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Return 2 Fitness Resistance Band Door Strap

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Brand: Return 2 Fitness / Type: Rehabilitation / Dosage Form: Straps

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2010 14:33
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      Highly recommended

      I have Hypermobility Syndrome and this means my ligaments are weaker than they should be and this leads to loose joints, pain and instability. In an effort to get rid of some of my pain I do alot of rehabilitation exercises under the supervision of a physio which sometimes involves using resistance bands. When I'm in the physio's room and she's holding the bands above me, behind me or below me this is fine but I started wondering how I was going to do the exercises at home without someone to hold the bands for me. I tried tying them around furniture but furniture isn't always placed where you need it and it doesn't work brilliantly if you have to keep untying the bands and moving them for the next exercise. This is where these door straps come in.

      The door straps, also known as door anchors, are about 10 inches long and made of thick, strong canvas material that can withstand a huge amount of pressure. Not a problem for me but for stronger peope this strength is necessary so they don't rip whilst you use them. They have a slit that runs about half the length of them where you feed the resistance band through and a block of something solid sewn into the end to prevent them slipping through the door. Mine are black and to be honest I've never seen them in any colour except black.

      To use them you feed the resistance band through the slit and either tie it there or get hold of each end. The other end, the one with the block in it is placed in a door frame and then you close the door to secure it. This means you can have the door strap at any height that can be found on a door frame either along the side of the door or along the top. Once the door is closed the strap should stay still and you can merrily pull on the resistance band in whatever direction you choose.

      I've found that there's no problems with the actual door straps themselves, they don't move or pull through the door frame even with the old doors in our house but you have to make sure you have snecked the door properly or the door can come open when you pull on the bands which is quite alarming to say the least!

      The material is so sturdy they can be used by anyone of any strength and with any strength of resistance bands. You can position them high or low, off to your side by moving yourself, along the floor, you can have them behind you or stand facing them and have them in front of you and it allows you to do a whole host of different exercises with bands that aren't really feasible using bits of furniture.

      I bought two of these door straps because having two gives you even more options on the exercise front and you can have one for each hand or one for each leg which makes some exercises easier.

      You can buy them in sets that include the bands as well or if like me you already have loads of bands you can buy them on their own for about £3.50 each online from a variety of places. For anyone who uses resistance bands for exercise these are a godsend and give you alot more options on the exercises you can do. I've got no gripes with them whatsoever and they can be used on any door you choose as long as it closes properly.

      I thoroughly recommend these door straps and also recommend buying two rather than just one. A full 5 stars from me!


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