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Boots Back Support Belt

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Brand: Boots / Type: Back Support Belt

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2013 13:03
      Very helpful
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      Well worth the price


      My mother has had back problems for a long time and usually wears a support belt when doing regular chores. As she didn't have one with her when she came to stay with me, we decided to go and get one from Boots.
      As a rule, I tend not to buy store brand things because I feel they wont be of good quality. However, after looking around at a few belts in Boots, and even trying some of them, my mum decided that we should give this one a try. I felt it was a tad expensive at £30, but we were surprised at how good it turned out to be.

      ---PRODUCT -----

      The belt comes packaged in a cardboard box with blue colouring and the above design on it. Inside, the belt itself is in a sealed plastic packet and there are instructions on how to usage and care on the packaging.

      The belt is all white in colour, with a blue trimming around the border. The size we got was for waists 77-102 cm ( 30-40 inches), but it also comes in a bigger size. This size will suit most people, I think.

      This belt is a bit different from the ones I have seem my mum use before. It is broader in the middle ( the bit which you place on your back) and tapers towards the edges. The width at the centre is 20 cm and comes down to 12 cm at the edge. The belt is in two layers. There is a main strap which you first put on and adjust with the velcro strips at the edge. On the outside of the main belt are narrower elastic straps with velcro strips at the edge, which help you to further tighten the main belt and provide excellent support and comfort. There are two of these on each side , attached to the centre of the belt and join together into one velcro strip at the edge. The velcro strips on both the main belt and the outer straps are very wide ( 13 cm and 9 cm respectively) allowing a great deal of adjustment. The material is quite stretchy, but the main strap has some very hard strips fixed into it vertically , two at the centre and two on each side, thus maintaining the shape of the belt as well as providing good support when you put it on.

      When you wear the belt, the broadest bit is meant to be across your back, and it comes around to front and you adjust it for comfort and support. It does extend quite a way across your back and your front, and provides excellent support.

      The belt is made of 60% polyester, 25% rubber and 15% polyamide. It is quite stretchy, and allows for a lot of adjustment. Being white, it does get dirty with use and the care instructions are for cold handwash, which I have done with no problems. It is mentioned that it does contain natural latex which some people may be allergic to.


      My mum has been using belts for a long time, and she was really impressed with this belt so I guess it must be really good. Since having my baby, I have also developed backache and I ended up getting one of these for myself, and I have to say, it has made my life much easier. Since using this belt, my back doesn't hurt after doing chores or going out shopping. It is really comfortable to use when doing chores around the house and going shopping ( i.e mostly in standing position) and it alright when lying down but it is not very comfortable in the sitting position as it tends to poke into your ribs. Apart from this slight problem, I have only good things to say about this belt.

      The double strap mechanism did cause a bit of confusion initially, but you get the hang of it quickly enough. This mechanism provides extra support and comfort.

      Apart from back support, I did use for some other things. Before delivery, I use to often borrow it from mum and put it on, this seemed to take the weight of my tummy off a little bit and ease my back very much, especially when walking. Also, after the delivery I used it as a tummy tightening corset-kind of thing- I used to apply the broad part in the front and tighten it at the back. I have to say, it worked quite well for that purpose as well.

      All in all, I am very pleased with this product, and pleasantly surprised at how useful a store brand product has been. I am very happy to recommend this to you.


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