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Bioxtra Dry Mouth Gel

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Brand: Bioxtra / Type: Dry Mouth Gel / Dosage Form: Gel

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2011 14:54
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      Fine if you don't rabbit on

      Due to some health conditions I'm on rather alot of medication and one of the very prominent side effects of all of them is a dry mouth. When I say dry mouth I'm not referring to the slight dryness everyone gets if they've become slightly dehydrated which rapidly vanishes with a sip of water, I'm talking about dryness that's constant, having no saliva to swallow food with and areas of the mouth getting red raw from being parched all the time. I'm willing to bet money none of the doctors who have merrily prescribed me all these medications have tried the actual tablets to see what they do as doctors tend to let it get completely out of hand before they reluctantly prescribe artificial saliva spray so while I was waiting for an appointment with my GP for just that I got busy looking for something I could buy myself to help.

      What prompted me to search now for something as opposed to looking in the beginning was a new job, it's only part-time but sees me having to talk non-stop on the phone for 2 hours at a time which as you can imagine is very difficult with a dry mouth that won't go away. I tried sipping water but my mouth is so dry it makes things worse and instead of hydrating gets rapidly absorbed into the dehydrated tissue of my mouth and seconds later I'm even drier and my tongue and inside my cheeks are sore again. This really causes me problems as I have targets to reach which don't allow time for drinking water but that didn't help at all anyway when I tried it, I can't chew gum or suck sweets while on the phone so I knew I needed something else. A Google search brought up BioXtra products and an Amazon seller stocks them so I had a quick look at the toothpaste, mouth rinse, gum, lozenges, spray and gel in this range and settled on the gel. It cost me £5.08 including p&P for a 40ml tube.

      The reason there are teeth related prodcuts in the BioXtra range is another consequence of having a severe chronically dry mouth is lack of saliva equals lack of enzymes that contribute to tooth and gum health, the BioXtra products contain these enzymes so it should also help teeth and gums. The gel had a positive review about it but it was a very, very short review that didn't tell me much. When it arrived I found a metal tube with a screw off cap with information about the moisturising oral gel. The product is suitable for diabetics as it contains no sugar and is sweetened by sorbitol, the instructions were to either put some on your finger and wipe round your mouth which obviously is a bit of a phaff or to squeeze 1.5cm onto the tongue and use your tongue to rub it round your mouth which is what I do with it. It can be reapplied as necessary and there are no known side effects unless you are allergic to the ingredients. Amongst other things it contains Aloe Vera which is something I'm really into right now.

      So the first day it arrived I wanted to try it out without being on the phone should it go wrong! The gel is clear and smells very faintly like a medicated mint. It's easy enough to get the right amount with a mirror to look in but without I find it hit and miss but there doesn't seem to be any problem with using slightly too much so I'm not terribly concerned about this. It does say it's especially helpful to use during the night and I now know this is the case.

      Once the gel is on my tongue I rub it round my mouth, it tastes like faintly medicated mint too and is thick like Bonjela. It's very easy to rub this round the mouth with the tongue but it is rather thick and the first thing I thought was "cloying". However, it soon thins out a bit and leaves a coating all round the mouth that does seem to stimulate the salivary glands to produce a bit of saliva, something they just don't do normally in my mouth! On that first occasion I think I avoided the hated dry mouth feeling for about an hour so I felt confident this would help during my phone calls.

      I was wrong. This gel works well if you keep your trap shut! If you speak non-stop after using it the dryness returns within a few minutes. I tried reapplying during my work but I didn't really have the time for this and for a few minutes of moisture each time it wasn't worth the effort. On the other hand if you apply this and shut up for a while it does help so it is definitely more suited to nighttime use. I've given up using it during phone work and I'm still struggling to find something that helps because the prescription spray I now have also doesn't work if you have to talk constantly so ideas on a PM please! For use when I don't have to drone on endlessly though it is helpful and has reduced the soreness in my mouth.

      Overall it isn't expensive, tastes fine, can be reapplied regularly, works ok if you keep quiet and does help reduce soreness. It doesn't work if you keep talking alot, could do with a flip top lid to make it quicker to apply and is quite stodgy when first applied leaving you unable to talk properly until it thins down a bit. I'm giving it a 3 star rating as it should really work better if you have to talk alot.


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