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Lanes Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cream

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3 Reviews

Dosage Form: Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      29.06.2009 17:43
      Very helpful



      Cheap buy, multi use, quick results.

      Lanes is a company that has been around for a long time, they do some really good health supplements- vitamins, herbs, creams etc.
      Aswell as enjoying their products I Love the fact they have kept their "Old Fashioned" packaging, this Tea Tree & Witch Hazel cream looks like it should be tucked away in your Grandma's cupboard, from days gone by.


      It's fairly plain but striking in a white 28g tube with green writing and has a simple picture of a green and brown tree on it, red also features in the name. Its housed in a box with the same layout.
      The packaging made me pick it up in the first place in a shop and after reading the box I gave it a try.

      Stated on the front
      Treats and Soothes.
      Cuts & Stings
      Minor Skin Conditions
      Minor Burns
      Nappy Rash.
      As much as I like this cream, don't know if I would use it on nappy rash, especially if its a bad case I personally think it may sting.

      Distilled Witch Hazel BPC 40.61%
      Eucalyptus Oil BP 1.04%
      Methyl Salicyate BP 1.04%
      Camphor BP 0.52%
      Tea Tree Oil BPC 2.50%
      Zinc Oxide BP 3.11%

      Apply generously several times daily as required and at bedtime.
      For cuts and wounds wash area first.
      For external use only.
      Do not use with cream or ointments containing benzyl penicillin.

      Then the usual do not use after sell by date etc.

      I Love the smell of this cream, its a strong smell as you can probably imagine after seeing the ingredients, but its a clean, soothing smell.
      We as a family have always found it really good and always have some in the house, we find it very good for atheletes foot instead of the mega expensive products designed especially for it but usually containing the same ingredients virtually.
      I have heard it's also very good for bites, but I personally haven't tried it on any yet.

      Its not a thick consistency its almost a cross between a cream and a lotion and the one complaint could be it doesn't sink into the skin quickly, it sits on top, very good to use at night before you go to bed.

      Its usually approx £2.75 but I can buy it for £1.99 in Quality Save, it's often found in health food shops and certain chemists.

      It definately gets my vote and I wouldn't be without it.
      Why don't you give it a try?


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        01.06.2009 23:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good in small quantities

        This cream really does have a pungent smell; so much so if you apply it to a spot on your face your eyes water! The smell comes from the eucalyptus oil which is also in the cream - which would explain why the smell is somewhat reminiscent of 'Deep Heat'.

        Having written this, I must say that this is a product that has been around the house for many years. We have two tubes on the go; one a wizened old tube so squeezed and manipilated you can hardly read the writing - the cream now oozing out of a hole in the side -and one a pristine tube, newly opened. It has been bought again because it worked.

        The tube details that it can be used for:

        Stings and bites

        Minor skin conditions

        Minor burns

        Nappy rash

        In our household it has mainly been used for stings, scratches and general gardening incidents which have occured due to an excess of gooseberry bushes/nettles/brambles in the allotment. It gives an instant relief, stopping the rawness that can accompany such injuries.

        Having written this I would warn people to use some caution when applying it so 'minor skin conditions'. Tea tree oil (which originates from Australia) has effective anti viral/antibacterial properties but it is quite strong and can sting. Witch hazel can also have a bit of a kick. I think this could be tolerated on the relatively small area of a cut - but on a larger area of raw skin - this could rather hurt.

        I would certainly think twice about applying it to a bad case of nappy rash in any quantity....Poor child.

        Despite the possible sting - there is no doubt that this cream is a hugely useful addition to the medicine cabinet - and don't forget to pack it for holidays/camping etc because it offers relief from mozzie bites without using more.

        It was bought in a local Chemist for a reasonable £2.45.


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          05.08.2006 12:21
          Very helpful



          Useful all round cream

          Tea tree and witch hazel cream.

          Having had three children, who have had their fair share of knocks, cuts and bruises, I was always on the look out for that elusive “magic” cream, which did the job and didn’t sting; so, I became a real advocator of this cream.

          Not only does it act as a natural antiseptic cream but because it is cooling, it also soothes the affected area and helps to stop any itchiness and pain.


          The cream comes in a tube which as to be pierced at the end, but beware, when it is pierced, it does tend to come out of its own volition, so resist the temptation to pierce and squeeze, or you get more than you bargained for!

          I’m not going to list all of the ingredients; suffice to say it contains Distilled Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus Oil and Tea Tree as well as Lanolin these are, I think, the ingredients which give the healing and soothing qualities, and it’s certainly a Tea Tree smell which is quite strong and distinctive.

          The cream itself is fairly thick and because of this, it does take some rubbing in to get it to disappear completely. So, with the smell and the fact the cream doesn’t rub in too easily, I would advise not using it before that important date or interview; Tea tree and white bits are so not going to make a good impression.

          WHAT’S IT FOR?

          I have always had a lot of faith in the “miracle” healing power of witch hazel and tea tree, whether individually r combined as in this cream.

          We have used it for spots, dry skin, bumps (to reduce bruising), cuts and burns, although it can also be used for sunburn, and nappy rash. A real “all rounder”

          HOW TO USE IT

          Apply liberally to the cleaned affected area and rub in gently. I tend to apply it several times throughout the day and at bedtime.


          Oh yes…as ever, there are warnings:

          • Don’t use with creams containing Benzyl Penicillin
          • Check ingredients before use, in case of allergies to any of the ingredients
          • Don’t store in high temperatures
          • Keep out of reach of children, although I don’t think they’d eat it as the smell would put them of


          This costs #1.99 for a 28g tube and I usually buy mine from savers although it is widely available from chemists

          MADE BY…

          GR Lane Health Products
          Sisson Road
          GL1 3QB

          WHAT I THINK

          Great stuff!

          Not only does it really seem to work but it does so without stinging; as anyone who has applied cream or liquid to a child’s cut or graze will agree, there is nothing worse than a child screeching because something stings

          The cream is good for lots of minor cuts, scrapes and bruises, and as well as the obligatory plasters, I tend to always have some in the car for days out. It’s also good to take on holiday; handy tube and a product with lots of uses; although I have never used it for sunburn, I would imagine that the soothing qualities of the cream will take the sting away.

          For its range of uses and versatility, it’s really good value, so for a good all round fix it cream, I would recommend it.

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela xx


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        • Product Details

          Treats and soothes cuts & stings, minor skin conditions, minor burns and nappy rash.

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