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Promotes relaxed breathing to prevent snoring and give quality sleep

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2007 12:26
      Very helpful



      A clip that goes on your nose to help stop you from snoring.

      Well, mine can. My snoring sounds like a train wreck and my poor husband suffers from it terribly. I've gone to a sleep clinic and thankfully discovered it isn't caused by sleep apnea (when you stop breathing while asleep). I then went to an allergy clinic and they didn't find anything, so I bought one of those fancy shaped cushions with magnets inside, and even went on a strict diet and exercise plan to lose weight, after one doctor suggested that was the problem. But while the latter worked for my self image and appearance, it didn't help with my snoring nor did any of the other attempts. Then, when visiting the PitRok site, I saw they also sold Snoreclipse and Snoreese, and thought why not give these a try. Here's what I think of the Snoreclipse.

      Snoreclipse is small (about the size of your thumbnail), 'u' shaped clip made of a soft, flexible plastic which have special "rare earth" magnets inside the ends of them. The idea is to clip this into your nose where the magnets will press on the inside of the nasal septum to help make breathing easier throughout the night. This pressure is also supposed to help circulation and make your breathing more relaxed and calm. With all this, the Snoreclipse are supposed to reduce, if not stop snoring altogether.

      The first thing you'll think is "this sounds uncomfortable", and I must admit that when you first start using this, you might feel a bit of gentle pinching, but this doesn't really get to any level of discomfort that you can't fall asleep. One site says you should put this on for a bit before you go to sleep to get used to it – which I did find helped me, and now I hardly feel this. You also might wonder if this tends to fall off. Well, I'm happy to say that since it is designed to fit quite snugly, even rubbing your face against the cushion won't dislodge it. I know this since I sometimes find myself checking that it's still there during the night – and invariably it hasn't budged yet.

      But does it work? So far, I've found that while these don't stop me from snoring completely, they certainly do reduce the sound level of my snoring, making it less likely that I'll wake my husband. I should mention that for me, while lying on my right side or back, this clip is less effective than when I am on my left side. However, if my snoring wakes my husband in one of these positions, we've found that a small nudge from him will get me turning over to my left side, which is all that's needed to allow my husband to fall back asleep, undisturbed.

      You might also be wondering if this works when you have a cold. Well, so far I haven't gotten any colds, but I do find that before I put it on, I really do need to blow my nose really well and make sure that I can breathe as well as possible before I put it on. With this experience, it seems to me that this will be less effective if you're stuffed up, and it might be wise to make sure you take some decongestant prior to going to sleep to help this work better.

      One of the best things about Snoreclipse is that once you've got one, I can't imagine that you'll need to buy a replacement for a very long time. This makes it very economical as opposed to drugs, sprays or single-use strips and also compared to other devices which are more expensive. One site even says that these will not lose effectiveness over time, are non-disposable, and have a one-year guarantee for quality and workmanship. And if you're thinking that because they're so small they might get lost, they do come in a little hard plastic carrying case (that's about 3cm in diameter), to make it easier to take with you on trips. These are also easily cleaned with soap and water, but I doubt you'll want to share this with anyone, so if you have more than one snorer in the family, you might as well get one for each of them.

      Bottom line is that while these haven't stopped me from snoring totally, they certainly have reduced my affliction to a very tolerable level. My husband isn't being woken up or kept awake as much, and I feel that he's waking me up to stop my snoring far less often. I'm also feeling like I'm sleeping better through the night, and I'm even using this when he's away, since I feel more refreshed if I snore less. And best of all, these are a fairly "cheap fix" to the problem, price wise. I'll give it four out of five stars, and recommend it, but you should know that this might not be the solution for you, but it certainly is worth a try.

      Thanks for reading!

      Davida Chazan © October, 2007

      Technical Stuff:
      I found this available on the PitRok site (http://www.pitrok.co.uk/snoreclipse/) selling for £9.95. I also saw this on http://www.snoreclipse.net/ which sells this in the USA through a company called Pureline Oralcare for US $14.95 (which is about £7.35). Both these pages have lots of information about this product. I've also found other similar products, but none sold in the UK.

      There are thousands of snoring remedies out there, and if you have a problem, I would suggest you check with your doctor first to make sure it isn't sleep apnea.

      As for other products, I found "Nozovent" from Scandinavian Formulas which works by pushing the sides of the nostrils out. This looks uncomfortable due to its long size, and I've read it dislodges easily because it isn't flush against your nose. I also found "SnoreWizard" (www.snorewizard.co.uk) which is a device you put in your mouth. This costs a whopping £49.99 (albeit with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee) but as I have very small teeth and a small jaw, I'm not sure this would fit me.


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      Promotes relaxed breathing to prevent snoring and give quality sleep

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