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SuperSmoker Alternative Cigarette

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Brand: SuperSmoker / Type: Giving Up Smoking Aids

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2009 22:43
      Very helpful



      The alternative cigarette

      My New Years Resolution this year is to give up smoking as I'm fed up of wasting my money on them. I have tried Niquitin lozenges in the past and have found they work well (it's my willpower that's usually lacking!) but my boyfriend came home with a SuperSmoker cigarette for us to try as another substitute.

      What is it?

      The SuperSmoker cigarette is called an alternative cigarette as it can be used as an aid to give up smoking or it can be "smoked" in places where it is banned. It works with a battery which you charge up and has an atomiser so when you inhale like with a normal cigarette the end glows up and you blow out smoke, but it's not actually smoke it's what they call damp. The manufacturer claims (taken from the leaflet):
      - The safe smoke SuperSmoker is a high-tech revolutionary item in atomising computer technology. You do not need to light it.
      - It looks like a cigarette, it smokes like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette!
      - There is no fire, no smoke (only damp) and does not pollute.

      It came in a smart box, with the cigarette, instruction leaflet, charger and a holder for the cigarette. It did not come with any of the cartridges though which supply the nicotine so I had to search online for some. I went on the SuperSmoker website and for 6 cartridges (each cartridge equals 15 cigarettes) with 12 filters it is £6.50, which I thought was reasonable but £7.95 for P&P, and I figured I may as well smoke for the price. So I went on Ebay and although lots of cartridges for other electronic cigarettes only one seller for this one, but I got 2 packs for £13 including P&P. So anyway they arrived and we were eager to try our new toy so I got the cigarette out the box and got the charger out (which I probably should have done before) and wasn't sure if it was a European plug or one that would fit in a razor socket, but luckily it fits in a razor socket so charged it up. It says it will need charging for 12 hours but after a few the light on the charger went green which means it's ready to use. To charge the cigarette you just unscrew the bit that lights up from the atomising chamber and screw it into the charger. When it's fully charges you screw it back into the chamber then stick a cartridge into the chamber and a filter into that. The cartridges come in four strengths; normal (2% nicotine concentration), medium (1.45%), Light (0.95%) and Zero (0%). I bought Medium strength.

      Does it work?

      Well.... I couldn't wait to try and with all the claims thought it would be an excellent alternative to smoking.

      Does it look like a cigarette? It is much longer than a cigarette and a bit thicker and apart from the filter is made from metal so it doesn't quite feel like holding a proper cigarette, but the filter is just like a normal one but with a hole in the middle.

      Does it smoke like a cigarette? I find I have to suck a bit harder but the end glows up and I exhale smoke like normal. The "smoke" however does look like smoke but it isn't and it doesn't leave any smell around at all.

      Does it taste like a cigarette? NO it does not! Urgh! I took my first drag and my face screwed up in disgust as it tasted like honey, and I hate honey! I know to non-smokers that would sound weird as they generally think cigarettes taste and smell vile but I love the taste of my cigarettes and was very disappointed! I have to say though that I have now got used to the taste and don't mind it at all but at first I had to almost force myself to smoke it.

      Would I recommend it?

      I think it is a good alternative to smoking and could help you give up or cut down but it is quite expensive, this cigarette retails on their website for £49.95, but if you look on Ebay there are other brands and some seem a lot cheaper and more popular and so the prices for the cigarette and cartridges are more competitive. I use this cigarette in the evening when at home which is when I can find the cravings the hardest. During the day and when out and about I use the lozenges as I would feel a bit daft smoking on my fake fag in public but I did see on my local news last week that a pub somewhere has got electronic cigarettes for their customers to use whilst they are sitting in the pub as they are legal to smoke in public places. If I hadn't been given this to try I don't know if I would have gone out and bought one but if you are interested then shop around and you could get a good deal. It has only been two weeks for me smoke free but fingers crossed I will keep it up.


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    • Product Details

      SuperSmoker is an alternative cigarette, which looks like a real cigarette, tastes like a real cigarette and smokes like a real cigarette. It is equipped with a replaceable cigarette filter.

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