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Canesten AF Athletes Foot Cream

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Brand: Canesten / Type: Ahtletes Foot Cream / Dosage Form: Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2013 09:51
      Very helpful



      Excellent effective treatment for Athletes foot. Five star treatment.

      Canesten AF. Dual action cream.

      Canesten cream is a dual action cream which is very effective in treating the symptoms of athletes foot. Athletes foot is a fungal infection caused by the fungus, Tinea Pedis which is usually found loitering around shower rooms or locker rooms. It is quite easily spread and infects the feet usually between the toes and on the feet. Often people will get athletes foot through becoming infected through contact with the fungus in places such as swimming pool locker rooms or showers for example and then wearing trainers or shoes which makes the feet sweat thereby creating the ideal conditions of warmth and moisture in which the fungal infection can grow. If left untreated it can become sore and infected by bacteria however if Canesten is used in the early stages it can be cleared up quite quickly and effectively.

      I developed a small area of athletes foot between my large toe it was itchy and started to look a little red plus some of the skin was beginning to flake. Had I not treated it then the infection would spread so I did not want to leave it. I was also concerned that I did not want to spread it to any other members of my family. I went to Boots where I bought a tube of Canesten AF over the counter. It is made by BayerIt was only £4.25 which works out much cheaper than getting a prescription from your GP however if you suspect that it is infected and is red, sore or bleeding then you may also need some antibiotics so if in doubt ask your pharmacist or make an appointment with your GP.

      The Canesten comes in a small box with the name of the product on a red background. Inside the box there is a 30g tube and an information leaflet which gives you information on what Canesten is, how it should be used and possible side effects. It also tells you about how to care for the infected part and the importance of continuing using it even when the infection appears to have gone. The cream is white with a slight medicated smell to it. It is quite easy to rub in and once done you can carry on with your normal activities. The active ingredient in Canesten is clotrimazole which is an anti fungal cream. It also has antiseptic properties in it too.


      As it is possible to spread the fungal infection to others so it is important to maintain good hygiene standards. Only use your own towel after washing your feet. Do not share bath mats.
      Once you have washed your feet then you should dry your feet thoroughly avoiding rubbing your feet but pat them dry. Once your feet are thoroughly dry apply a light layer of cream to the affected part. You should do this three times a day although it might be a bit difficult to do it is important to continue with this treatment for up to one month as the fungus does hang about and can be incredibly difficult to eradicate.

      My usage.

      After washing and drying my feet I applied a light layer of cream to the affected part and continued to apply it three times a day for three weeks so that it was completely eradicated. Almost as soon as The tube comes with a white screw top lid and the tube is sealed. In order to get to the cream you have to use the white lid which has an indentation in the lid that fits the neck of the tube to pierce the metal cover that seals the tube. I applied the cream the itching stopped and my foot felt more comfortable almost immediately although by time I reapplied the cream later my foot was getting a little itchy again. After a couple of days use the redness had subsided and the itchiness had stopped and although after a weeks use it appeared to have cleared. Knowing how easy it is for the fungal infection to return with a vengeance I continued to use it for three weeks. I did not use the same pair of shoes for more than one day and alternated wearing the same shoes. You are advised to wash your socks and your towels on a hot wash to help eradicate any errant fungal spores so that you do not re-infect yourself.

      Would I recommend Canesten AF.

      Yes absolutely I would as I found it to be a fast and effective treatment. It is freely available from pharmacies and can be bought over the counter. I would advise though that although the infection may appear to have cleared up you should continue to use it for some time afterwards to make sure that the athletes foot does not return.


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        30.04.2012 12:13
        Very helpful



        Relief for my itchy gross feet!

        Canesten AF Dual Action Cream
        Canesten AF Dual Action is a cream manufactured by Bayer PLC. The cream is used in the effective treatment of Athletes Foot, hence the 'AF' being added to the name. Until I bought this cream I had always associated the Canesten brand with creams for sorting out female itches "down there" I was totally unaware of the athletes foot version until I found myself to be suffering with a rather nasty bout of athletes foot and with very itchy and not so nice smelling feet with random patches of skin peeling off them I was in desperate need of a product that would cure my problem and fast!

        While browsing the many available products on the Tesco shelves I spotted Canesten AF almost straight away as I recognised the brand name. Knowing that this was a good brand and well trusted with a good reputation I decided to give this a go. I can't remember how much I paid for this 15g tube of cream as I bought it around 3 years ago now. I seem to remember it being around the £3 mark. I have used it numerous times in these 3 years and I still have a decent amount left in the tube.

