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Medisure Foam Earplugs

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Brand: Medisure / Type: Ear care

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2013 12:44
      Very helpful



      I would buy them again as I feel they are of a good quality.

      There is a list of 'must-pack' items that I take with me on every trip and holiday, with one of the items on my list being earplugs. I was horrified, therefore, to discover during my unpacking ritual during a recent week away to the seaside, that in fact, I had only one earplug with me, packed neatly away in my toiletry bag. What happened to the other 'plug is anybody's guess, but I didn't really have time to wonder about such matters as I scurried off to the local branch of Morrisons Supermarket to see what earplug choices were available.

      The item that I eventually purchased was a pack of 4 pairs of Foam Earplugs from the well-known 'Medisure' brand, which cost me around the £2 mark, with this review outlining my experiences of using the product.

      Stockists of the product include some drugstores and pharmacies, with some online drugstores selling the product too, such as www.surehealthandbeauty.co.uk, in addition to some supermarkets such as Morrisons.

      Supplied in a small square-shaped box with a hanging 'tab' on top, the packaging is more than robust enough to cope with its intended use. There are clear advice guidelines and instructions listed on the reverse of the packaging, with reference to the product's intended use and suitability etc. There is also a list of instructions regarding the use of the product, should you be unfamiliar with how best to use earplug products like this one.

      The Medisure Foam Earplugs are pretty standard in their appearance, I have found, although I can't say I have noticed anything lacking. Being a bright orange colour, the plugs are 'angled' towards the tip with a rounded end to fit in the ear. I have found that earplugs with this shape feel slightly more secure and 'snug' when inserted into the ear, than some others that I have used in the past that have had a slightly 'squarer' tip; these have felt rather 'bulky' in the ear, and I can't say that I have found them to be as comfortable. I was pleased then, to note the Medicure plugs' rounded tips, as this is what I had expected after inspecting the image on the packaging.

      The material used in the Medisure plugs is that of a high quality foam, and whilst I find it is robust enough to keep its shape without flaking or shedding loose particles during use, I find that it is not so 'hard' as to become uncomfortable when worn in the inner ear. Additionally, I do not find that the foam's material is so hard that it is difficult to manipulate, and in actual fact the opposite is true, with the foam being easily squashed and squeezed to shape the plugs into your ear.

      The product's packaging boasts that the plugs' foam "Will slowly expand to fit" and I do find this claim to be absolutely true. Once the earplug has been squeezed into shape to fit the narrow ear canal, I find it will slowly 'bounce' back to its original shape, which allows for a snug fit in the ear. I find that this allows the plugs to sit neatly and securely in the ear, with the Medisure Earplugs feeling MUCH more comfortable than many other brands I have purchased before. Whether this is down to the soft, 'squeezy' foam feeling slightly less 'cumbersome' in the ears than other brands, or whether it is due to the snugly 'tight' fit obtained from the plugs in the ears is difficult to tell, but either way I find they are extremely comfortable, and I was able to sleep as well as usual with the use of the product.

      I did find that the Medisure Foam Earplugs worked well, and they did drown out a lot of the outside noise we experienced during our recent holiday - in actual fact, I am only aware that some of this noise occurred as a result of my husband telling me so; he refuses to wear earplugs and so was kept awake by some outside noise during one particularly noisy night, whilst I slept soundly beside him... thank you, Medisure!

      The earplugs can be washed between uses, and allowed to air dry. I have only felt the need to do this once or twice as I don't use earplugs every night. I found that a little warm soapy water washed the plugs quickly and easily, and allowing them to air dry for a few hours afterwards saw them ready for use again. I was able to use one pair of the Medisure Earplugs for a whole week without noticing any signs of wear or tear, and they didn't sustain any damage during this time. The packaging advises replacing the earplugs should you notice any wear and tear which does seem like common sense to me, although I can't say how long each pair would last, as it is the sort of product I only use every now and again.

      Taking everything into account, I don't have anything negative to report about the use of the Medisure Healthcare Foam Earplugs, and I would definitely repurchase them again in the future. Not only were they a great value price, but there were four separate pairs included in the box which I felt allowed the product to be extremely economical. With the product performing well and being extremely comfortable, these earplugs come with my full recommendation, together with my award of top marks in Dooyoo's product rating score.


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