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Nicolites Tobacco Low Cartomiser

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Brand: Nicolites / Type: Electronic Cigarettes

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2015 23:25
      Very helpful



      Where everything else has failed, Niolites have helped me quit cigarettes for good.

      Ok, admission time here, I had been a smoker for thirty years until January 3rd 2014. I've tried everything from cold turkey to hypnotherapy to nicotine patches. Nothing worked. Quitting cold failed the first time I had a drink. Nicotine chewing gum made me sick. Patches gave me skin rashes and hypnotherapy was useless. The only time I stopped smoking was when I was pregnant and morning sickness made the thought of fags nauseating.

      I had thought about vaping but couldn't bear the palaver of all that paraphernalia. I appreciate that Vaping works for many people, and that's great but it wasn't for me. When I was first quitting I didn't want to use something which looked odd and would make me feel self conscious. I wanted a cigarette substitute that I could puff when I was desperate and not look weird. Basically I was addicted to nicotine AND having a real cigarette in my hand. All that changed when I discovered Nicolites.

      What are they?

      Nicolites are an E-cigarette that looks like a ciggie. You 'smoke' it in the same way, hold it in the same way and it tastes of smoke. The only real difference is that it is a bit heavier, more solid and it doesn't burn down and finish the 'smoke'.
      Essentially it is a replica cigarette machine. It comes in two parts: the battery which makes up the White part of the body, and the cartridge which is the brown, filter, part. To all intents and purposes it is a cigarette.

      How does it work?

      To start, you need to buy the starter pack at around £21 from most supermarket chemist concessions or from Nicolites.com online. This consisted of a white battery bit, a brown cartridge filter bit and the charger which plugs into any USB port on your PC or mobile phone.
      Once you've shelled out the £21 the only bit that needs further spend is the cartridges which retail at £7.00 ish for a pack of three.

      Each cartridge gives you 200 puffs - about a packet of normal cigarettes worth. Given that you get three cartridges for £7 and the average pack of fags is closely hitting £9 a pack, there is one hell of a financial saving to be made here. Nicolites say you can save over £2000 a year by switching to their E-cigs and I would say they are right!

      How do you use them?

      Screw the new brown cartridge (filter bit) into the White battery (tobacco bit) and smoke as normal. It makes a slight puffing noise which is odd at first but you soon get used to it. What you are inhaling is flavoured water vapour with a nicotine content - that's what deals with the cravings. It does create a 'smoke' of a kind which looks absolutely authentic bit does not smell at all. There is no heavy fag fug in the room and no smell clinging to your clothes or breath.

      So how do they help you quit?

      Well, you need some willpower but the cartridges come in four nicotine levels: high, medium, low and zero nicotine. Start at High and work your way down at a pace suited for you. If it takes a while, don't worry because you are not actually smoking. There are is no tar and no awful chemical nasties going into your lungs that normal fags have.

      They come in three different 'flavours': Niotine - which tastes like tobacco. Menthol and Cherry which is like sweetened tobacco.

      The husband and I both quit together. He used patches for the first couple of weeks but I didn't bother. I went straight for the Nicolites E-Cig. Yes, it was tough and I have to break some psychological triggers where I would reach for the fags like making a phone call and after a meal. We gradually worked our way down from high nicotine cartridges to zero, I got there quicker than him because her was a thirty a day man. It has worked for us. We have both not touched a cigarette for fifteen months which is an all time record for us.

      Personally I KNOW, for the first time ever, that I will never smoke a cigarette again. Nicolites E Cigs have given me a lifeline whilst quitting. The fact that I could 'smoke' if I was desperate has made it so much easier to quit. If I get that mad craving (and I still do) I just reach for my E cig Zero nicotine and have a quick puff. But even that craving has almost disappeared. I don't thnk I'll need these for much longer but I still make sure that I have one knocking around at the moment.

      I can't recommend these more highly. If you are serious about quitting they will make it easier for you. If you don't want to quit but can't afford to always smoke cigarettes then you can save a fortune here. I know the jury is still out about whether there are health risks with E Cigs but they have got to be better than normal cigarettes. My lungs, fitness and general health made that obvious after two weeks of switching.

      Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best of luck.



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    • Product Details

      Nicolites Tobacco Low Strength Cartomiser is a pack of three Low strength (6mg) tabacco flavour cartomisers for use with the Nicolites Electronic Cigarette.