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Autan Family Care Insect Repellent

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/ Type: Insect Repellent

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2010 01:46
      Very helpful



      Good product, have used gallons of it, will use gallons more in the future.

      Testing area - All this summer, on the humid plains of Northern Italy, slap bang in the middle of acres and acres of rice fields, full of standing water, 40 degrees in the shade, humidity about a million percent.

      (In terms of describing how mosquito ridden it is, put it this way, the last time I saw this many mosquitoes I had been persuaded that a night of being an extra on a Thai soap opera, in the middle of nowhere, just outside Bangkok, under huge, bright lights was going to be a blast.)

      In such circumstances my priority is to keep my son as bitten as little as possible because he scratches and introduces child grime into the resultant bloody mess.

      This particular product is far, far less whiffy than some others on the market, which is a plus because it is hard enough to get small people to come and be sprayed without giving them extra reasons to be reluctant to leave the fun and stand like a starfish.

      I'm not keen on the aerosol spray because it lasted such a short time and it is hard to see how much is left. The pump action one takes a bit more effort to get on, but means you are less likely to suddenly run out at an inopportune moment, so that one is my preference.

      With kids, who can be relied upon to breathe or move at the wrong moment and get a mouthful or eyeful, I found that spraying it on my hands and first patting, then smoothing the product on, avoided coughing sessions, screams of blindness and outraged whinging about cruel and unusual mummies.

      It was as effective as other more smelly products against bites, BUT in humid environments sweating is going to happen and that seemed to limit the length of time that it was effective for. Especially if you end up having to towel your dripping kid off several times. So you have a tossup between reapplying to avoid bites or sticking to the recommended number of applications.

      Since my son is not a little baby I went with extra applications. The only alternative was resorting to selloptaping him inside a mosquito net for ten weeks which is not very practical.

      It is worth paying attention to places like the ankles, feet, toes, ears and back of the neck because I found that initially I didn't pay attention to the fiddly places and that is where he still got a couple of bites. We also discovered that we needed to either put it on when undressed, or also applying it to his clothes because some determined mosquitoes can even bite through denim.

      Worth buying if you want something that doesn't scream "you are dousing your child in chemicals you can't pronounce" with its stink and are not prepared to give up effectiveness in the name of going natural.

      Unlike the previous reviewer we didn't find it at all effective against flies, which was a pity cos although they don't bite they are really annoying.

      I wish I had had this product that fateful night I became immortalized (for three seconds, looking furious and itchy to the point of frantic) on film in Thailand.


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      16.05.2009 18:40
      Very helpful



      mosquito repellent


      Whe we went to Egypt over the easter holiday, I was fairly obsessed about not being bitten by mosquitos and so took several products with us, this being one of them

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is basically a mosquito repellent- it doesn't state that it repels other biting bugs and insects but hopefully the same products work at repelling them.

      The repellent is delivered via fine powder particles which will apparently dry immediately and repel mosquitos for up to 4 hours.

      The product comes in a 100ml aerosol can with a pull off lid and all of the instructions and information are on the back of the can

      When i spray the repellent onto exposed bits, it does in fact come out as promised- very fine particles which dry as soon as they touch the skin. Unusually for this type of product, there is no medicinal type of smell, but a rather pleasant "talc" smell, and not at all what I would expect from an insect repellent.

      HOW TO USE IT...

      It's very easy to use:

      * Shake the can well
      * Spray 15-20cm from skin with a slow sweeping motion
      * Spread evenly with hands
      * Suitable for children over the age of 2 years
      * Don't apply more than twice in 24 hours- it doesn't say why!!

      As ever, I get some cautions, which I think are common sense:

      * External use only
      * Highly flammable
      * Avoid contact with the eyes
      * Don't apply to broken skin


      I bought mine from the local "bargain" store for 99p, and given that the RRP is £5.49 this was a bargain- worth shopping about for!

      MADE BY...

      SC Johnson LTD, Camberley

      Check out the website, www.scjohnson.co.uk for information about theis and other products.

      An easy to apply product which did what it promised to do, and repelled the mosquitos.

      I liked the fact that it smelt pleasant and dried immediately, so I wasn't left wafting arms and legs waiting for the drying process to take place. Little Miss, when asked liked the fact that because it was a powder, it wasn't cold when it was sprayed onto her skin.

      Suitable for use on children from the age of 2 years, Little Miss used it and suffered no adverse reactions. It is even suitable for use on the face; just spray some of the product onto your hands and wipe gently over the face avoiding the eyes.

      Although it states that it is a mosquito repellent, i am convinced that other insects avoid it- when we sprayed it in the mornings we managed to keep the flies etc at bay.

      A recommended product.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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      Insect Repellent

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