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Boots Insect Repellent Spray

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Brand: Boots / Insect repellents / Dosage Form: Spray

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    5 Reviews
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      10.08.2013 20:17
      Very helpful



      Get a repellent with DEET...or get eaten alive

      The pluses about moving out to the country were many: peace and quiet, a much bigger house and garden, no neighbours overlooking us, great views. One of the few minuses, though, has (literally) reared its ugly head in the last month or so: the fact that we have a lough at the end of our lane, along with living opposite open farmland means that we have seen horseflies that are more like Zeppelins than insects. Non-biting flies don't bother me, we don't really have any mozzies and whilst we get the occasional midge, it's not really a problem. The horseflies are different. If you've never had the misfortune to encounter one, imagine Vinny Jones crossed with The Terminator: they are stupid, annoying, persistent and incredibly aggressive. They also, unlike most flying bitey things, actually saw your skin open when they bite you meaning that it's painful as well as unbearably itchy and is also more prone to infection. It also turned out that I'm mildly allergic to their bites and get huge, hurty red lumps whenever I'm bitten, which is often. Something had to be done. My boyfriend works in the city so I dispatched him to Boots to see what he could find.

      ===The Packaging===

      It's a pretty plain but functional aerosol can. The colour has changed from Dooyoo's pic and it is now light blue.

      ===How To Use===

      You spray it on any exposed skin, avoiding eyes and lips, from a distance of 15cm. The blurb on the back advises that it will need reapplying every 5 hours and after swimming. It's not suitable for babies under 6 months, it shouldn't be applied to children more than twice a day and, weirdly, it shouldn't be applied to the hands and feet of children under two. It doesn't need to be rubbed in, it's non-greasy and it claims to offer protection against mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects.

      ===Did it work?===

      I was initially dubious because the product doesn't contain DEET and I really feel that, for horseflies, you need all the chemical big guns available in your arsenal. Keen to give it a fair trial I sprayed it all over myself before going out to cut and strimmer the lawn (horseflies hide in long grass so I knew there'd be lots around). The first thing to note is that this stuff will make you cough in the manner of a 60-a-day smoker, so if at all possible I'd recommend that you apply it outdoors. I found it so noxious that the only way to do my face was to hold my breath, spray and then run forward out of the cloud of fumes.

      For the first 45 minutes or so of being outside this stuff seemed to work well: I could see horseflies buzzing around me but they weren't biting me. After just less than an hour, though, I felt the first bite through my cotton trousers (despite the fact I'd sprayed my clothes as well as my skin) then I got one just above my elbow, one on my back and after that it was a free for all. There were so many that it was impossible to keep flicking them off and I had to make good my escape. I tried reapplying but it was as if the horseflies had worked out they had nothing to fear. Eventually I picked bunches of lavender, which horseflies hate, and duck taped them to my arms and legs. Obviously, I looked like someone who was out on day release, but it certainly worked a lot better than the spray.

      ===Any good points?===

      Well, I didn't get bitten by anything other than horseflies but I'm not sure whether that was the spray or the fact that there just weren't many around.


      I wouldn't recommend this. The non-greasiness is a plus, but if it isn't effective against horseflies it probably won't work against mosquitoes or midges either. Stick to lavender oil or Avon Skin So Soft spray.


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        22.05.2013 12:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The worst insect spray I've used.

        ===A bite to eat===

        Allan and I recently had our first holiday abroad together. I'm sure with anyone else I'd have probably ended up throttling them by the end of the holiday, but thankfully our pairing was confirmed to be as good as we thought by the fact no one suffered any near death experiences at the hands of the other. As such, most of our holiday planning went without a hitch. Clothes packed, tickets all neatly filed in the order we would need them we started to focus on the toiletries we wanted to take with us. While we were snooping around our local boots, it occurred to us both at the exact same time (as regularly happens, puke, I know) that we should probably get some insect repellent. We had some points left on our boots card and had a look at what would work out the best. We ended up going for boots own brand spray since it would be completely free for two cans of the stuff! Huzzah!

        ===They call me mellow yellow===

        Boot's own Insect repellent comes in a bright yellow aerosol bottle. The front has the Boot's logo in a green square above another green square telling you what it is for. It boasts of being scientifically proven and states it's for mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects and can be used in the UK and Europe. That pretty much covers Rhodes as far as I am aware! Below these claims are the mandatory pictures of a mosquito with the universal circle with a line through it "NOT ALLOWED" type symbol over the top. What more could you possibly want from the front of mozzie spray?

        The actual cost of this stuff is a little less appealing. It's retailing for just under £6 for a can. At the time they had a deal on and we had a voucher so it dropped the cost to £8 for the two cans which we covered with out boots points. I think if we were spending real money on it though, we probably would have gone for another option.

