many groundbreaking projects which have made real differences to people and their lives.

      They always have loads of different projects running to raise money especially in conjunction with schools. These include wearing red, skipping challenges, sponsored bike rides and jogs. I love getting involved in their event days in particular the ones which are with the local schools as the kids are always so energetic and happy to get involved in all the activities. If you have time I would recommend volunteering for either this or one of the many charities that are about!

      If you are able to make sure you donate to The British Heart Foundation either through their website www.bhf.org.uk or at one of their many events all around the country!


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        29.05.2006 09:35
        Not Helpful



        Keep your Ticker Ticking!!!

        Sorry this is not about the British Heart Foundation I could not find the right topic category - I do hope you all understand?!?

        People only usually worry about this when it is too late, we learnt a bitter lesson in my family - read on.

        Cardiac Disease is on the increase world wide. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) reports 12 million deaths each year world wide due to heart attacks or strokes! Your heart is only the size of a fist and yet its your strongest muscle. Every heart beat sends blood thumping through you body which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to keep you alive – so give your heart a hug for a job well done. Think of your heart as the engine room of your body, if you don’t maintain it, the mechanics start breaking down. Sometimes the engine will stall and for some that’s game over.

        Should you wish to check the state of your “engine” run down to your local specialist or hospital for an Electrocardiogram (ECG). They will attach sticky patches to your chest that read your vitals.

        Most cardiac deaths before the age of 35 are not due to blocked arteries they are electrical problems. Drugs like Cocaine and anabolic steroids as well as certain medications can accelerate arterial disease and are associated with these “electrical deaths”.

        But alas genetics too play a role. In Europe you’re not allowed to participate in professional sport without having been checked out by a cardiologist, first thing they do is look at the family history. Whole families should be tested, the ticker especially if someone in the family has died under 35 from a heart condition.

        A more in depth analysis into the matter is the exercise stress test, by putting you on a bike or treadmill your heart works really hard and therefore they can test for any anomalies.

        The echo test detects problems with the heart valves, evaluating congenital heart disease and the general function of the heart muscle.

        An angiogram searches for any narrowing of the arteries that supply the heart.

        So lets see why this happens: Picture this – The inside of your arteries are well coated with a “non-stick” substance to keep your “sticky” blood flowing, but if you are not taking care of yourself tiny fat blisters form on the inside of the blood vessels, when these break (usually by doing something strenuous) the blisters release a fatty plaque that sticks to the “non-stick” surface. Your blood then sticks to the plaque forming clots – (By this time you are keeling over in unbearable agony give or take 15 – 20 mins)
        (Who’s still munching on their burger and fries???)

        The risk factors – There are two kinds,
        1. Those you can do something about like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes if you don’t control these they multiply your risk.
        2. Those you are powerless over. Age and genetics can’t be modified, that’s why it is so important to go for checks.

        Assess your risk!!
        High Cholesterol – causes arteries to block
        Diabetes type 2 – increases chances of a cardiac event
        Lack ofexercise – causes visceral fat which hampers organ functioning.
        Overweight obesity – Check your Body Mass Index (BMI)
        Heavy Alcohol intake – Well Duh!!!.
        Stress – Everybody knows that’s a killer
        High Blood Pressure – 130/85 is really good, 130/90 not so good, 150-179/100-109 is tempting fate. 180/110 well, you’re basically dead.
        Family History – If its in your family then definitely get yourself checked.

        A heart bypass is no fun and games, its like getting the plumber to unblock your sink. Remember 50% of patients die before they even get to the hospital.

        So pull out your old running shoes, chuck the deep fat fryer in the bin and get your bum in gear. DON”T LET YOUR HEART SQUEEZE YOU TO DEATH!!!


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          21.09.2005 18:40
          1 Comment




          before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

          these people do a wonderfull job.
          they are trying to educate us that we need to take greater care of our hearts.

          any1 can drop dead from heart attack at anytinme, but you can greatly reduce the risks, it'snot all just ribbish.
          these people have the hard evidcen, and they do a wondefull job


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