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Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops

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Brand: Cerumol / Type: Ear Drops / Dosage Form: Drops

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2012 10:31
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      An ideal way of helping clear wax build up

      When my daughter went for her regular hearing check up last year it was discovered she had a large build up of wax which could potentially affect her hearing. At the time the audiologist dismissed it but after a returning visit the consultant then advised to help shift the wax or at least soften it was to use ear drops. I had always known about olive oil ear drops but never had to use them myself so had absolutely no idea what products were out there.

      After speaking to my local pharmacist I was advised to opt for a brand called Cerumol which has apparently been producing ear drops for over 50 years so thought it was a brand to go with. Now, they either have the original or olive oil versions and I opted for the olive oil ear drops. There was quite a choice of ear drops but I found that the Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops offered exactly what I was needing for my daughter and they were quickly purchased.

      What are they?

      Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops are quite self explanatory. They are sterile ear drops made of medicinal grade olive oil. They are specifically made to help soften ear wax as well as help remove it. Being made of olive oil it is a natural product and therefore safe for everyone to use. Olive oil has been scientifically proven to help disperse ear wax and has no known side effects making it an ideal ingredient to use.


      The Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops come in a small cardboard box which is about the same size as a pack of cards. The box is green and pink in colour and has the Cerumol logo together with the product name. The Cerumol Original Ear Drops come in a similar box so you need to make sure you have the right one. On the back of the box there is information about the product together with who can use them etc. They do have a more informative leaflet inside the box.

      In each box you get a small glass jar which contains the sterile olive oil as well as the glass dropper. These come in a small clear plastic bag as well as the instructions leaflet which gives more information on dosage, who can use it and how to use the product.

      In Use

      To use the olive oil ear drops you do need to read the instruction leaflet carefully with regards to dosage. To cut it short they recommend that 1-2 drops are used twice a day for 7 nights and for those with excessive wax to use 1-2 drops each week. Using the ear drops on a regular basis will not mean that the wax won't collect but it will make it easier for the wax to move from the outer ear. Of course if a doctor has recommended these drops to you they may have suggested a different dosage.

      I was advised to use these drops every day for a week but just using them once a day and then twice a week but putting one drop say in the left ear and then the next time I use the drops put in the right ear. She has now been regularly having the drops in for around 10 months now and of course this is monitored by her audiologist and consultant.

      To use the drops you need to use the dropper which will easily suck up the olive oil in the small bottle. The olive oil looks exactly the same as regular kitchen olive oil as in terms of colour and consistency but doesn't have that olive oil aroma in fact it doesn't have an aroma at all. Being an oily liquid you need to be careful when you use it as it will of course stain clothing.

      To use you simply tip your head to the side and very gently press the top of the dropper which releases the olive oil. Being too heavy handed will mean you will end up with too much olive oil in your ear and not only will you end up wasting the product but it will also mean olive oil will come out of the ear. The dropper is quite sensitive to you do need to be careful with it. With my daughter I just make sure she can't wriggle free and that she is lying down so I can easily drop the drops into her ears.


      Now obviously you cannot see the wax pour out of the ears as that is not what the drops are designed to do. It is all about softening the wax and helping it to move. However, because of my daughter's initial wax problem she does see her audiologist every 3 months to get checked out (and have her ears cleaned) and the results have proven very positive.

      The drops have definitely helped with my daughter's wax problems and although her ears are not wax free they are definitely a lot clearer which will of course help her not only with her hearing but her speech and balance also. Her consultant has recommended that I continue with the drops twice a week and I am more than happy to as they are so easy to use. As a parent it is so nice to find a product that actually helps your child and this certainly works.


      A product which really does what it says on the box. A very easy to use and simple product which helps the build up of wax. It has no side effects, not painful to use and a natural product which is ideal to use on a 2 year old. I really cannot recommend it enough for those that suffer with wax problems and is definitely worth trying. 5 stars from me.

      Useful Information

      Brand: Cerumol
      Price: £3.85 (RRP)
      Availability: Pharmacists - no prescription needed
      Size: 10ml


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      Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml is created by Cerumol. Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml is a excellent product. You can now buy Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml from our online pharmacy. Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml has been very successful since its introduction by Cerumol.