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GlaxoSmithKline Breathe Right Nasal Strips (Advanced - Clear) 44 One Size Strips

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2013 06:40
      Very helpful



      An aid for breathing while sleeping.

      And then out of nowhere came this enormous...
      roaring noise shocking me awake. The Snore Monster.

      I'm reviewing Breathe Right Nasal Strips,which claim to ease breathing & reduce snoring for those with problems in that area.
      They come in packs of ten normally ,but I think they are available in larger numbers online ,as most of these things are.
      They come in two sizes,normal & large. And I think they come in clear/see through, as well as the brown sticking-plaster colour I buy.

      First why I bought them.
      Basically I was going insane being kept awake by my husband's snoring. We tried everything. Used Olbas Oil on the pillow which put me off that stuff for life. Then tried a dab of Vick menthol ointment on hubby's philtrum (the area just under the nose & above the mouth). The Vick worked occasionally but then overuse was causing skin irritation.Tried hayfever tablets thinking they might help even though he didn't HAVE hay fever.

      Trips to the doctor meant nasal sprays being prescribed. Again,they worked occasionally but hubby found the morning after taste made him feel nauseus so I felt dreadful begging him to use them . Frankly I was at the end of my tether. I like sleeping with my warm hubby and separate rooms were looming ahead, causing much arguing because, as is often the case with snorers,HE couldn't hear the din emanating from his nasal passages night after night & thought I was being a diva.

      Google to the rescue.... I googled for remedies and spotted these little chaps ,Breathe Right strips ,and promptly headed to my local Pharmacy. A pack of 10 cost me roughly £5 which is not cheap for ten tiny strips,but the thought of snore free nights over-rode price issues in MY mind.

      Using them. Very easy. You remove one from the pack,pull the little bits that cover the adhesive sides apart (just like sticking plasters) and apply it across the nose. DON'T just plonk it on....stretch it gently as you apply it for the best results,because the purpose of these is to grasp the top part of your nostrils and pull them open....easing breathing. If you use a finger to gently pull one nostril open (from the outside) then you feel what it does....widens the nasal passage . And position them properly,just above the nostrils but well below the bridge of the nose. Useless to put them high up on the bridge and a big no-no.Then press the adhesive sides firmly down. And that's it.

      How they work
      Apparently they have strong little bands in them that stay taut and maintain the "pulling" of the nostrils all night, helping air flow freely through the nasal passages.No drugs are involved. But if you have an allergy to sticking plaster adhesive then these might not react well with your skin.

      So,did they work ? Yes ! I had about 5 nights free of the dreaded snore monster waking me at funny-o'clock .BLISS! Then a night when they didn't work......boo ! Then some more when they did. So for us they worked roughly 80% of the time which was amazing & so SO welcome a relief. Hubby less grouchy because he wasn't being prodded & pushed, and me a happy bunny getting a full night's sleep.

      At present we use them much less,because since stopping smoking 6 months ago hubby has been breathing easier & is less congested.....but there is a pack in the bedside table for nights when he has cold snuffly issues causing the snoring to return.

      Would I recommend them ? Yes. They are NOT a miracle cure by any means,hence my giving them 4 stars rather than 5,but they are an aid that worked for us, and any help is welcome when snoring is driving you crazy or if you find yourself with breathing difs during sleep.
      By the way,you will see athletes etc using a similar thing to these ,so I would think that a good recommendation too.

      I hope this review has been of help to you and thank you for reading ~~Myloh

      And then out of nowhere came this enormous...


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      Snoring. Congestion. Exercise. Sleep.

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