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Bazuka Sub-Zero

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Brand: Bazuka / Type: Cryotherapy to freeze away warts and verrucas

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 14:29
      Very helpful



      Cryotherapy to remove verruca's but it didn't work for me.

      My daughters both had a very stubborn verruca on their feet, that we'd tried a gel and plasters to no avail. Now when I was young I remember going to the doctors and he simply froze it off, easy. So I called the doctors and they no longer do that. So a little look online and we found a product from Bazuka that is a well trusted brand that freezes off the little blighters. So somewhat reluctantly once I'd seen the price of the stuff - £13.27 for one kit, I ordered some.

      Bazuka Sub zero comes in a purple coloured box with the usual Bazuka branding on it. In the box you get a small pressurised metal bottle, the lid is separate as that is what is used to get the stuff out and a bag of 12 little applicators that best resemble the end of a cylindrical cotton bud, and of course the instructions. Once you've unpacked it, it is not possible to get it all tidily back in the box and shut the lid, but that maybe just me.

      The idea behind it is, you apply the freezing foam to the verruca for a few seconds and it freezes the thing down to its core it forms a blister and drops off after a couple of weeks, just like that.

      So reading the instructions very carefully, I assembled the devise by putting the applicator into its slot, attaching the domed lid, locking it in the on position and pushing down for 3 seconds. It makes a kind of a hissing sound and it is apparently good to go. So I applied it to the foot for the 5 seconds that it suggested. Apparently it felt cold but ok. This pleased me, because the instructions say it can hurt for several hours afterwards.

      So I changed the applicator and prepared to charge it up for the second child's foot. This time it was different, it hissed a lot more aggressively and it was smoking a bit like Heston Blumenthal's kitchen when he's playing with his liquid nitrogen. I did the same thing with the second foot and my eldest daughter said it was cold, well that's what I could get in-between the ow,ow,ow,ow,ow, noise that was coming from her. Something had clearly happened very differently to the first one, even given that the elder child has a considerably lower threshold for pain. So despite all the dire warnings on the instruction packet I repeated the process on the first foot.

      Both feet did what it said, it was red for a bit then was fine and stopped hurting.

      A fortnight later, both kids thought something might be working but weren't sure so we tried again. This time the device definitely worked the same as the second attempt and there was less whinging from the older one.

      Now the instructions are very clear, the warnings about overdoing this process are ever present. You must hold it on the foot for no longer than 20 seconds for a really large, stubborn verruca. Any more than that and you may over freeze the foot and have a permanent hole in it killing all of the nerves in the process, or freeze a much larger area than necessary and again cause a hole. Any more than 2 applications the same thing may happen. You must use this product very cautiously.

      So a fortnight later, and to me it looked no different, I deviated from the rules and went for the 3rd application. I'll be honest, as a mother this worried me. However, totally unnecessarily, nothing happened. A fortnight later, by which time the verruca should have been long gone I gave up. I wasn't going to completely ignore the instruction leaflet and risk my kid's feet permanently.

      I admit I was very disappointed, not least at having wasted £13.27, but in my gut I think this product should have worked. I can't help feeling that with all our regulations we are sometimes over cautious and if I just went for it, made sure I held it down for a reasonable length of time to start with and did as many applications as necessary it would have worked. It's a bit like the slug pellets for the garden that are friendly to all garden pets, unfortunately including the slugs.

      So in conclusion, no, for me it didn't bazuka that verruca and speaking to the pharmacist when I went to buy some extra strength bazuka gel, I am not the only one for whom it had been unsuccessful. I wish I'd spoken to the same person earlier. The gel is now working and bit by bit it's coming off.

      If you would like to give it a try it is available at all pharmacies.

      Thank you for reading

      Digbycat aka MaryanneH


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