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Boso Medicus Smart

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/ Type: Blood Pressure Monitor

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2007 19:36
      Very helpful



      An accurate blood pressure monitor for home use

      The last times I’ve been at a doctor’s my blood pressure was too high. Even though I know that I suffer from white coat hypertension I got slightly worried as the readings were extremely high (or what would you call a systolic reading of 210?)
      I decided that I should get a blood pressure monitor for home use to be able to check my blood pressure myself, without having to see a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist.


      I knew what I wanted: A monitor to be used at my upper arm which isn’t too big and heavy so that it can be transported easily. Furthermore, it should not be too expensive and – of course – give quite accurate readings. Impossible? No, the Boso Medicus Smart fulfilled all criteria.

      Boso’s Medicus Smart is a semi automatic blood pressure monitor for upper arm use. Semi automatic means that the inflation of the cuff has to be done manually while the deflation is automated.

      The price – well, I have paid about 33 EUR (approx. 22 GBP) which I think is quite reasonable. But, and it is a big but, I bought it while I was staying in Germany for some weeks. I have seen it in several online shops in England (e.g. http://www.aw-online.com/Shop or http://www.hillsidemedical.co.uk/) and they sold it for around 38 GPB. I must admit that I’m not sure whether I would have bought it for that price, but then, I don’t know what similar ones cost.

      Accurate readings are guaranteed through the label of the German Hypertensive Society (“deutsche Hochdruckliga”) what only few monitors do get. Moreover it is CE marked and independently validated by the TUV, an organisation documenting the safety and quality of all kinds of products.

      With ist size of approximately 9.5 x 4.5cm (without cuff and tube) and a weight of 0.1kg (without batteries) it is a real light weight and can be taken everywhere.

      The discrepancy of readings is, according to the manual, about ± 3 mmHg for the pressure and ± 5% for the pulse. As an extra the device can detect an irregular heart beat during measurement.

      To use the monitor one 1.5V mignon battery is needed which doesn’t need to be replaced for more than 2000 blood pressure checks (according to the manufacturer).

      What the device doesn’t have is a memory function which is irrelevant for me though anyway. People who have to monitor their readings regularly though have to consider whether they want to write them done every time – then this monitor would certainly be ok for them – or whether they prefer a memory function, then I would not advise to get a Medicus Smart. Due to the lack of a memory function there obviously isn’t a possibility to display the average reading.

      Scope of supply

      The monitor comes with a standard cuff which is suitable for upper arms with a size between 22 and 32cm. Those who have thinner or thicker arms have to buy a smaller or larger cuff to guarantee exact readings.

      The manual is written in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish and really easy to understand. It contains information about the blood pressure and its ideal readings, important tips on how to properly measure the blood pressure (e.g. wait a few minutes before you start the measurement, don’t move your arm during measurement etc.) and of course also an explanation on how to use the machine.

      To keep the monitor safe it comes in a bright grey case which can be opened and closed with a zip and which is of a good size. The case has an extra pocket in the front to store the blood pressure pass. The manual comfortably fits into the case as well.

      Furthermore, a battery and a blood pressure pass to keep track of your readings (including your pulse as well as the date and time of measurement) are supplied.


      The usage of the device is easy and the manual explains it really well.

      After having sat down for about 3 to 5 minutes you draw the cuff onto your arm and close it with the help of the Velcro fastening. Two of your fingers should still fit under the cuff, otherwise it is too tight. That’s easily done with one hand, so you won’t need any help. There also is a marking on the cuff to help you to position it correctly – it has to lie on your artery.

      Once the cuff is positioned properly you press the big on/off switch you can find on top of the actual device. All symbols shortly blink and after a few seconds three bleeps indicate that the machine is ready for use. With your right hand you pick up the rubber ball and start inflating the cuff. Don’t worry, that’s easy and you even don’t have to think about how long you have to pump as a signal is indicating when the cuff is inflated enough. You still see the momentary pressure on the display.

      Subsequently, the release of the air – and therefore the actual measurement process - starts automatically. As soon as the monitor recognises the pulse a heart symbol appears on the display and the device bleeps in the rhythm of your heartbeat. Don’t worry, the bleeping is not too loud, your neighbours won’t scare up every time you do your measurement ;-)

      When a long bleep sound can be heard the measurement is finished and on the monitor – which is clearly readable by the way – there is an alternating display of your blood pressure and the pulse. Through pressing the valve button you now can quickly remove the air out of the cuff. This is also indicated through a triangle shaped symbol on the screen.

      In case you see a heart symbol with little lines around it you should repeat the measurement, it can signalise that you moved your arm during measurement. If the symbol appears again and again though it can be an GP.

      If you want to repeat the measurement you can inflate the cuff again, the old reading disappears automatically from the display. Otherwise the monitor switches itself off after a minute and the reading is lost, so best write it down immediately.

      My experience

      I’ve been using the blood pressure monitor for approximately two months now and am rather satisfied with it. It is easy to use and three measurements in a pharmacy have shown that the readings are accurate.
      The display is big enough and easy to read which isn’t that important for me but probably interesting for many others. The manual also is easily understandable.

      The measurement process is quick; the release of the pressure takes approx. 18 seconds, which obviously depends on the blood pressure and pressure in the cuff.

      The accuracy always can be influenced by measurement errors made by the user of the machine, so you should always follow the instructions in the manual. Still: There is one source of error less due to the fact that it is an upper arm machine – you automatically wear the cuff on heart level, which is not the case for wrist blood pressure monitors.

      As there is only one button to switch the monitor on and off it is easy to use, which is a big advantage for the elderly. I gave the monitor to my granny (72) to try it and after she’d quickly skimmed the manual she could take her blood pressure without any problems even though she’s usually quite insecure about new devices.

      Also positive: The three year manufacturers warranty, the pristine fabrication and the low battery consumption. Together with the handy format and the quite low price I am completely convinced by the machine and award five stars.

      Manufacturer’s website: http://www.boso.de/boso-de.1.0.html?&L=1
      Manual: http://www.boso.de/uploads/media/boso_medicus_smart_304.pdf


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    • Product Details

      Simple, economical digital blood pressure monitor. Alternating display of blood pressure and pulse. The BoSo Medicus family of digital BP units has evolved over many years into one of the most comprehensive and respected range of digital BP units available. A wide choice of models suitable for professional and home use. All units are CE marked and are independently validated by the respected German TUV and certain models clinically validated by the German Hypertensive Society. All models have a 3 year Brands warranty.

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