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Skin Doctors Hair No More

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/ Subcategory: Skincare / Type: Firming

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2010 11:53
      Very helpful



      save your money!

      I saw this on special offer in Lloyds pharmacy at £8.99 (I believe that the usual price is around £13-£14.) and picked it up. I am too much of a wimp to get my legs waxed so thought this might be a good alternative!

      It is a depilatory system that is designed to remove hair and prevent hair regrowth.

      The kit contains 2 x 100 ml hair removal cremes, an Inhibitor spray which is 120 ml and a spatula.

      The process works in 2 stages. First you apply the removal creme into a thin layer on the desired area ( legs, bikini line, face) and leave on for 4-5 minutes. Do not rub it in. Test a little area by removing some with the spatula. If it comes off easily remove it all, if not leave it on for a little longer ( although no more than 8 minutes.).

      Wash off all remaining traces of the product- this should have removed all the hair and leave legs to dry.

      Stage 2 is to use the Inhibitor spray. Simply spray liberally and rub in. This is supposed to soak into the pores and stop new hair from growing.

      This product was a waste of time! The creme was easy to apply but wasn't ready to come off after 5 minutes, nor was it ready to come off after 8 minutes! I ended up leaving it on for 10 minutes and even then it didn't fully remove all the hairs. My legs felt quite bristly, similar to a day after shaving.

      The spray was nice and refreshing. It seemed oily when first applied but massaged in well but despite using it religiously for 2 months ( even after I had given up on the creme I continued to use the spray) I have noticd no reduction in my hairs regrowth. It hasn't becomer finer or sparser, if anything the hair seems to have grown back quite dark!.

      The product uses plant extracts such as aloe vera so is quite nice and soothing on the skin, the skin around my knees felt a lot softer although that could be from the daily massage they were getting rather than the actual product! It smelt quite nice as well, very fresh.

      I wouldn't recommend this product to anybody, I certainly wouldn't buy it again, I think I may have to bite the bullet and get my legs waxed!


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      03.10.2007 21:00
      Very helpful



      Hair removal kit

      I am sick of shaving my legs, using wax and Immac, all of them annoy me because hair only grows back anyway. As a woman I find it increasingly annoying that no matter what product you can buy on the market today, it doesn't keep your legs, under arms and bikini line hair free. Having tried both waxing and sugaring both of which are said to be more painful than childbirth if you have Attila the Hun ripping your hairs out I decided to try something new and revolutionary which I had seen advertised on one of those dodgy QVC look-a-like programmes and sounds as terrible as those JML adverts which have revolutionised everything from Ironing board covers to microwaving your food.

      Let me introduce you to 'Skin Doctors Hair No More' which claims amongst other things to "harmlessly and painlessly removes unwanted hair and can actually prevent it from growing back" and then claimed "This breakthrough in hair removal is currently the biggest selling hair removal product in Australia. A simple two-step system includes a gentle cream that removes even the most stubborn hair and a hair-inhibitor spray that starves the hair of nutrients from the root and can help hair from growing back". At this point I ordered it on the phone with my credit card quicker than you can say "prove it works".

      About a week later when it arrived I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a huge package (story of my life) but a smallish box and inside was a box a little smaller, white in colour which a woman sat stroking her bare leg not looking terribly happy. Within the box the contents were as follows:

      · 2 x 100g jars of gentle depilatory cream.
      · 1 x 120ml bottle of hair growth inhibitor spray.
      · Application spatula.
      · Product information and instructions.

      Already I wanted to go and try it out, so having read the instructions very carefully I decided that before trying it out on my nether regions I should probably start with one leg, at least that way I could cover any scars with tights or stockings.

      Step ones invites you to cover the hairy area with the depilatory cream in the same way you would with Veet or Immac using the enclosed spatula. After 3-4 minutes the hair looks a little different like it would usually when using a cream of this sort and you simply wipe it away from your legs using a clean sponge or flannel and from here on in you should no longer see any leg hair but instead have lovely soft legs, if you have thicker and much coarser hair then you may need to wait a little while longer. So far so good in my case as it was clearly working and I was impressed. There was no burning sensation like I have experienced in the past leading nicely onto step two which involves the bottle of hair growth inhibitor.

      The leaflet does say that this product is made from "naturally based compounds" which means that there should be no harmful chemicals in it. Spraying in onto my legs I was happy to read that it would inhibit new growth my preventing the nourishment of any new hair essentially removing everything the body needs to re-grow hair. Again, the entire process was totally painless.

      After the tester on one leg I finished my other leg and once again felt no burning sensations. Both legs looked and felt soft and smooth. The one thing I did notice about the cream and spray was that it didn't smell of chemicals like other brands of hair removal cream that usually has that horrid bleach smell when claiming to be packed with cucumber. There was nothing at all that could be described as a fragrance and because of this I feel the need to cover my legs in moisturising cream.

      'Skin Doctors Hair No More' it did fulfil its primary role and that is hair removal and it did hinder the hair when growing back over the coming weeks. When using these creams my leg hair would grow back within a week to two weeks at most and in some places on the leg be really itchy to the point where I would grab a razor and shave the hair off again. Since using this product the hair takes anything up to 6 weeks to grow back and some parts of my leg had no hair at all for up to 8 weeks.

      Costing £16 I am extremely impressed with it and would recommend it wholeheartedly as I'm amazed it actually did work. In the past I have tried various lotions and potions to no avail but this beats the spots off everything else.

      The cream and spray can be used on a male or female body, so if you have a gorilla for a husband who is scared stiff of wax strips, get him with this cream, he won't feel a thing I promise!


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    • Product Details

      Painlessly remove unwanted hair, effectively help discourage hair regrowth / Hair No More system pack includes two tubes of hair removal cream and a Hair No More Inhibitor Spray / An innovation in hair removal! This unique and revolutionary Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray from Skin Doctors has been designed to actually help discourage unwanted hair from growing back / Hair that does grow back is often finer, sparser and lighter than before with Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray from Skin Doctors, and in many cases the hair doesnt grow back again!   So that means no more tweezing, no more waxing, and no more pain! The scientifically developed Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray can help retard hair re-growth.   Hair that does grow back may be finer, sparser, and lighter than before and in many cases the hair never grows back again / No side effects except for the slowed appearance of hair growth and softer skin.  The product is easily applied and contains soothing plant and herbal extracts.  There's no pain, no effort, no preparation and there's no skin irritation.

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