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Boots Sore Mouth Gel

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Brand: Boots / Type: Ulcers / Dosage Form: Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2012 11:44
      Very helpful
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      Instant pain relief

      I occasionally suffer from mouth ulcers and I also get strange sores in my mouth where there almost seems to be a small hole behind my one of my teeth. It is extremely sore and usually lasts for a few days during which time I am looking for any relief that I can get.

      I usually use Bonjela but when I visited my local Boots store a while ago I noticed Boots Sore Mouth Gel and remembered that I had read a good review about it here on Dooyoo so I decided to give it a try.

      It comes in a 15g tube the same as Bonjela but the Boots version costs £2.09 whereas Bonjela costs £2.80 so I liked it already!

      The tube of gel comes in blue cardboard box with the name of the product and the Boots logo on it. There are basic directions for use on the box so that you can see before you buy that this is the right product for you. The instructions, dosage and any warnings are more comprehensively explained on the leaflet that is to be found inside the box with the gel.

      Incidentally one of the main warnings is that this gel should only be used by anyone above the age on one year and it should not be used as a teething gel for babies.

      When you first open the tube by unscrewing the lid you will find a seal across the top - if this is broken do not use the gel. If it is intact as it should be just take the lid that you have just unscrewed, turn it upside down and push it back onto the top of the tube of gel. The point inside the lid will pierce the seal and the gel is then ready for use.

      The gel is a clear thick consistency and should be applied to the offending area using a clean (freshly washed!) finger tip. You just squeeze the tube gently to get a small blob of gel on the tip of your finger - remember that a little goes a long way - and then gently rub this onto the sore part of your mouth. The thickness of the gel means that it is easy to get it right to the source of the pain and it will stay there. The degree of difficulty only depends on where in your mouth the problem area is! I have twisted myself into very strange positions trying to get the gel onto the ulcer when it has been right at the back and the top of my mouth!

      The relief, you will be pleased to hear, is instant. The gel contains an antiseptic to help to stop the problems getting any worse and the cooling effect of the gel helps to relieve the pain. The gel itself has a minty sort of taste and I found that it was in no way unpleasant.

      I find that if I apply the gel as directed every three hours I can cope with the pain and discomfort of the mouth sores until they finally give up and decide to leave me alone!

      Of course, as it states in the instruction leaflet, if your symptoms persist you need to speak to your doctor or dentist.

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend this gel for relief from all sorts of mouth sores. The price of £2.09 is brilliant when you consider how little you need to use the tube will last a long time, and give plenty of pain relief in that time!

      The tube is metal and the lid is plastic so, once all the gel has been used the whole thing can go into the recycling bag.


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        15.07.2010 22:21
        Very helpful




        Dental pain can be a nightmare and can leave you climbing the walls. The best option is to go see your dentist but this can sometimes not be convenient. Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibrufen can help but may take a while to work and may not get directly to the root of the problem.

        An alternative is to buy something that you can apply direct to the affected area in your mouth for instant relief. Whether it is an ulcer brewing or general toothache pain, you need something to numb it and provide a bit of relief. You can opt for a liquid based product or in this case, a gel based product.


        As we all surely know..Boots is a nationwide chemist. Most towns will have at least one Boots store and often there will be a large store and several smaller stores. Most of them have intergrated pharmacies where you can seek advice on health matters. You can collect prescriptions here and also purchase certain products over the counter.

        This review concentrates on the Boots Sore Mouth Gel. This is the store brand equivelant of Bonjela.

        This gel is designed to give rapid relief to mouth ulcer pain. It contains cetylpyridinium chloride and lidocaine. It is also antiseptic.


        The gel comes in a fairly plain blue tube with a white screw off lid. The writing on the tube is an ok size and white so easy to identify. The directions for use and ingredients etc are on the tube. There is also an insert leaflet with extended information but I have misplaced this. The tube comes in a blue, cardboard box with white writing and all the relevant information.

        **Who is it for?**

        The gel is suitable for adults and children over the age of 1.

        It shouldn't be used for teething pain in babies.

        Consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, breastfeeding or have any allergies.

        If you suffer for 7days or more then contact your doctor or dentist.

        **Possible Side Effects**

        Very rare but included anyway! Seek medical advice if you experience difficulty in breathing, swelling in the face, neck, tongue or throat area.


        This is simple to use. The tube is sealed inside and you must first pierce the seal with the opposite end of the lid. Ensuring your finger is clean, squeeze a small amount onto your finger and apply directly to the affected area. Massage in until the gel has disappeared. This gel can be applied every 3hours if required.

        **Availability and Price**

        This Sore Mouth Gel comes in a 15g size and is only available from Boots or online at www.boots.com. It can be found around the medicine and oral health section and is priced at £1.99.

        **My Opinion**

        I am ashamed to admit that caring for my teeth has never been top of my list of things to do. I was lazy when it came to brushing and have always had a terrible sweet tooth which is not good for my teeth. I went 3yrs without visiting my dentist and during my pregnancy, my teeth became worse. About a year and a half ago, my mouth was so riddled with infections and ulcers, I couldn't sleep and forced myself to go to the dentist. I ended up getting a few teeth removed and they were at the front..embarressing toothless me!!!

        Nowadays, I am taking more care of my teeth but I try to avoid the dentist again due to a bad experience and seek self help where possible. A few months ago, I went to a small Boots store as it was out of hours and asked for Anbesol which I usually use. I explained to the girl that my mouth was aching and I could feel an ulcer under the skin. They had run out of Anbesol so she suggested Boots Sore Mouth Gel. I have been using it since.

        I am getting ulcers every 2weeks or so and they irritate my mouth and make me so grumpy and frustrated. When they appear, I take some paracetamol and rotate it with ibrufen but this is never enough and they take too long to work. This is where the gel comes into play.

        The tube is an ideal size to pop in my bag for emergencies. Being sealed rests my mind that no one has tampered with it in anyway. Washing my hands and drying them, I squeeze the tiniest of blobs onto my finger. The gel is clear and quite thick with a dental smell to it. I massage it gently onto my gums where the ulcer is appearing. It is cooling on contact and it is quite relieving as you rub it in. The taste is quite menthol like but you really don't want to get it on your tongue!

        The gel contains an antiseptic called cetylpyridinium chloride which is designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms. You can feel the gel instantly getting to work. At first, it feels a bit tingly but not uncomfortable and this quickly subsides and the relief is immense.

        Using the gel combined with taking painkillers is extremely effective and provides relief for ulcers and dental pain. The relief lasts for a good few hours before it becomes slightly uncomfortable. The pain won't come back full force immediately and you do get little warning twinges so a top up may be required.

        I have been using this gel for a few months now and there is still plently left in the tube. You do only need a small blob as I have made the mistake a few times of squeezing too much and it simply won't massage in fully. This is a waste and you get in a mess so be careful! My toddler thankfully, has not had to use this but my partner has and has commented on how quickly it also works.

        I am sure we have all had toothache and ulcers at some point. It is like ear ache and is absolutely awful and I wonder how my son deals with it being so young and not knowing what is happening to him. I personally would rather go through labour again that have any of these aches as they just make you feel awful.

        At £1.99, this gel is cost effective and you really cannot put a price on relief from mouth pain. It is slightly cheaper than rival Bonjela. I have tried Bonjela and much prefer the Boots own brand. I will use this until it is finished and I will buy another but will also purchase Anbesol for extreme, climbing the walls type pain.

        I recommend this sore mouth gel for instant relief of mild to moderate pain.

        Thanks for reading :)


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