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Boots Anti-Viral Tissues

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Brand: Boots / Type: Anti-Viral Tissues

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2011 16:46
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      anti viral tissues by Boots

      I was unfortunate enough to have caught a cold a week ago and I didn't have any good tissues around so felt like after a few days I wasn't really getting better. The sides of my nose were getting quite red also and I just wanted to get better. I had never heard of 'Anti-Viral' tissues before until my sister told me to get Kleenex Anti-Viral as they had helped her. However, when I went into Boots they didn't have the Kleenex ones but only their own brand which to me seemed just as good as Boots have high quality products, so I bought them.


      These tissues come in a pale lilac and white box which is in a standard rectangular shaped box. It has the FSC logo on the front and states that it 'Kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissues within 15 minutes which sounded very promising to me. In a box, you normally get 72 tissues and they are approximately 210mm x 200mm in dimension. On the reverse of the box it goes into further detail about what these tissues actually prevent from and it gives you contact details on the company for complaints etc.


      These tissues looked good to me but I wasn't sure how effective they'd be. I started using them the second day of my cold when I was still really ill and sneezing a lot. They are just your standard tissues, 3 ply which is just thick enough and soft white paper. They are dermatologically approved and kill influenza, respiratory syncytial viruses, human rhinovirus-1A and human adenovirus-5. They do sound very good at what they do but the main thing you really want to know is do they work. Well, I used these everytime I needed to blow my nose consistently.

      I found these a lot softer to use on my nose so over the course of a few days, I could see my nose getting better and no longer looking dry and red as it did previously. Also everytime I used a tissue I'd throw it away, these don't have a smell or anything but there must be something in them locking in germs. I used these after I took the day off work and the next day I was so much better in the sense I didn't feel like I had a blocked nose anymore and could actually breathe.

      These tissues must really keep the germs away because the fact I got better quicker with having these shows that I wasn't getting anyone else ill as well as the fact they were helping me recover, getting rid of the germs I had. I think a box of 72 tissues is the right amount as you look and think, oh that's nothing but they are that good that I probably haven't used even half and now I have good tissues to keep using to prevent me from catching anything else from anyone over the cold winter months.

      I would recommend these to anyone who is feeling ill with cold and flu symptoms, they will be kind to your skin and help you recover. You can even use them at work if you need to go in and they will be find to use. Keep using these tissues until you feel like you have fully recovered as you want to get rid of the illness fully before reverting back to other tissues. I think these are a bit pricier than other brands but they are worth it and you get Boots Advantage Card points at the same time!


      These tissues cost £2.03 from Boots but really they are worth the money if they help you get better and you pay for quality and effectiveness here.

      The official Boots website is http://www.boots.com where you can also buy these online.


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