        ===Baby Got Back ===

        Turn the can around and you'll see some instructions on how to use the stuff. Firstly you should spray this stuff onto your body from a distance of about 15cm. We didn't pack a ruler but it's quite close to the skin being about 5.9 inches. The sprayer is just a normal one like you'll find on most aerosol cans. You shouldn't spray this on your face. You need to spray it into the palm of your hand and then rub it on yourself. I assume this is to avoid inhaling it or it getting in your eyes and mouth (which it also states you shouldn't do). You are supposed to refresh your spray every 4 hours while you are out and about. You should also apply this stuff and let it fully dry BEFORE you apply any sunscreen. As you would expect, you should only apply to the parts of your skin that aren't covered by clothing and you should do it in a well ventilated area. Sounds fine in theory; how does this all go in practice?

        Spraying about 6 inches away from your skin is an easy enough task. At least for the first limb. After that you'll probably be running around trying to find another well ventilated area far enough away from the second one so that you can breathe. This stuff really took my by surprise. The first couple of seconds you catch a whiff of something that actually smells quite nice. Citrusy and cinnamon-y. Then all of a sudden the smell builds and builds to the point where you almost choke on it. All of this on the outside balcony! I started coughing and ran into the hotel room from outside trying to escape and the incredibly strong smell just followed me inside where Allan began coughing. This stuff is STRONG. There is a warning on the tin that if you are asthmatic you should consult your doctor before using. I'd not even bother getting as far as that. My asthmatic friend would probably collapse if she got anywhere near the tin.


        Once I had braved another session of choking, I was fully covered and ready to go. After you got past the initial cough-spluter-omgdie feeling, it goes right back to smelling quite nice. Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly aftershave but it's one of the more pleasant smelling (eventually) insect repellents I have used. It also dried very quickly allowing me to go about applying all the other lotions and potions that come with being on holiday. One thing I will say is that it makes kissing your partner a bit gross especially if you stray from the (in theory) relatively repellent free lips. It's got a horrid salty chemically tang if you are unfortunate enough to get it in your gob so best to follow the instructions and keep it away from your mouth. We adapted our habits by only kissing after a shower and before applying anything. We're sickeningly affectionate almost all day so it was a bit of a task. One spray can covered us both for a week with no signs of running out.

        ===Stunting Growth===

        Another interesting thing on the tin tells me that you are safe to use this on those who are 6 years old or over. Makes me wonder what it would do to those UNDER 6 years (other than choke them). I'm not exactly a chemist but you'll probably want to know what is in this that may melt your kids. That being the case, I'll include the list of ingredients here. Please note: I don't have a clue what any of it means but if you do then Kudos to ya,
        Alcohol denat. Butane, Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate (17% w/w), Isobutane, Propane, Parfum, Propylene Glycol, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl benzoate, Citronellol, Butylphenyl methypropional, Linalool, Alpha-isomethyl ionene, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Hexyl cinnamal, Geraniol, Cinnamyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol.
        Someone out there will find this handy! I recognise a few things in there from shower gels that are all about the scent which may explain why it smells nice. Boot's make a point of telling you the active ingredient is Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate so that's the only one I'm going to bother Googling. It ranges from "unlikely to be toxic" to "moderately toxic". I doubt you'll be serving this for dinner anyway.

        ===A pox on you, sir!===

        The main thing you'll want to know is "Did it work?" I would say with absolute certainty, no. No, it really didn't. We both applied it as directed and have managed to get bites all over both of our legs. Oddly we had none on our arms or anything that was covered. But my legs and feet are still itching today from bites I got last week. There was a night when we sat out on the balcony that Allan decided to spray it all over the outside light (after my many protests that it might melt the plastic, it didn't) since it was attracting all sorts of bugs. Mozzies aren't attracted by light. Mostly they are attracted by carbon-dioxide and body heat. Either way, apparently none of the other bugs really cared about the insect repellent all over the light and continued batting at it aimlessly for the next few hours while we both sat ever so comfortably swatting at high pitched noises whizzing past our ears.

        ===My Verdict===

        You've probably guessed it. I'm giving this stuff a mandatory 1 star out of 5. It didn't work. It made us both choke even though we were outside when applying it. It didn't even make a dent in the bugs that were floating round and at last count I have 8 bites on my legs which were constantly sprayed with this stuff. Allan has quite a few too. The price is a touch on the high side especially for something that was so completely ineffective. I won't be recommending this at all. Next time we'll probably just stick with the other brand I usually go for!


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          02.09.2009 16:55
          Very helpful



          Would recommend to anyone!

          Two months ago I went on my first holiday to the carribean. When booking the holiday, having never been to tropical climates before, I was suprised at the precautions you have to take before going.
          I had my jabs at the doctors and was advised to buy insect repellent and plenty of it.

          Unaware of what to buy I went along to my local boots store and went straight to the counter and asked for some advice on what the best product was to buy. The lady who served me was very helpful, took me to the part of the shop that sold repellent and spent a good five minutes talking me through the various products available. On her advice I bought Boots Insect Repellent pump spray. It cost £7.99 but was on a 3 for 2 offer, so I bought two of the pump sprays and one pack of repellent wipes. I have come home with lots of it left though so maybe I should have just bought one.

