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Care Distilled Witch Hazel

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  • It is very cheap to buy
  • It smells nice
  • There are no disadvantages
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    5 Reviews
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      22.10.2014 15:43
      Very helpful


      • "It is very cheap to buy"
      • "It smells nice "
      • "It is very effective "


      • "There are no disadvantages "

      Care Witch Hazel

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a bottle of Witch Hazel that is made by Care.


      I keep Witch Hazel at home because I have got 3 children and they bump themselves like all children so I want to keep things that I can use to make them feel better without having to give them too much proper real medicine.


      Witch Hazel I mainly use for putting onto my children when they have had a bump because it can stop them from getting a bad bruise. It will not stop a bruise but if you use Witch Hazel it can make the bruise not be so bad. I used it when my children were babies also because it is very good for nappy rash as long as the skin is whole and has not been broken. It is very effective for nappy rash I think but my children did not get it very bad so I do not know how good it would be for babies who get it more severe.


      This is very good Witch Hazel and it is cheap also so I am glad for that because this is a very basic product but some companies charge a lot for it. I think this one is just as good as any that I have paid more money for and I will try to buy it again from the same shop where I got it for cheap.

      It has got a very nice and fresh smell that I like because it smells like it is going to make things better and I have got an association between this and relief of pain. My children like the smell also and my biggest daughter likes to hold the bottle when I apply it to her so that she can sniff the smell of the Witch Hazel.

      I use balls of cotton wool to apply the Witch Hazel and this one is the same and how it should be, it soaks into the cotton wool and feels very cool on my skin when I wipe it on, I think that helps when you have hurt yourself and the cool feeling is very soothing on somewhere that you think you are going to get a bruise on.


      This bottle has got 200ml of Witch Hazel in it and it costs £1.39. I think that is value because you do not have to use very much so a bottle can last sometimes for a year.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      13.06.2013 22:24
      Very helpful



      Wonderful simple product from Care.


      I have always suffered from problematic skin, as soon as I hit my teens the spots came out and have yet to stop bothering me. I was aware from a very early age that some of the best products for spots were Tea Tree and Witch Hazel, I used to spend a fortune on brand concoctions containing either, or both of these in an attempt to keep my spots at bay. That was until one day I came across a bottle of Distilled Witch Hazel in Superdrug, I think at the time it was less than a £1, I could not believe that I had been paying a fortune for products when a simple bottle of the product was so cheap, surely there was a catch? I honestly thought this product was to good to be true but thought for the cost I would give it a try, that was at least 15 years ago and I still buy the same product to this day!

      THE PACKING ....

      The packing is different to the above image. The Witch Hazel comes in a brown glass bottle that is not at all dissimilar to a glass bottle you would expect to contain a common cold linctus. The bottle is topped with a white screw cap, this is not a child safe lid which is not good if you have small children in the house. There is a tamper proof seal around the lid, this is currently a red colour, I am not sure why but it does stand out well. The label on the bottle has the "Care" logo in the top left corner in white lettering this is surrounded by blue and blends down into various green tones. There is an image of leaves on the right of the label, that I can only assume is a photo image of the Witch Hazel, however, having never seen the plant I can only make this assumption.

      The back of the label informs us that the bottle contains an astringent skin cleaner containing Witch Hazel. This can be used to cleanse and tone the skin, whilst removing excess oils, impurities and make up from the skin.

      The rest of the label contains the instructions for use, a warning to not store above the temperature of 25 degrees, to keep out of reach of children, the address of the manufacturer and the ingredients of the contents.

      THE PRODUCT ....

      The product inside the bottle is a completely clear liquid with the consistency of water, when you open the bottle you are hit by a mild smell of alcohol mixed with the Witch Hazel. It is really quite a pleasant scent, it reminds me of a clean smell. It is very mild and has adsorbed the moment you apply it to the skin.

      TO USE AND USES ....

      I use this product all the time for so many different reasons, it really is a versatile product. As fellow spot suffers will know, you can tell when a new spot is coming through, there is that telltale sore point under the skin, when this occurs I will grab my Witch Hazel and using a cotton pad sweep a generous amount over the skin.

      I am also allergic to so many products, I am forever finding a rash on my skin, again I sweep this over the irritated skin and find that it usually calms any itching and redness.

      Because my skin is combination I do find I suffer from a rather oily forehead, I often use a quick splash of this on a cotton pad and wipe it over my forehead to refresh the skin and remove the buildup of grease.

      If I get a small cut, out comes the Witch Hazel, again a quick sweep of the area with a small amount of the product on a cotton pad and the area around the cut is sanitised and calmed.

      Witch Hazel can be used to ease the pain of mild burns and bruises also.