        I'm unsure of why it is called Dual Action, but my presumption would be that it is because it does two things, firstly it stops the itch and secondly it cures the problem and heals peeling skin.

        What is it like?
        Upon getting the tube home and my shoes and socks off I was quick to open the tube and let it get to work on my feet.

        The tube itself comes in a cardboard box complete with printed instruction sheet. I have since thrown both the box and instructions away as the instructions are printed in a short format on the tube and it was pretty easy to work, and also quite obvious that your feet need to be clean when you apply the cream.

        Inside the tube is a plain white, rather thick cream which I found to have a very subtle, almost non-existent odour. If I had to think of a way to describe the smell it would be something along the lines of a very faint typical medicinal smell which is definitely not overpowering and unless you applied this cream in excess then you probably wouldn't even notice it.

        Application of this cream is really easy, firstly you must thoroughly wash your feet and dry them really well with a clean towel. Once your feet are completely dry you need to apply a pea sized amount of this cream to the affected area, obviously if you have big feet then more and little feet apply less. I have size 5 feet and found that a small blob no bigger than a frozen pea was enough to apply a soothing and even layer across the whole of my foot.

        When you apply the cream you need to rub it in well to all of the affected areas and in between your toes if needed. I was personally dreading this as I hate my feet to feel slimy and I thought that covering them in cream would be a horrible feeling. Thankfully I was wrong and the cream felt very soothing compared to the hot and sweaty itchiness I had been dealing with. When I first put the cream on my feet it did feel a little slimy, but the soothing feeling overpowered the yucky feeling and after sitting on the bathroom floor for a few minutes I found the cream was dry enough to safely tip toe back to my bedroom without getting carpet fibres suck to my feet! I then needed to keep my feet as aerated as possible to allow the cream to work as effectively as possible, this was no problem for me as during the evenings I tend to generally sit and watch TV.

        I found that applying the cream in the mornings took a little more organisation as I needed to make sure I left enough time for the cream to dry properly before I could put my socks and shoes on. In general though I managed fine and had no problems as I have always been used to getting up early for my daily shower so really it was more of a case of speeding myself up in the mornings!

        Does it Work?
        The tube tells me to use the cream 2 to 3 times a day and if symptoms persist then to seek medical advice. I found that due to work commitments it was only really possible for me to use the cream in the mornings and evenings as I really didn't fancy getting my feet out for a wash at work!

        The first time I used this cream my feet were in an embarrassingly awful state, I was suffering with athletes foot in a really bad way, my feet were stinky, sweaty and itchy and the skin was peeling off in random places. I felt disgusting! So you can imagine my joy when after only around 3 days my feet had made a massive improvement, they were no longer stinky and the itching had almost ceased. My skin was still peeling in some areas but there was a significant improvement and I think it was more a case of skin that had already started to peel that was left. I continued to use the cream for around 3 weeks as I wanted to make sure my feet were totally cured, although in all honesty I probably could have stopped using it after 2 weeks.

        Canesten AF was really effective for my feet and it was such a relief to have 'normal' feet again. Since my initial outbreak of athletes foot I have used Canesten AF quite a few times. Thankfully the symptoms have been much less extreme in my more recent cases and I have only needed to use the cream for a few days as more of a preventative than a cure as after suffering so badly the first time I take no risks when it comes to an itchy or stinky foot and I keep a close eye on how my feet are doing, especially during the warmer months.

        I can't remember the exact price I paid for my tube of Canesten AF as it was so long ago, but a quick check on Tesco website tells me that a 15g tube is £3 (I have a good memory!) prices checked April 2012. I would say this is great value for money as the tube will last you ages. In all honesty my tube is actually out of date now, however it still works well for me and my feet!

        Do I recommend?
        Yes indeed! I really recommend Canesten AF for anyone who suffers with athletes foot. When you apply it correctly it provides very effective relief for those itchy feet and it is so soothing you may even say 'ahhhh' when you apply it. A great product which I will definitely purchase again.

        Thanks for reading :) and I hope the sweaty feet descriptions didn't gross you out too much! ;)


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    • Product Details

      Canesten AF cream contains a powerful ingredient which is clinically proven to effectively treat athletes foot and Jock Itch.

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