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Asda Rehydration Sachets

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Brand: Asda / Type: Rehydration drink sachets / Dosage Form: Sachets

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 20:40
      Very helpful



      Not bad!

      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will be all to aware that I suffer with bulimia. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is an eating disorder.

      Part of this illness that I've had for about 7 years now is binging and purging and occasionally I do laxative abuse. I go through stages of not being so ill and then of getting myself into a bad state. My Drs etc are aware of this of course as I am diagnosed and I have been to an eating disorder clinic and am currently being referred back to one but help is limited and with an illness like this its only you that can actually get yourself better which is why occasionally I do buy different over the counter medications.

      Of late though I've been pretty ill with it. My weight has plummeted and because of being sick so much I have become very weak and lethargic. Also because I have hypothyroidism I get a sore throat all of the time anyway without the sickness thing and my lips got very dry and I got sores in my mouth justa couple of weeks ago.

      I went to my Dr due to feeling so rundown. I was thirsty all of the time and he said just by looking at me that he could tell I was dehydrated.

      I drink lots and lots of water and stuff anyway and he did prescribe me some dehydration sachets which are called Dioralyte and because I'm prescription exempt forever I get them for free (as I have hypothyroidism). However when I was in Asda just the week before I did think that maybe I was a little dehydrated and on my boyfriends advice did pick up a box of Asda's Rehydration sachets in the hope that they would sort me out a bit!

      The Packaging:

      The sachets come in a blue and white box with a picture of a guy on there with a glow to his tummy and a glass of this next to him and we are told that they are Asda Rehydration Sachets 'Blackcurrant Flavoured' and that in this box there are 6 sachets (and I never saw on the shelves another size available to me) and that they are 'For the treatment of acute diarrhoea and dehydration' and then other information on the box includes being told again what they are for, the ingredients are listed and dosage advice is given as well as warnings and contact details for PL Holder, Galpharm Healthcare Limited) being listed. Inside the box as promised there is a 6 Square white sachets with black writing on them which are paper on the outside and silver foil on the inside (to keep the powder fresh of course) and we are simply told in black writing again what they are and the ingredients and dosage advice is given on each one too along woith other information. Simple packaging this is with very well laid out information on and I do like that fact you can throw the box away and slip the sachets in a bag with you as the dosage details and anything you want to know is on each individual sachet anyway.

      Using The Sachets:

      Well these are really easy to make up. Simply tear off the top of the sachet and you are met with a fine white powder and you empty that into a glass and mix it with 250ml of water and you knock it back (don't try sipping it, it isn't that pleasant lol). You can give this to children as young as 2 if they have been vomiting or having diarrhoea up to maximum of 12 sachets in a 24 hour period, for babies (under 2 years old) you can give 12 sachets in 24 hours (again after any lose motion or sickness) and for adults, we're allowed 16 sachets in 24 hours. Of course children should see a Dr ASAP opposed to simply treating them yourself in the long term!

      Personally I took these after lose motions and after sickness to rehydrate my body. Each 4.97g of the granule powder combines dextrose monohydrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium citrate dihydrate and citric acid anhydrous. Basically that is salts that are lost through getting rid of excess liquid from your body through illness and for people with eating disorders the potassium within these can be really helpful as I personally do suffer with a deficiency with that which apparently isn't uncommon,

      So easy to blend up, most of the drink stays clear apart from a few specks of powder and that's it down the hatch, make sure you drink it all too. It, to me has a slight smell of aniseed to it along with a hint of natural blackcurrant, taste wise it's a bit salty though a smooth enough drink and does have a really light hint of blackcurrant flavouring to it. It isn't the nicest thing that I have ever consumed but to be fair it isn't vile, hydrates because it is liquid after-all and is best made with cold water opposed to luke warm/warm and the flavour of it doesn't linger in the mouth for long afterwards thankfully anyway.


      Well I wouldn't go as far to say that these are amazing but they do have a purpose and got me through a really dry patch! I did feel a bit perky after taking one and as I said I took these after lose motions and being sick and this happened to me regularly through a day and so I did appreciate being able to take so many of the sachets in a 24 hour period. I can only say they made me feel a bit more alive and perky though I realise that I was taking these for a different reason to a lot of other people however my Dr applauded me buying some and trying to ease my symptoms by myself. I have also taken these just after having normal diarrhoea though and again found them helpful enough though like I say they are not a cure to all ills and do not offer any pain relief at all.

      Since I have been using what the Dr gave me I realise that for me these don't work as well as what he prescribed me and that is because these have a higher dose of nutrients, vitamins and minerals within them that I need and where as the sachets I'm reviewing did do a decent job they never cured my dry mouth for long and my sores have now disappeared.

      Mild and gentle, everyone should have some of these even just after an evening of drinking too much and having a hangover. Slightly expensive though if you use the maximum recommended dose but does the trick in the short term!

      Only available in Asda stores in boxes of 8 priced costing £2.35 a box.


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