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Betterware Insect Repellent Wipes

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3 Reviews

Brand: Betterware / Type: Insect Repellant Wipes

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    3 Reviews
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      19.07.2012 00:04
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      These are a good idea but they do not work for me


      Wet wipes that have been impregnated with a solution designed to keep insects away from you.


      For £2.99 you get 10 wipes that have been folded and wrapped individually. The packets are small enough to drop in your handbag or even slide into your pocket as they are flat. The individual packets are a bright orange colour so not very discreet.


      Just unwrap one and wipe any exposed skin with it. The wipes are damp but not very wet so your skin won't be left wet after using it.


      They didn't work for me and I had as many gnats around me as ever even straight after I had used one of the wipes on my arms and legs. They don't smell very nice but are fresh feeling to use, my husband likes the smell but I don't.

      If they worked they'd be worth the money if you're like me and attract insects in the summer but because you only get 10 wipes means you'd be spending a lot of money on them if you used them for the whole family. This year I've noticed that there haven't been so many wasps around me but because it's been so wet it's hard to know if that's the weather or the effect of the wipes.

      I only used this pack of 10 wipes and haven't bought them since. They're quite nice to use because the wipes have got a quality feel to them but they are not effective enough for me to waste money on them. I burn outdoor citronella candles to help prevent flying insects and they work well enough without buying these expensive wipes.

      2 Dooyoo Stars.


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        12.07.2012 02:40
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        Not worth the effort in my opinion

        Review of Betterware Insect Repellent Wipes

        These wipes are designed to help repel insects. I am one of those unfortunate people who are incredibility susceptible to insect bites. Gnats, midges and mozzies all find me very tasty and my summers are often made a misery by insect bites.
        My friend gave me a pack of these repellent wipes as a jokey gift just before I set off for a month's touring holiday in Scotland earlier this year.

        **The Product**

        Presented in a pack containing 10 insect repellent wipes, these are sold by the Betterware company. I have used wipes in the past with little success so was not expecting miracles from these wipes. Each wipe is individually wrapped in a foiled pouch for freshness. The brightly coloured foil pouch is easy enough to tear open and the wipe is kept moist within the foil pouch. The texture of these wipes is similar to a sturdy baby wipe but smaller. The wipes smell quite pleasant; the scent is predominantly a citrus, lemon fragrance. The texture is moist yet not wet. The wipes are used by wiping all exposed areas of skin to keep insects and bugs away.

        Obviously care should be taken not to get these wipes near the eyes and the wipes should be kept out of the sight and reach of children.

        **Ingredients and Cost**

        This ingredient list is taken from the product packaging

        Being a Betterware product, these wipes are only available from Betterware catalogues or the company website. Currently Betterware are offering these wipes at the discounted price of £1.49, a considerable saving against the usual price of £2.99

        **My Experience and Conclusion**

        These wipes are easy and pleasant to use and they smell nice. They are very convenient to carry with you when out and about; the small pouch will fit into most pockets.
        But did they work? Did they keep the nasty biting insects away?
        In a nutshell, no.
        These wipes did not stop me being snacked on by midgies; neither did they stop me being irritated by other insects. I cannot in all honesty say these made the blindest bit of difference. I am very susceptible to insect bites, and do break out in a severe allergic reaction if I get bitten or stung. Perhaps these would be more effective for a less insect bite prone person, but based on my experience with these insect repellent wipes, I do not recommend them to others.

        Thank you for reading
        July 2012
        N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name


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          15.05.2012 18:18
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          A summer must have

          I hate bugs and am forever being pestered with them when I am out. I like to go hiking but midges are always biting me and wasps and bees for some reason seem to be attracted to me. I usually use a bug spray to try and keep them away from me but I have recently bought some insect repellent wipes from the Betterware catalogue and used them a couple of times now and so far so good.

          I have been buying a lot of Betterware things lately as my neighbour keeps putting the catalogue through my door and I feel obliged to buy something every time. To be fair I have found loads of really good things in the catalogue that I have never seen in shops before. I am fairly sure that you can probably get insect repellent wipes in the shops so these aren't the most innovative product but they are quite cheap and I do like them.

          The wipes come in a pack containing 10 wipes and they cost me £2.99 but they are on sale from the Betterware website at the minute and are half price. I am definitely going to stock up on some more of these wipes at this price before the summer starts properly and we are inundated with bugs everywhere.

          Each wipe is individually wrapped and inside the wrapping is a wet towelette which contains the insect repelling ingredients. According to the Betterware website the ingredients used in the wipes are: Alcohol denat, Aqua, Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate, Propylene glycol, Ppg-1-peg-9 lauryl glycol ether, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil, Citral, Geranion, Linalool and Limonene.

          I have no idea what most of these ingredients are but on the plus side the liquid in the wipes doesn't leave my skin irritated or itching and with a spray I am left quite often feeling itchy until I wash it off.

          When you first open the wipes there is a really strong smell that comes off them and does catch in my throat if my nose is too near to them. The smell is a mix of lemon and some sort of disinfectant smell. It is kind of similar to the smell you get in hospitals. It isn't horrible but it is really quite potent if you are too close to them.

          The smell isn't so bad when it is on the skin but again I can still smell it for quite a while after applying them.

          The wipes are a decent size and they are quite saturated in the liquid repellent so I can easily do the skin that is going to be on show. Because they are actually wipes and not a spray you couldn't do your entire body with them as the wipes wouldn't stay wet enough to do the entire body but there is enough liquid in the wipes so do my neck, arms and my legs if I was going to be wearing shorts without them feeling like they are drying out too quickly to cover everywhere. Although the wipes don't irritate my skin I haven't actually used them on my face and I'm not really planning to either because my facial skin is really sensitive and I just think that these would be too harsh for it.

          As for how they work against repelling insects I used them a couple of weeks ago when the weather was like summer and they did a fairly decent job of keeping insects away. I live in Scotland and I took my mother's dogs to a nearby lake and anyone who has been up here will know we have a major problem with midges in warm weather. The midges were out in full force this day but they really didn't seem to like how I was smelling and mainly stayed away from me. I think I only ended up getting bitten once and that was on the back of my arm where I think I might have been a bit slap dash with applying the wipes. I did notice that after a couple of hours the smell seemed to be fading and the midges weren't staying quite as far away from me as I would have liked but I just opened another wipe and rubbed it on and they soon disappeared again.

          That is the benefit of these wipes over a spray as far as I am concerned. They are just so much more convenient and easy to use and I had no trouble slipping a couple in the pocket of my shorts and taking them with me whereas with a spray I would have just had to spray myself before leaving the house and hope it would last until I got home again. I also think these wipes are really good value and especially at the moment when they are half price. I am planning on going on holiday during the summer holidays and I am definitely going to be taking a couple of packs away with me.


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