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Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Orange

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Brand: Living Essentials

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2013 13:56
      Very helpful



      An energy shot which gives you a quick burst of energy when you need it

      I live quite a busy lifestyle and as I have been trying to move house (again) I have found myself lacking in energy and feel a lot more tired than I usually would. I don't really like the taste of energy drinks and I don't like coffee so when I mentioned that I was flagging during the day, he suggested that I should try the 5 hour energy product.

      What does the product do?
      The product is not the usual energy drink. It is advertised as being a small energy shot. It promises to make you feel wide awake and alert to allow you to get through the day. It starting to work immediately giving you a natural burst of energy without making you feel like your on pins. It gives you hours of energy without having to experience a crash at the end. It contains only 4 calories and it is sugar free, which is the opposite to most energy products. It packed full of Amino Acids and B-Vitamins and contains only ingredients which you would find in superfoods or those that are already naturally in the body. It comes in a few different flavours including berry, pommegranate and orange.

      How do you use the product?
      You shouldn't drink more than two bottles of the product in one day and they should be spaced a few hours apart. You can choose to drink just half a bottle if you want a little more energy or the whole bottle if you're really lacking energy. You shouldn't combine this with caffeine products or you'll get jittery with too much energy.

      Packaging and Price
      The drink comes contained within a little plastic bottle. On the bottle there are pictures of mountains, the sky and the sea which are all brightly coloured. It has a screw top lid which is easy to which you've removed the plastic covering it. The drink is tiny in size containing only 59ml and it can be bought from a variety of online websites.

      My experience
      I chose to buy the orange flavoured one. It doesn't smell particularly unpleasant and it has citrus twangs but then the purpose of this product is not to smell good. I find the taste again to be not awful but not particularly good. It tastes a little bit citrusy like oranges but also a little medicinal. The drink is so small that the taste shouldn't put you off because you'll have finished it before you know it. I feel more energised almost immediately. Whether this was just the placebo effect of knowing that you've drunk an energy shot or not, I don't know. I continued to have more energy for quite a few hours, getting my jobs done and feeling just generally more happy, alert and awake. It didn't make me jittery or anxious and it didn't give me more energy than I knew what to do with. I did however experience a bit of a crash at the end, which you shouldn't do according to the claims. At bed time I was more tired than I usually would be and I turned into a bit of a grump which made me feel like I had used more energy than my body had.

      All in all, this certainly did give me the promised energy and for the promised length of time. It tastes ok and gets to work almost straight away. I got really tired after the product wore off so it's ok to drink in the afternoon but I wouldn't drink it first thing because you'll fall asleep before you get home from work! I will use this ok but only under special circumstance rather than daily usage.


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  • Product Details

    Liquid energy shot that provides hours of alertness and focus - Glucuronolactone

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