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Exorex Lotion

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Brand: Exorex / Type: Psoriasis Lotion / Dosage Form: Lotion

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2013 19:54
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      Effective non greasy treatment with no steroids

      I have psoriasis which is a skin complaint that basically means I overproduce skin cells and my skin becomes very flaky and scaly. No one seems to know exactly what causes psoriasis , but stress plays a part and I developed it in my thirties so it can strike at any time.
      I use lots of prescription items to treat the condition but the one I used most was a cream which is no longer being made. I have been searching for a replacement as the only treatments available are greasy ointments some of which contain steroids, which I find totally impractical to use during the day as they leave greasy stains on clothing. Imagine applying Vaseline on various parts of your body and then dressing.
      I discovered the Exorex moisturising cream which I have already reviewed and as I found that very useful I decided to try the lotion in the range.

      The Product
      I was a little wary about trying this as it contains coal tar and I was searching for something I could apply on a morning before dressing . Coal tar treatments usually have a very strong smell and can also stain clothing, but the makers clam was that this lotion did not have the strong odour normally associated with coal tar products.
      The product comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid and you simply take the lid off and pour the lotion out, which is yellow and a thin cream consistency.
      It contains 5% coal tar in a base of esterified fatty acids . Coal tar is a common ingredient in psoriasis treatments, no one knows why it works but it does seem to be an effective treatment.

      Exorex recommend applying this after cleansing the skin, using a non irritant cleanser.
      Shake the bottle before using.
      Apply the lotion to the affected areas of the body so that it dries in around 2 minutes.
      They recommend you do this 3 times a day and after application follow up with the exorex moisturiser in the range.

      I don't have time to shower and apply this 3 times a day , so I usually apply on a morning and evening.
      I apply using my fingers or a wet cotton wool pad. I use the pad for smaller patches so I can direct it where needed, although there isn't a problem if the lotion strays on areas that don't have psoriasis. On larger patches I apply with my fingertips.

      You need to apply quite a lot to wet the area as the only direction they give is it should dry in 2 minutes, so it was a bit trial and error to determine the right amount. You can use this on your face , but (touch wood) I don't have any on my face, so I use it mainly on arms legs and torso.

      This does smell of coal tar, but it isn't overpowering which is good as I hate the smell of coal tar. It isn't greasy and easily absorbs into my skin but you have to wet the skin and leave it to dry to get results.

      I don't find it too runny or messy to apply and once it is dry I moisturise, first with Exorex cream and then I apply some perfumed cream to mask any coal tar smell.
      Make sure the lotion has dried though as I find the moisturiser difficult to apply of it is still slightly wet. I generally leave it for more than 2 minutes to dry as I do something else while I am waiting.
      I don't feel any discomfort on application, even on areas that I had scratched which were sore.

      The results.
      I found after using this for 3 weeks the skin on my arms , back and body showed real signs of improvement and the patches were less bumpy and smaller. My legs showed a small improvement , which I expected as I find treatments generally are less effective on my legs.
      I was concerned about the smell, but that is quite light and easily disguised with scented body lotion. I also haven't had any problems with this staining my clothing or the bedding , although they do warn this can stain.

      You have to maintain psoriasis treatment as it never seems to disappear and I find patches appear in new places. So it is something that you have to treat on a daily basis. This isn't a cure but it does help clear up the psoriasis.

      I try my best to keep on top of it and I do combine this lotion with steroid ointment, but I only apply the steroid a couple of times a week as I don't like the greasiness or using steroids on a daily basis.

      Would I Recommend?
      This is now part of my treatment regime for keeping my psoriasis at bay. I find it quick and easy to apply and the mild smell of coal tar is easily disguised. It does work on clearing my psoriasis , although it is not as effective as a steroid ointment. However I much prefer using this as my skin feels more comfortable and it does not leave greasy stains on clothing.

      I am not completely psoriasis free as my main issue is that I scratch my skin so it never completely heals. Plus it is difficult to maintain the treatment as it is a pain having to apply so many different creams and lotions twice a day on my body and scalp.

      This works really well on my arms and torso , but is less effective on my legs- I think that is because I scratch them more than any where else and I have not yet managed to fin anything that clears my legs completely.

      The lotion is safe to use on children and adults , but should be watered down. They also recommend diluting if you are a longe term sufferer or have used steroids or if you have sensitive skin. I tick all those boxes but use neat and have had no issues.

      It is recommended for mild to moderate psoriasis - I am not sure how you judge how bad your psosriasis is , but I guess I am moderate as I do not have this everywhere on my body.

      Anyone who has psoriasis will know that some things work better than others , so although this works for me it may not suit everyone, but if you want a non steroidal non greasy treatment lotion, then give this a try.

      I would also recommend to those who have tried coal tar before and have been put off by the smell or the formulation.

      My main reason for choosing this, is that it fits into normal daily life, unlike other treatments which mean I have to cover up in several layers of old clothing as they stain ,leave greasy marks or smell awful.

      Price and Availability
      I bought from Amazon but have discovered that the lotion is a prescription item, so I will be seeing my doctor about having this prescribed in future.
      It costs £11.99 for 100ml and £21.99 for 250ml from Express Chemist, which is the cheapest I can see online at the time of writing. I use quite a lot so I will be very happy if I can get this on prescription.


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