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Safe & Sound 7 Day Pill Reminder

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Brand: Safe and Sound / Tpye. Contraceptive Pill Storage / Type: Contraception

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    4 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 18:54
      Very helpful



      Excellent system to keep on top of you taking your medicines. Definitely a five star product.

      Safe and sound 7 day pill reminder.

      It was starting to get a bit ridiculous the amounts of tablets I am taking and some of the tablets I have to take are absolutely vital for my well being. When I am away I do not like to carry boxes of pills around with me so hunted out and found this little gem of a dispenser. I actually bought three of these boxes so that I can take three weeks supply around with me whenever I go away. If I am away longer than three weeks I have no option but to take the boxes with me although I guess I could buy another one. Sometimes I would forget to take my tablets first thing in the morning and within two to three hours I would know it which is not very helpful if I am already at work. I know instantly once the symptoms start to play up but it's too far for me to return home to collect them. I keep one in my work bag so that I always have one days supply with me should I forget to take them which I must admit is very rare these days. They are usually around £1.99 but I managed to get all three of mine for £3.

      What does it look like?

      The tablet reminder is made of clear plastic with 7 compartments to put your drugs in. On the top it has the seven days of the week marked out on the lid of each compartment which is quite handy so that you know whether you have taken your tablets that day or not as long as you use them in order. Not only that it is also labelled in brail should you be blind or have sight difficulties.

      I usually take all my medicines in the morning in one go as some are long acting and slow release tablets. I do take one tablet which should really be taken at night but even with this tablet reminder I never remember to take it despite having it in front of me by my computer so I take that in the morning too. (Don't worry it's not a sleeping tablet).

      I guess if you had to take different medicines throughout the day there are some tablet dispensers that are compartmentalised further for morning lunch time tea time and bed time doses or you could use these individual tablet dispensers for different times of the day.

      Every two weeks on a Sunday evening you will find me sorting out two weeks supply of medicines. The reason I only decant two weeks supply at a time is so that I know by the end of that third week I should order a new supply. I first decant them from the blister packs then just pop one into each of the compartments. Not only can I see what I am doing but also it reminds me to order my supply of medicines on line from the GP surgery. It is such a useful way of monitoring when you need to order them. I used to use Boots the chemist who offered to take over the ordering of my supplies but invariably when I used to go to collect them on several occasions they forgot to order them or some of the drugs were missing or the drugs were not in stock so it would mean me having to rush back to collect them at another time and I really do not have to time to do this. In the end I was so cross with them that I started to do what I should have been doing in the first place and started to order them myself at least this way if I cock up I only have myself to blame.

      Are they useful?

      For me I think they are absolutely ideal for the following reasons.

      1. I know when I have to order a new supply.
      2. It makes me disciplined in remembering to take them.
      3. If I think I may not have taken my tablets that day I can look at the box and see whether I had
      taken them or not.
      4. I can see just by looking at the box how my supply is going without having to count them as the
      compartments are transparent.
      5. They are handy and compact and can be carried either in your hand luggage or even your pocket I
      guess they are very handy for ladies to pop into their handbags without taking too much room.
      6. There are a couple of countries that I would be very wary of using them even if you are only in transit
      for example Dubai. You should always check what their latest recommendations are as you can still
      be arrested for carrying what we would consider as normal medication even over the counter
      medicines mainly because of the contents of the preparation which could be on their banned list.
      7. I still carry a copy of my repeat prescription with me when travelling abroad just in case there are
      any queries about what tablets you are taking with you. You should be able to identify each and
      every tablet that is in your dispenser.

      Would I recommend them to others?

      Yes actually I would really recommend them if you are slightly forgetful or you are away from home it is handy to travel with. The individual unit is compact and easy to carry with you instead of having boxes of tablets to carry around with you. There are several permutations of this type of tablet storage unit and they can be obtained in different colours or with big writing on them. It is up to you what you will find of best use for your needs.


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        20.03.2013 03:25
        Very helpful



        great idea for all sorts of ocassions and people and a great reminder to take your mediciation

        =Safe and Sound 7 Day Pill Reminder=

        =My Holiday Saviour=
        As the title says these are a 7 day Pill reminder, they are a plastic unit with the days of the week marked out, so you can pre-fill them with your daily medication.

        =Who are they suitable for=
        I would say that there are suitable for most people, from someone who likes to get organised, and have all their medication to hand, or as I use them myself on holiday.

        I have to take a selection of medication, and need morning and night, at home I am organised, but away, I
        put my medication down, if the bag has got moved, if the maid tidied the side, its help.