          The repellent is tropical strength and contains 50% deet for effective protection. It claims to protect against mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects which can carry infectious diseases.
          It as not suitable for children under six years.

          You need to spray evenly all over your body, not directly onto your face. It needs to be reapplyed every 5 hours or after swimming.

          Myself and my husband went for a week and applyed the repellent as recommended and we came away with no bites at all. Fantastic results! We saw loads of mosquitoes but were lucky enough not to get biten. The repellent has got to be credited with the reason we had no bites, other people were covered in them.

          The only negative has got to be the smell, it was really quite awful. It is also not very nice to apply and leaves your skin with a shiney complextion. A small price to pay for getting no bites.

          I am really pleased with this product and will be taking it with me next time I visit tropical shores. Hopefully with the same positive results.


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          24.06.2009 11:37
          Very helpful



          the best insect repellent we've tried

          Whereas no one else in the family is particularly bothered by bites my poor younger daughter seems to attract anything that flies or crawls. She's had some nasty bites over the years & has some scarring on her legs from them.

          Our GP couldn't really advise anything except Piriton so we invested in insect sprays with varying results. Some smelt disgusting, creams were greasy & some arerosols only sprayed half the container; but then I bought some Boots Insect Repellent which is by far the most effective I've found.

          It's suitable for babies over 6 months so I'm guessing it's not too harmful & the bottle cost £5.40 for 125ml (but is probably on offer sometimes). It has a plastic cap which prevents the spray from activating by mistake & the spray mechanism emits a fine mist which means hands don't get greasy/oily/messy & you can direct it where you need it.

          I can't actually smell anything when I've used it - presumably it gives off a nasty whiff to any insects that may be thinking about taking a bite. I hate the smell of some insect repellents so I was pleased with this Boots one.

          The ingredients & warnings are clearly marked on the bottle. It's advised that you don't use on infected or sore skin, avoid the eye area etc. It also states that it may not be as effective if used in tropical areas where something stronger may have to be used.

          Using it couldn't be easier as you just need to direct & spray about 15cm from the skin. It can also be used on the face by squirting onto the hands & rubbing in.

          My daughter doesn't seem to have been bitten half as much as used to & this improvement has been consistent over the last 12 months.

          Obviously I can't say 100% that this is due to Boots Insect Repellent but she's not been using anything else, her habits not her diet has changed so I'm sure it must have helped. I suspect that the efficacy of the spray also depends on skin type, age etc but I would definitely give this a go if, like my daughter, you are attractive to insects & don't like taking medicine.

          - really easy to use.
          - sounds expensive but lasts ages.
          - no smell that I can detect.
          - seems to work well for my 18 year old, olive-skinned daughter as well as my wrinkled red skin!


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            20.01.2008 01:02
            Very helpful



            An effective insect repellent for all the family.

            Boots Insect repellent spray

            With a Little Miss who seems to be loved by flying biters, I tend to take as many precautionary products as possible in the form of lotions potions and sprays when we go on our jollies.

            ~~WHO IS THIS FOR?~~

            It is suggested that the spray is for adults and children from the age of 6 months. This is actually one of the reasons I bought the spray- if a baby of 6 months can have it applied, then it's a doddle for a 6 ½ year old.

            ~~WHAT DOES IT DO?~~

            Protects those under the influence of the spray from mosquitos, midges and other flying insects, so if it does work, then this has got to be good news.


            The product comes in a 125ml plastic aerosol spray can with all information and directions for use on the back. There is a lift off plastic lid so no danger of it spraying randomly!

            When I spray, the product itself is no more than a very fine mist with no discernible smell- certainly nothing to make us all smell as though we are covered in insect repellent. It settles easily onto the skin leaving no residue or stickiness and to date none of us have suffered any adverse skin reactions whilst using it.

            ~~HOW DO I USE IT?~~

            Hold the spray about 15cm from the skin and spray lightly onto all exposed bits of skin, although take care not to spray it onto lips and eyes. I also make sure I get the often forgotten and frequently bitten feet. For face protection, the hands should be sprayed and the product applied lightly to the face.


            Available from Boots stores and online at www.boots.com
            this costs around £5.50 for 125ml.


            * Not suitable for tropical areas where there is a risk of infectious bites- I believe something stronger is needed for these places.
            * Avoid contact with inflamed or sore skin
            * Not to be used near naked flames


            An easy to use effective spray to keep yourself from being bitten. I couldn't smell any real smell, but whatever smell it was emitting was obviously repugnant to small biters! We actually came away from a two week holiday with not a bite between us.

            The spray can is small enough to carry in a bag and because it's plastic, there is no danger of it smashing. Remember if you are carrying it around to put the lid on or you will end up with insect spray in your bag.

            I would recommend this gentle but effective product to anyone, and especially people travelling with young children.

            Thanks for reading.

            Daniela x


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          • Product Details

            Boots Repel Insect Repellent Spray - Natural is suitable for adults and children 6 months+.

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