      The last thing I use this product for most often is for the times when the spot gets the better of me and I wake up to find I have grown a second head on my face that is throbbing so much it feels like it has its own pulse. Sadly for me, this is something that happens fairly frequently, however over the years I have found that a cotton pad soaked in the Witch Hazel and then applied for a few minutes over the throbbing spot really does help calm it again. I tend to repeat this every hour or so until the throbbing has subsided. The product does contain alcohol, however I have not found that the amount is bad enough to ever cause any dryness to the skin.

      INGREDIENTS ....

      Now this is the first time I have actually bothered to read the actual ingredients section on the bottle, after my shock at the actual contents of the bottle of Tea Tree I was using I was actually dreading to look and see what was inside this product as I really do like it. However I was more puzzled when I read the ingredients than shocked for once! The bottle states that the ingredients are hamamelis virginia distillate and alcohol. Ok so where is the Witch Hazel my brain thought! This is where good old Google was required for a little assistance where I discovered that Hamamelis virginiana is a species of witch-hazel native to eastern North America! Ah there is my Witch Hazel!

      So I was pleasantly surprised this time, the ingredients are basically distilled Witch Hazel and some Alcohol. Not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting.

      PRICE ....

      The RRP for a 200ml bottle of this product is £2.30. I still purchase my bottle from Superdrug and they are currently charging £2.49 for a bottle, however this is still a very small charge for such a handy product.

      SUMMARY ....

      I really would not dream of being without my Care Witch Hazel, I honestly have always had a bottle on the go since I was in my teens and swear by it. A bottle generally lasts me about 9-10 months which for under £2.50 is a complete bargain. Whilst is does not cure my spots I do find this really does help calm them and helps clean small wounds and stop them getting infected. My only concern when I went into reviewing this product was the ingredients, however I have been pleasantly surprised and as such I have no hesitation in awarding this 5 stars and I would happily suggest this to anyone. It really is so versatile and yet so cheap.


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        01.10.2011 21:28
        Very helpful



        A very useful product for the hospital bag

        Before giving birth to my daughter, my sister recommended a few things for my hospital bag that weren't on any common hospital bag list that you might see online, and one of the things was Witch Hazel. She also very kindly gave me a bottle of the stuff to take with me.

        This 200ml bottle of witch hazel has been produced by Care+, and comes in a brown coloured glass bottle with screw top lid, and can be picked up in pharmacies for around the £2 or under mark, which is good value for the size of the bottle you get.

        Witch Hazel has many uses such as for cuts, sprains, bruises and even minor scalding according to the side of the bottle, however it can also be used for the likes of eczema and even varicose veins apparently. It can also be use to remove make up. Witch Hazel originates from a tree and herb and is much used in herbal medicines. My only experience of using witch hazel in the past has been in some Boots skincare products that included it. However, my use of Witch Hazel after giving birth was to aid the healing of the perineum, that had been rather stretched during birth!

        For the first few days after giving birth, I used to pour a couple of drops of this witch hazel onto a gauze strip which I then put on top of a maternity pad, and although when I first put it against my skin it stung a little and felt cold, it certainly seemed to give me relief once I got used to it. It obviously did wonders for the healing of my perineum as for the first week after birth, every time the midwife checked my stitches etc she said it was healing very well, and I can only assume that this witch hazel was helping with this process.

        All in all, I cannot comment on the use of witch hazel for other uses such as make up removal or for scalding, but I am positive that it was using this product that helped ease the uncomfortableness and pain with the stitches after birth, and promoted healing. For the very reasonable price of this product, it is a very worthwhile investment for anyone about to give birth.


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          13.08.2010 17:50
          Very helpful



          See review :)

          I use distilled witch hazel religiously every evening before going bed. It's an astringent skin cleanser & helps remove make-up. I've used witch hazel for years now just because it gently cleanses and tones my skin & is a great preventive against blemishes & pesky pimples as it can dry them up within hours of application. When applying the distilled witch hazel you simply soak the solution on to a cotton pad or wool and use it on the places you deem necessary.

          People who suffer from oily skin should definitely try this product out as it's amazing for drying up the t-zones. When it comes to that time of month & my skin starts to slightly change for the worst then I'll use it once in the morning and again in the evening only on my t-zone so that the other areas of my skin will not become dry.

          People who suffer from dry skin however should probably consult someone before using it facially. Personally, I've never suffered any serious side effects from this product but that doesn't mean that you won't so please skin test the solution first and see if you do suffer any side effects if so then you should tell your doctor or pharmacist.

          The amount of usage really does depend on your skin type I've tried and tested the product so I know how much to use to suit my skin. Over usage or frequent application when your skin doesn't require it may produce irritation and dryness for some users so don't go crazy!

