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Boots Verruca & Wart Remover Freeze Spray

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Brand: Boots / Type: Viral / Fungal / Yeast Infections / Dosage Form: Spray

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2011 10:18
      Very helpful



      Avoid it

      I have managed to develop a verruca on my big toe and I was obviously keen to treat it when I discovered it. I headed to boots with my sister where she showed me the boots advanced footcare verruca and wart remover freeze spray which she thought was selling for six pounds. I say thought as she was wrong as the product was placed on the wrong place on the shelf and we just automatically looked at the price below it. The item actually cost me £10.93 and so I was really hoping it would work.

      ==What is it?==

      The boots advanced foot care verruca and wart remover freeze spray is based on the freezing method which is apparently used by GP's but allows you to do this yourself at home. It claims that in most cases it will remove the verruca with just one application but that some more persistent verrucas may need two or three applications.

      ==The packaging==

      The product comes in a thin blue, white and silver box. The box tells us that the product is extremely flammable and that it should not be misused in any way. The box holds several warnings such as the product is not suitable for diabetics, pregnant people or children under four years or age but I would fully recommend reading the product box or speaking to a pharmacist if you are unsure as to whether you may be able to use this or not.

      Inside the box you receive the following:

      -an aerosol containing the freeze spray
      -ten disposable foam applicators
      -one applicator holder which is reusable
      -instructions for use

      ==My experience==

      I think it is very important with products such as this to spend some time reading the instructions to ensure you are confident you can use it properly so I spent a few minutes just reading them. The instructions are clear and detailed and so I felt secure that I knew how to use the product properly.

      As I was confident in applying the product I took the applicator holder and added an applicator to the end before pushing it in to the aerosol can. You need to push the applicator holder in to the grooves of the can and hold it for three seconds during which time you will hear a hissing sound as the freeze liquid is going on to the applicator. When you remove the applicator holder you will notice that it is saturated with the freezing liquid and this should be pushed immediately on to the verruca using the end of the applicator holder. You should hold it on to the verruca for a maximum of twenty seconds so to avoid any damage to the skin. After a few minutes you can take off the applicator from the holder using a tissue and dispose of it.

      I found that pressing the applicator on to my verruca was quite uncomfortable and it felt a bit like it was burning at first but it soon settled down as I became used to the sensation very quickly. Once I removed the applicator the verruca was white and I just needed to wait for it to drop off according to the packet.

      The product claims that the verruca should drop off in ten days but this wasn't the case for me. The verruca showed no sign of budging and so after around two weeks after my first application I was able to repeat the process but again this did nothing. You are only allowed to use this product up to three times per verruca which I have done and mine just hasn't come off. Apparently a small blister should form after application causing the verruca to drop off but I never got a blister on the top of my verruca despite following the instructions step by step each time.

      I have to say that I was ultimately really disappointed with this product. It is not cheap by any means and despite three applications it did nothing to remove my verruca so was a waste of money. Perhaps I have had my verruca for a while and not noticed thus it has become established but I would still hope that after the maximum amount of applications of this product that it would be gone.

      As you can damage the skin or nerves in the area of use by repeatedly using this product I do not feel I can try again with it and I will now have to look for other ways of removing the verruca which is obviously going to cost me more money. I cannot recommend this product at all sadly. It is quick and easy to use but I also think it is quite expensive and as it had no effect on my verruca at all it was a complete waste of money.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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