        So now I take my medication in the boxes through customs, so they are all labelled, - but once in resort, it takes me about 15 minutes to get a week's worth of tablets ready, and this is so much easier, as with being away with my daughter, I haven't got to hold her up while I'm dishing out my tablets, they're ready for me just to take down to breakfast.

        =The Box=
        The box is made of a white opaque plastic, and has the seven separate compartments, each is lidded so that you can just open that days tablets. Each compartment has the day of the week wrote on and it also has the day in Braille as well.

        The box is 13cm long, 2.5cm in width and each compartment is 2cm deep. There is only 1 set of Mon to Friday, so I had to get 2 packets, so one for morning tablets one for evening..

        I use mine for holidays, I picked mine up for £1 each and have had them 2 years now, so they have about 8 weeks use from them.

        This would be as ideal at home whether you store your medication in them or daily vitamin tablets.
        I have to confess that I brought one for the dog for his holidays, as he daily vitamin tablets of Cod Liver Oil, Evening Primrose, Garlic as well as his doggie vitamin tablets, so for him they up lot less room then taking the full size packets.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend tablet containers, they have a 1001 uses, and if they act as a reminder to take your medication then there worth their weight it gold.
        ******** I know I have already said but if your taking medication through customs, keep in original packaging, and ideally have a copy of your prescription*******

        (Don't do what my friends mum did many years ago - off to Amsterdam and thought save taking box of travel sickness tablets - she put them in a pill container - Luckly she wasn't stopped!! But we don't let her forget that!!). x


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        16.07.2012 13:27
        Very helpful



        A handy little pot for anyone who takes tablets.

        While I was having my baby I had to take quite a lot of medication, not just the usual Folic Acid and Iron but other pills as well. Now I'm hopeless at remembering tablets and to make sure I didn't forget my mum bought me one of these little tablet pots, she has been using one for years and swears it helps when you have pills to take. She bought me the Safe And Sound Severn Day Pill Reminder, I know it came from Boots because I was with her when she bought it. It doesn't have much packaging its just attached to a card.

        The Pill Reminder is made from white plastic and is divided into 7 little boxes each with the day of the week written on the top in black. The little sections each have a lid with a plastic hinge, he lids have a little flap on them making them easy to flip open and click back down to close. Each little section measures approximately 2.5 2.5 cm's so you can get quite a few tablets in each one, providing they are not like bullets like one of mine was! The lid of each section also has the days of the week on in brail.

        To be honest when my mum picked this up for me it made me feel quite old but after a couple of days I realised what a handy little thing it was, I filled my pot up every Sunday night and it made remembering my medication so much easier, I could see at a glance if I had taken my tablets or not which was my main problem, I would get to teatime and couldn't remember whether I had taken my lunchtime tablet.

        I would recommend this little pot to anyone who takes tablets regularly, even if they are just vitamins. Recently my husband had a really nasty ear infection and was on antibiotics and pain killers for a week. Now Mark is as hopeless at remembering tablets as I am and he used the little pill reminder pot for a week and admitted how useful it was.

        Holidays and days out are other occasions where this pill reminder would come in very handy, it saves carrying bottles of tablets around or in my parents case taking the medicine cabinet on holiday! Before I went on maternity leave I took the pill reminder pot to work everyday in my handbag, the lids click down strongly and it never once came undone whilst rattling around the bottom of my bag.

        One negative thing I found was that after 6 months use the lettering on the lids is starting to wear off a little, this personally wasn't a problem for me but the pot only cost just over a pound so it wouldn't break the bank to replace it.


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        06.04.2012 15:33
        Very helpful



        Cheap and mostly very reliable.

        ~I'm Dependent on Drugs~

        One of the hardest things I've had to come to terms with in the last year and a half was realising that I am no longer viable as a self-sustained organism. I find myself minus a vital organ and entirely reliant on medication to make me work the way that nature intended. It's a shock to the system to realise that without my tiny tablets - two a day - I would not stay alive. Don't worry, it's not instant - I'd get by for a few weeks but ultimately, no drugs, no Koshkha. Crazy!

        On the plus side, for me at least, the tablets work really well and my life is almost entirely as it was back in the days when I still had a fully functioning thyroid - back in the days when I couldn't have told you where it was or what it did. As they say you only miss things when they're gone. Had I been born 100 years earlier, I'd probably be dead by now - well obviously I would - I'd be 146 years old! Duh!