          Basically, for under a pound distilled witch hazel is amazing value for its purpose, as it helps tighten your skin, gently cleanses and if you happen to sustain a cut, sprain, bruise or minor scald it can be used externally as a relief. Just to highlight it is only for external use and please no-one swallow the solution or use it if you are possibly sensitive to distilled witch hazel! Apart from that little warning I highly recommend it!


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            15.05.2009 14:45
            Very helpful



            A must own product for all!

            I am the clumsiest person on earth...I kid you not! I'm constantly covered in cuts and bruises (half of the time I can't even explain where they come from) but I do know I have delicate skin and the slightest bump harms me.

            For me shaving my bits and bobs is the worst. The other week I tore and scarred both of my legs badly which worried me greatly. I get spots and as I mentioned my bruising can be terrible (I have had blood tests looking into this but I really am just a dozy mare and not very careful with myself lol).

            The Packaging....

            Dark brown, 200ml glass bottle with a light green and blue label around it's middle and a white plastic screw on/off lid to the top of it which is a safety cap that you sort of have to push and twist to open. On the front of the label I'm told it is Care + Distilled Witch Hazel 'Hemamelis Water' which 'Gently cleanses & tones skin'. On the back of the bottle on the label I'm told what the product can be used for, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, warning and storage instructions are given, I'm told what to expect from the product, given precautions, and contact details for L.C.M (the manufacturers of this product), the size is stated (200ml) and finally there is a bar-code on there. The packaging is nothing fancy but it is informative enough and looks medical.

            What It Can Be Used For According To The Back Of The Bottle....

            For the relief of cuts, sprains, bruises and minor scalds. An astringent skin cleanser for the removal of make-up.

            Distilled With Hazel is an astringent. It tightens the skin and can also act to stop minor bleeding.

            Me Using It....

            I seriously love this stuff and for me this is a great all round, cheap to purchase product. I was recommended to try it at the time from my mate who is a beauty therapist. up until then I wasn't aware that this type of product could be used for the removal of make up and I was suffering with very bad spots on my face which is why she felt fit to tell me about using it lol.

            I find to remove make up as it's a none greasy watery liquid it's to hard so me, I like to use a mild cleanser and then slop a bit of this clear (slightly medical smelling) liquid onto a piece of cotton wool and mop up the residue of cleanser from my skin which it does with ease. Not only does it leave my skin feeling fresh and clean (without any tingling) the smell fades within a couple of minutes completely and I have to report that not only did it get rid of my already existing spots, it seems to keep my black heads at bay and not one new spot of any type has dared to show it's face whilst I have been using this and I have used it for weeks now. The skin on my face looks smoother, hasn't been dried out at all and really, this is the best toner I have ever used. I occasionally suffer cold sores and things as well and once again none have dared to appear since I started using this.

            However this does have other uses which I have used it for as well. The other week I got totally bladdered, fell off my shoes on the dance-floor and bruised my bum like you wouldn't believe. I used compresses of this to cool it down as the area felt lumpy the day after my 'accident' (not just cos of cellulite I'll have you know) and the area felt unnaturally hot. Having a bath the next day I tried shave and for some reason cos I was still under the influence I caught the area with a razor blade, cutting myself open (no I wasn't shaving my bum at the time....honest lol). Boy did it all hurt!

            It doesn't of course stop the bruising but I do feel it brings it out quicker, cools the area and freshens it up and when I cut myself although the cut was fairly deep looking (near my bum) and it was bleeding the leakage stopped once I added this as a cold compress with some cotton wool onto the area with force and grinning and bearing it!

            Every cut and bruise I use this on, it never hurts or dries out my skin and I do think that because cuts are kept cleaner they don't scar so much.

            I haven't had any scalds or sprains (yet whilst in the possession of this product) but I do think that from the effects it gives to other issues I have had that this would work if only by taking the heat out of problems and reducing swelling slightly.

            All In All....

            A brilliant, cheap and therefore economical face toner......this is. It's brilliant and my skin does feel a little more tightened and a 100% cleaner than with anything else I've ever used. To be honest with you that is the main use for this in my case but if ever I need a wipe of something antiseptic like then this is great, fuss free and kind to the skin and what's more doesn't smell repulsive to use and the smell fades quick once used anyway. I'm quite addicted to this mild and quiet product and think it's blinking brilliant!

            I bought my bottle in Sainsburys priced at 59p but it is available in Asda and independent chemists and places like that and of course you can buy it online if you desire.


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          • Product Details

            Relief of cuts, sprains, bruises and minor scalds. An astringent skin cleanser for the removal of make-up.

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