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Cisca Salt Pipe

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Brand: Cisca / Type: Natural salt inhaler / Treatment: Respiratory problems

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2012 13:20
      Very helpful



      A fantastic natural health aide


      This isn't the sort of product I would normally find myself purchasing as I don't have 'breathing difficulties' (which is what I assumed this was for) but originally I bought this for my Grandad which sadly he didn't get to use. My mum came across this last year whilst sorting through some things in his house and knowing that it was me who bought it gave it back to me. As I wasn't exactly sure what do with it I kept it in a cupboard until a few weeks before Christmas when I came upon it. As I began to read the enclosed leaflets I realised that it would be something that would be beneficial to my own health..

      *~*What is a salt pipe?*~*

      A salt pipe has an inhaler appearance and is made from a heavy porcelain type material and according to the accompanying leaflet "..is a natural alternative to improve your health.."

      The inhaler itself contains special salt crystals which are derived from salt caves in Europe, and are inhaled via the rounded 'nozzle' into your mouth and then help your respiratory system to work more effectively by 'cleansing' your lungs.

      *~*Who can use this?*~*

      This particular salt pipe is the adults version and is a traditional design in a creamy white porcelain, though children can also benefit from using a salt pipe and there is a more 'child friendly' looking version available to buy which is in the shape of an elephant and has the name 'Elipipe' making it more enchanting and appealing to youngsters. Though there is no given age when children can start to use it it merely states that as long as a child knows how to inhale from the pipe then it is suitable for any age.

      It is particularly effective for people who suffer from the following:


      *Hay fever/ pollen allergies


      *Breathing difficulties/ respiratory problems (caused by smoking)

      *Sinus problems

      *~*How can it benefit me?*~*

      As mentioned I bought this for my Grandad originally as he was starting to have a lot of problems regarding his breathing, and my mum actually spotted this in a health magazine (Holland & Barratt's Healthy magazine) where it won rave reviews. As I wanted to do anything I could to help my Grandad I ordered one from the website given and when it arrived I handed it straight to my mum to give to my Grandad so I didn't get to read the enclosed leaflets until recently.

      The salt pipe benefits people by:

      *Helping to breathe easier

      *Alleviates sneezing and coughing

      *Reduces irritation in the airway passages

      *Helps your sleeping pattern at night

      *Thins mucus in the chest/ lungs

      *Helps to neutralises the effects of air pollution

      *~*How to use*~*

      This is simple enough to use and you merely hold the nozzle close enough to your face and inhale on the pipe making sure you exhale through your nose for maximum results. There is no need to take deep breaths as it does actually work more effectively by breathing 'normal'.

      The main thing for effectiveness is to make sure that once you start using the salt pipe you must use it consecutively on a daily basis. It states that 15 to 25 minutes is an ideal time period to use though it needs to be every day or night though it can be used on more than one occasion in one day.

      *~*Longevity, How to store*~*

      Though my salt pipe looks delicate I have accidentally dropped it and it has not been damaged though obviously it's not designed to be thrown about but the point here is it is far sturdier than it appears. I keep my salt pipe in my bedside drawer so to remind me to use on an evening though as long as it is not stored anywhere where excessive moisture may be it will be fine (avoid keeping in bathrooms or kitchens for this reason).

      The salt pipe has a good life span of at least 5 years offering continuous use in this time so as long as it is looked after and cared for adequately it works out good value. Price wise these are around the £30 mark to buy which may sound expensive at first but because of the health benefits attached and the longevity of the product I personally feel it to be an economic purchase.

      To clean simply wipe over with a damp cloth.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      The Cisca Salt Pipe can be purchased directly from their website which is both user friendly and easy to navigate giving clear instructions. The salt pipe is available from other stockists online though I preferred at the time to order direct as the price was the same. It is currently slightly cheaper (Feb 12') and is retailing at £26.99 with the postage being £3.

      I found the salt pipe was delivered within a week and the packaging is adequate enough to keep it from being damaged in a box padded with bubble wrap. The box the salt pipe is stored in is only thin and is mainly blue card with a plastic cut out area at the front to view the salt pipe. There are several accompanying leaflets with all the relevant information you may require tucked in to the box so any questions you may have are sure to be answered there. Failing that their website @www.thesaltpipe/co/uk has a plethora of related information.

      *~*My own personal experience of using this*~*

      As I've already mentioned several times throughout this review, I originally bought this salt pipe hoping it would aide my Grandad's health by helping him to breathe easier. In his last 2 years of being alive he suffered numerous bouts of pneumonia which weakened his chest excessively and caused difficulty in simply breathing. As it happened not long after I purchased this for him he was given a nebuliser by the hospital which is why the salt pipe remained unopened until I was given it back.

      After reading the leaflets I was surprised that it could aide people who suffer with their sinuses and hay fever amongst other things - both of which I do suffer from.

      I decided to use this after suffering a bit of a cold just before Christmas which left me feeling a bit chesty but more than anything left my sinuses blocked. I have suffered severely at times with sinusitis to the point of being given antibiotics so I was very hopeful that this salt pipe might lessen the suffering if I happened to have an attack again.

      The salt pipe is easy to use and I began to inhale the pipe on an evening whilst in bed watching TV or reading. It is easy to hold and despite it feeling heavy on first handling it, it actually feels quite lightweight when you are using it.

      The only slight negative I could say about this is at first I found I had a slight salty taste in my mouth and at the back of my throat for the first few days of trying it. I wouldn't say it was unpleasant and didn't interfere with my taste buds when eating/ drinking but I was aware of it at first though after around a week or so it disappeared - or I just stopped noticing it whichever it never became a problem.


      I've been using the salt pipe now for around 2 full months consecutively and I have nothing but praise for it. My breathing seems to be more fluent - not that I've ever had a problem with my respiratory system anyway - but it somehow seemed easier to take full gulps of air into my lungs without straining and has been particularly noticeable whilst I've been exercising as my lungs feel 'cleaner' if that makes sense?

      My chest seemed to clear quicker after experiencing a touch of cold which normally a cold goes straight to my throat/ chest and lingers for at least 2 weeks, I found that when I started using this salt pipe it seemed to help clear it quicker whether it is just a placebo effect I don't know. What I DO know however is that I feel this salt pipe has definitely helped to improve my breathing even though I felt there wasn't a problem to begin with so I imagine for people who do have breathing problems then it would definitely be noticeable after using this.

      This salt pipe can also be used with certain oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and myrrh by adding directly to the pipe according to the leaflet though as I haven't tried this I cannot comment on it's effectiveness but thought I would mention it if interested.

      There are so many questions answered on the leaflets that are of interest to this review though for obvious reasons I wont be copying them all down but I will state that this salt pipe can be used in conjunction with any medication and can also be used by pregnant ladies. Though it is a salt product it can be used by people with kidney problems and those suffering with high blood pressure as the salt disintegrates before it gets into the body so the 'salt' wont cause any harm to those who are meant to avoid it.

      Even for those who think it wouldn't benefit them it is fantastic for when you are suffering with a common cold as it helps clear the airways and makes breathing easier.

      I have nothing but praise and positive comments to say regarding this salt pipe and though I'm glad to have it I wish my Grandad could have got to use it as I'm sure it would have helped him if only a little.

      Superb natural health product.


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