        So what does all this miserable introspection have to do with 99 pence worth of plastic box? The Safe and Sound Seven Day Pill Reminder helps me to avoid forgetting to take my medication or - just as bad - taking it twice. It really is that simple. The Safe and Sound brand is stocked at our local village pharmacy - it's part of the Co-op - but is also typically available in places like Boots.

        ~Do you need one?~

        People who have to take daily medicines may or may not need a box like this. If you have the memory of an elephant and a really regular predictable lifestyle, congratulations, maybe you can get by without it. Potentially, if you take some fancy schmancy drugs that come in a nice little pack with the days written on it, you may be able to completely rely on reading the day off the packet and not needing any additional help. It's not rocket science for a manufacturer to print the dates on the foil - but sadly it's not routinely done. In the case of the tablets that I and hundreds of thousands of people in the UK take every day, the dosage is so individual that day printing just wouldn't work. I have been through eight different doses to get to my current level, many of them relying on different amounts for different days of the week. It just wouldn't be possible to print that on the foil. At one point I was taking a slightly higher dose every 3 days - that was a nightmare to get right. Then I went to Wednesdays and Saturdays for my extra tab, and now finally I'm fine-tuning on a titchy bit extra just once a week.

        My tablets have to be taken on an empty stomach so I take them first thing in the morning at least an hour before I eat. There's no need for exact timing as the affects are long acting so often if I wake up in the night, I just roll over and take them. I'm generally half asleep so it's really risky that without some kind of control mechanism I could forget I took them and take them again, or equally likely I could wake up having 'dreamt' that I already took them and miss them altogether.

        A further complication is that I am very rarely, if ever, at home for a full week so in theory I would need to have stock of my tablets at home, at my flat where I live during the working week, and in my handbag every time I fly off somewhere in between. It's a good idea but the pharmacy will only give out 3 months-worth at a time and I would soon be sure to find all the pills are wherever I'm not. What I now do is sit down with my packets of tablets at the weekend and fill the 'reminder box' for the next week. I then take 7 days worth of tablets with me when I head off on a Monday morning to wherever I'm due to go that week.

        ~Pandora's Box~

        The box is made of white opaque plastic and has seven compartments, each with a lid which clicks firmly into place. I have had just one incident of a compartment lid opening when I was travelling and I lost that day's tablets somewhere in the deepest darkest recesses of my bag. Luckily because I was carrying a week's worth, I was able to just replace the lost ones with another day's supply. People who just leave their box sitting on the table all week probably wouldn't be concerned about how good the lid closure is but for me it's important. One hiccup in over a year is pretty good and I assume it was my fault for not closing it properly.

        Each compartment has the day on top - printed and embossed. The printed letters have not been very good and are wearing badly so I'm glad to have the back up of the embossing. If I were blind - which thankfully I'm not - the days are also embossed in Braille.

        The box is 13 cm long, 2.5 cm wide and each compartment is 2 cm deep. This is much bigger than I need for two tiny tablets but if I had a smaller box, it might well be more difficult to find when it's sitting on my bedside table, so I'm happy to put up with the additional bulk for ease of finding it.

        My normal routine is to take the next morning's tablets out of the reminder box and put them into a smaller pill box next to the bed. I then put the reminder box in the drawer out of the way. When I wake up and can't remember if I took them or not, I shake the small pill box and if it rattles, I know I still have to take them. If it doesn't I just roll over and go back to sleep. This means I am not reliant on knowing what day it is when I'm still half asleep as I know I could very easily open the wrong compartment. Some days I'm still not sure what day it is by lunchtime so my systems do have to be sleepy-idiot-proof.

        ~A Handy Helper~

        The 7 day pill reminder box is a very handy thing for anyone who has to take regular medication or even for those people (I used to be one) who buy lots of supplements and then never remember to take them. If you need more than one type of tablets or to take them at different times of day, then you should look for a more complex box. An elderly friend of mine has the ones with four compartments per day for morning, noon, afternoon and bedtime. Thankfully I'm not in need of anything so complex.

        After over a year of daily use, my box is still strong and effective but the rubbing off of the numbers means it's going to get replaced in the next few months. My ever-prepared husband has another box hidden in a drawer waiting for the day that I give up on this one. At around a pound for such a box, I think many people would benefit from having at least one knocking about the place. We go to India most years and take anti-malaria tablets but not the type that come with a date pack. When I upgrade to my new box, this one can be retired into the holiday suitcase and used for making sure we keep on top of our travel medication. At such a low price, you don't need to be using medication every day to get some benefit from such a box.


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