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Alpine MusicSafe Pro

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Brand: Alpine / Type: Sleep Aids

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2009 21:25
      Very helpful



      awesome product

      MusicSafe Pro is a high quality protection product for musicians and people who are often exposed to loud music. Basically, they are little ear plugs to save your hearing.

      MusicSafe Pro are made by Alpine, a European company that specialises in making hearing protection systems for all sorts of applications. These applications include, motorsports, flying, construction work, and of course, music concerts. If you want to check them out the website is as follows; www.alpine.eu

      I bought this product as I regularly work for my dad's sound hire company and go to many music events and standing around near the speakers will really start to damage my hearing. I don't intend to be deaf when I'm older, so MusicSafe Pro to the rescue!

      The MusicSafe Pro ear protectors come in a small plastic box that once slid open reveals space for two ear plugs, an "applicator" and the plastic inserts for various levels of protection (more later). The problem with this is that I received one extra ear plug free, this is not a problem itself in-fact it is great as if I loose one I have a spare, but the problem is that I cannot fit all three in the box without squashing two into the space made for one. I think that if they are giving an extra ear plug, they should really redesign there box. If I go to a music festival and take the box, where do I put the spare in case I loose one? It's no good in my drawer at home!
      The box itself clicks shut and so it will not fall open in a bag or even around your neck, as there is a bar to loop a lanyard around, making it easy to carry with you any where.

      The applicator that I mentioned before I quite a useless thing in my opinion. It is a small plastic tube, and to use it you simply place the ear bud into the tube, and the end sits loosely inside, before then using the end of the applicator to hold and push into your ear. In my opinion it is easier just to hold the ear plug with my fingers rather than bother to use the applicator, but maybe for people with large fingers it may be easier.

      What makes MusicSafe Pro better than most of the competition is that you can adjust the level of protection you require. This is done by changing the plastic inserts inside the ear plug. There are three levels of protection provide for by these inserts. They are as follows;

      White inserts for low protection

      Silver inserts for medium protection

      Gold inserts for high protection.

      You get a pair of each colour in the box so it is very easy to change the level of protection, no need to buy different products.

      The ear plugs them self are easily adjustable to fit any size of ears. All you will need is a pair of sharp scissor to change them to suit you. If you have a small ear and the plug is to wide, then simply trim the edge of the larger of the two domes. If the plug sticks out of your ear to far, then simply cut off the stem part of the plug. The ear plugs fit perfectly and very comfortably in my ears so I do not need to do this, but the instructions are very easy to follow and good diagrams are also included.

      Alpine claim that you can wear these ear plugs comfortably for long periods of time, protect your hearing and still properly hear the clarity of the music. I think they are right. They are very comfortable to wear. They obviously protect your hearing, but most of all; they don't spoil the sound of the music. You can still properly hear everything, and this is very important for musicians and concert goers alike.

      MusicSafe Pro is available for around £15, a small price to pay for your hearing. There are plenty of other brands of ear protection that are a lot cheaper than the MusicSafe Pro, but this product is by far superior to them all (well most of them).

      In conclusion I think that this product is better than most others on the market, the only problem is the lack of space in the box for the spare ear plug, but I can live with that. Three levels of protection for every level of noise and a bargain for £15.

      I rate it 5stars!


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    • Product Details

      If you ever suffer from tinnitus ringing in the ears after gigs or clubbing, look no further!The all new MusicSafe Pro Attenuating Generic Earplugs are an absolutely huge hit with musicians & DJs alike, featuring a unique filter design allowing high frequencies to pass, ultimately providing the user with the advantage of receiving a brilliant natural and clean sound without dampened or muffled results.The Alpine pack includes three earplugs as standard, ruling out the need to purchase a whole new set, should you lose one of the plugs.Complete with three different filter sets with different attenuation rates as well as an insertion tube & storage container, the user is given the choice of which filter to use depending on the venue & sound level.

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