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Vicks First Defence Hand Foam

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2 Reviews
  • It has stopped me from getting sick
  • It has a faint smell only
  • There are no disadvantages
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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2014 13:54
      Very helpful


      • "It has stopped me from getting sick"
      • "It has a faint smell only"
      • "It is pleasing to use "


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Vicks first defence

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is hand foam that you use through the cold weather and it will kill some of the cold bugs to healthy through the winter. It is made by Vicks but I think it does not smell so nice.


      You press the pump on the top of the bottle so that some foam comes onto your hands. Then you rub your hands together for the foam to spread all over your skin and absorb in. You can use it many times in a day.


      I have used First Defence for 3 years because I am a beautician who travels to many ladies homes and I have to work close to them even if they have got a cold. I use this alot and I do not get very many colds so I think it works.

      The foam is very pleasing to use because it is soft and like fluff. It is not wet so does not make me feel like I need to dry my hands on a towel after I have used it. It runs in very fast and that surprises some people when they see me use it and ask what I am doing.

      The smell does not stay on my hands and I am happy about that.


      I buy First Defence from Amazon UK and it costs £3.50. It lasts me for about 2 weeks because I allow for my husband to use it also and I do not care about paying a small cost like that for something that makes me think that it is working and stopping me from becoming sick with a cold.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      27.04.2012 16:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Hand foam that fills me with confidence!

      I am quite paranoid about hygiene and I first used this Vicks First Defence Hand Foam back in 2006 when I was travelling to work on the tube and train and didn't want to pick up too many germs on the way. I wanted something reliable and I trust the Vicks brand which is why I have been using this on and off ever since. I have tried several other hand foams and gels over the years since but this is something that I use quite often when out and about and I also use it when I am out in the park with one of my nieces or nephews.

      This hand foam is a plastic bottle with a plastic lid and underneath the lid there is a press down pump dispenser. Pressing this will release white foam and then this should be rubbed in to the hands. The foam takes quite a few seconds to dry and it is a little sticky for the first minute or two. After it has dried in completely there is no residue left on my hands that lets me know, or anyone else for that matter that I have just used it.

      This should be reapplied every 3 hours or after washing your hands and I do use this quite a few times a day. I tend to use this when out for the day rather than when at work or at home where I either wash my hands regularly or use an antibacterial hand gel that is much cheaper. I like to know that I am getting the best cleansing action when out in a strange environment or somewhere where hundreds of people pass daily.

      What I love about this hand foam is that it is dermatologically tested, safe for use when handling food, contains aloe vera for smoothing out my hands and protects against a large amount of germs including e.coli & salmonella. I bought a few last year for 49p from Savers which probably did increase the time I continually used this for just because it was incredibly cheap. This can also be bought from Boots for £4.49 which is very expensive for a hand cleansing product but I feel very confident when using this and as I am not always away from home or work it is not something I get through every week and I probably just use a bottle a month, sometimes less.

      If you are looking for something that will protect your hands from germs between washes or while out and about then I would definitely recommend this. This is quite expensive but if you want piece of mind then this is the ideal product for you!


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