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Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eye Drops

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Brand: Boots / Type: Eye Care / Dosage Form: Drops

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    3 Reviews
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      17.08.2013 09:47
      Very helpful



      good product

      During this horrendous summer season, I get attacked full pelt with hay fever. I sneeze 40 times a day, my nose blocks and becomes unbearably itchy and then of course there are the itchy, blood shot eyes. On my way into work after taking some antihistamines and some nose spray, it just got too much for my eyes. I hadn't worn make up in nearly 2 weeks because my eyes were so bloodshot and painful! I popped into my local boots to get some advice on how to deal with my sore peepers. The pharmacist recommended Boots Irritated Eyes Eye Drops.

      For £3.59 I was handed a small box which included a small little bottle (10ml). The eye drops contain natural chamomile, Euphrasy, cornflower and witch hazel extracts to help soothe red eyes and promise to soothe against harsh environmental conditions such as pollution, dust, weather etc and claims to soothe and refresh irritated eyes.

      Before use, I washed my hands and checked that the seal hadn't been broken before use. If you use an eye drop after 30 days of opening it can sting your eyes so be careful and keep track of when you opened it! I squeezed the bottle gently and inserted 1 drop into each eye and blinked about 2 or 3 times to ensure that it wasn't going to run! I found that the drops were too big for my eyes and it didn't matter how many times I blinked a tear still ran down my face which isn't ideal for anyone wearing make up! (Although I would avoid eye make up to prevent an eye infection or bacteria transference.) The bottle itself is easily held and can be easily squeezed. The nozzle is rather large and I found that the drops were quite large but they done the job!

      After about 5 or 10 minutes I felt a remarkable difference to my eyes. They stopped feeling gritty and sore and I was able to blink without wincing! The instructions recommend using 'as often as required' but I used it every 2-3 hours and it worked fine. After a day or two my eyes were back to normal and I could wear make up again without my eyes being painful and watery!

      I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with eyes that are sensitive to certain conditions. My eyes are affected by environmental factors but not as bad as hay fever, and these drops were a total life saver and I could have conversations with people without them wondering "what's wrong with her eyes?" I haven't had time to shop around for eye drops as these are the first ones I've used, but next time I think I'll look for something slightly cheaper as I found £3.59 slightly pricey.


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      01.06.2013 12:26
      Very helpful



      A good bottle of eye drops

      Boots Irritated Eye drops

      I bought these before we went away most recently as Boots had a special offer on their own brand eye drops and I thought they might be useful for us when recovering from long tiring plane journeys.

      They come in to blue Boots own brand box and inside is a small plastic recyclable bottle with a pull off seal so you know no one has tampered with it prior to you opening it. This also means that you have 30 days to use or lose these as once opened they should be thrown out after 30 days.

      Neither of us have particular issues with our eyes except that we both wear glasses and I suffer from hay fever at certain times. I bought these for the reason that flights really dehydrate us and being tired an dehydrated tends to make my eyes sore and feeling as though someone has thrown sand in them.

      This little bottle is well within the liquid limits allowed on planes and so I was able to use these a couple of times during the flights as well as after them. I have no problem putting drops into my own eyes but my husband is a woos and I have to do it for him!

      On our thirteen plus hour flight from Madrid to Quito I put these in after about four hours then again in another four hours so three times in all and then again before we wet to bed and again when we woke the next day and my eyes looked pretty good considering the awful flight. They were not red and I felt fine and able to enjoy looking around Quito the next day.

      My husband refused to have them in after one dose on the plane until we arrived at the hotel and then again the next morning and even he said his eyes felt much better after putting these in and far less like he had rubbed sand in them.

      We used them several times while we were away as we had several flights and I also used them after swimming in the sea and snorkeling as it seemed to take away the saltiness . I always had a good shower, washed my hair then popped the drops in and my eyes felt good throughout where I noticed some of the others on the boat looking a bit red eyed at times.

      I am not sure that these are any better or worse than other brands I have used and they are quite a bit cheaper than the main branded drops. These cost £3.59 and at the time of writing the same deal I bought is still available and you buy one get one half price . The little bottle has only 10ml in it but as they need to be thrown out after 3o days that is enough really.

      According to the box instructions you can use these as and when you need to and they contain natural plant extracts. The website says:
      "Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Drops contain natural chamomile, Euphrasy, cornflower and witch hazel extracts to help soothe red eyes irritated by environmental factors such as smoke, dust, PC work, sun, wind and dry air. "

      These are no good if you wear contacts. I guess you could still use them when not wearing the contacts but cannot be applied while wearing them or about to wear them.

      Keep them out of sight and reach of children. They also say don't swallow them just in case you felt the need to try them!!


      Yes these are great and I will certainly buy these or similar before our next long flights as they helped remove the feeling of grittiness in our overtired eyes and stopped us looking like we had had a night with Oliver Reed and a few bottles!

      They seem to be fairly gentle and neither of us had any adverse reaction after using these. I managed to use the entire bottle in the three weeks we were away so perfect. I ended up throwing the bottle away at my daughter's flat as we stayed the night after we got back with her in London so it lasted perfectly for the duration of our trip.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        29.05.2013 12:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good product from Boots

        - - - - - - - - - - -
        Today I am reviewing Boots own product of Irritated eye drops. These are only avaliable at Boots shops Or on the Boots website.

        They currently cosy £3.59 for a 10ml bottle or they are on offer of buy one get one half price.

        These Boots irritated eye drops are for minor eye irritations, they are ment to soothe and refresh by using natural plant extracts. They use natural chamomile, euphrasy, cornflower and witch hazel to relieve red eyes that have been irritated by environmental things like smoke, dust, PC work, sun, wind and dry air.

        - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        So I, as Im sure many of you do suffer from dry eyes. I work on the stage a lot and the bright stage lights result in me having very sore eyes that get stratchy and itchy. Also for 6 months I live abroad in Mallorca and again the sun results for mee having very dry eyes. This makes them red and sometimes puffy, which is NOT a good look, especially when you are on stage, with hundreds of people looking at you. I have tried a lot of different eye drops in the past. I came across these at Boots and because it was but one get one half price it worked out good value for money so I decided to buy these and try them.

        Using them- On the box it says to first always wash your hands, then keeping eyes open, put 1 drop into each eye and blink 2 or 3 times, replace the cap and use as often as required.

        Now I have got to the point where I can pit them in myself, however I find that 1 drop is not enough for me, so I always put a few more in,to help with lubrication. This bottle is actually quiet easy to hold and is a good size, however the nozzel for the drops is a bit small for me, if your putting them in yourself its better to have a longer nozzel, this makes the drops easier to put in while keeping your eyes open.

        These drops are very effective and work instantly. They lubricate and soothe and my eyes feel better straight away.

        These drops can not be used with contat lenses, and after opening can be kept for 30 days. I like to keep mine in the fridge so when I put them in they are extra refreshing!

        MY OPINION
        - - - - - - - - - -
        These drops are effective and work quickly to relieve tired irritated eyes however, the dose if followed isnt enough. They are cheap and the bottle lasts well, I also like the fact you can use them as often as you want because of the natural ingredients. The bottle is ok but I think they would be easier to use with a longer nozzel. The other downfall for some people is that you cant use them if you wear contact lenses.

        Overall a 4/5 from me as these drops work well, I would recommend them if you have irritated eyes from environmental facctors. I will keep using them and will buy more when these are finished.

        Thanks for reading and rating.



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