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    3 Reviews
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      26.11.2010 17:14



      These guys promise the world. Once they have your money they don't return phone calls. If something goes wrong-like it did for me, they basically make up reasons that shift the blame to you. Please please don't use this place. It is an absolute disaster. I know several people who did the full stint here-they are all back on drugs. It really doesn't address your issues and is a waste of cash. The technique is also damaging to your health IMHO-particularly long term mental health. This service takes advantage of the desperate and their families


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      05.10.2009 13:56



      i went to detox 5, 3 yrs ago to kick my heroin/methadone/crack habbit, i did it in 5 days and now 3 yrs on i am still clean and loving life, u have to want to stay off it to do it, u need to be strong, i found all the counselling i did helped me, i will never look back.


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      19.06.2008 03:43
      Very helpful




      ---->The Problem<----

      There hasn't been a great deal of help for people with Heroin/Methadone/Codeine problems outside the N.H.S, and the ones that are around are simply far too expensive to warrant, an example of this is "Castle Craig Drug Rehab/Hospital" in Peebleshire, the treatment costs a whopping 450 pounds a day!, with a recommended staying period of six weeks (that's 18,900 pounds). This is said to be rather "modest" in price.
      This is open to people who are willing to take large loans out to cover the cost, after 6 weeks the price drops to 750 pounds a week.(some N.H.S hospitals may foot the bill, but it IS a postcode lottery deal)


      There are alternative medicines done by "backstreet practitioners", such as the Iboga plant root "Ibogaine", with a man or woman administering the drug to people and basically "guessing" the dosage they give, (this is done by taking the persons body mass index, calculating the dose in their heads, and giving it too them).
      This drug has not been used by the medical community for reasons unknown to me, as it does work, although a quack giving the drug to someone who may have adverse effects to it, frightens me.
      Incidentally the price for this Ibogaine treatment for a 5 day period is only 1500 Euros, but with a sizeable risk.


      I know a lot of people would say that "these people should never have gotten to that stuff in the first place!", Heroin is the work of the devil!. Whatever society says about this, is irrelevant as the drug has been doing the rounds in Britain for centuries, and will not just disappear overnight.

      ---->Methadone Program<----

      That said most "Junkies" stuck on the Methadone program find Methadone worse than Heroin, then after a month maybe two of taking the dosage each day, maybe anything from 35ml to 180ml daily, the Methadone starts, as does with all opiates, to build up a resistance within the body, the patient starts using on top of their Methadone to make up for this, and are "Punished" for it.
      The prescribing Doctor will ask for 3 clean samples, which is hard to get from someone who has been topping up there dosage, if not given, will result in a rapid reduction of 5mls every 3 days.

      This not only leaves the user in an extremely low and anxious state, I find it draconian, It sees them back on the street after a while trying to find money to fund their habit once again. Stealing from family, friends or complete strangers. It is a sad state to see someone who maybe stayed off of Heroin for 2-3 months back on it again.

      ---->Detox 5<----

      Some of you may remember watching a program on channel 4 called "Addiction;Going Cold Turkey", in which Channel 4 news presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy was the presenter of the program.
      It was set in the idyllic town of Harrogate, the Cygnet owned Detox 5 Opiate clinic on Ripon Road, these people were not actually doing a real "cold turkey" as I/you may know it, but instead, were given an injection to send them of to sleep and there after are given a plentiful supply of tablets to keep them in a trance like state for the next 4 days.


      The cost of Detox 5 treatment is 3,100 pounds, with over 6000 people having been treated for it, you'd think that the money was well spent, well actually, no.
      The Detox 5 clinic has an out-dated 6 year old statement proclaiming that after 3 months 71% were still clean, and after a year 51% were abstinent from Opiates. This statement is untrue, infact, it is nearer 30% after one year than the proclaimed 51%.

      ---->Real Cost<----

      To take someone who has known only Heroin for maybe 12 years, put them in a room, clean them up and then give them no support network or after-care, is in my opinion, robbing from societies most vulnerable people who can least afford it, then bumping them back onto the street.
      The building accommodates 12 people, so in any given week, the company is making an estimated 37,200 pounds.


      People I've met, came from Detox 5 and straight into deep depressions, they didn't know who to turn too, some felt so low they tried to take their lives, split up with partners they had been seeing since childhood/school-days and felt nothing but resentment for this place. These places like Detox 5, leave details like how the client will adapt to life after drugs out, its an uphill struggle that, for every year the client has been taking Opiates, one month is needed for total recuperation, so someone who has been taking Heroin for 16 yrs, would need 16 months to adapt to the new lifestyle. A lifestyle where 90% of their ex-friends (associates) are users, whom they are told to steer clear from, the villages or cities where they live are swamped with drugs and offers of their old soother.


      It may work on a minority and is better than the 3% success rate of Methadone (yes you read right 3%), patients have saved,scrimped and scraped, fought tooth and nail to get it through their various N.H.S drug schemes, yet find trying to adapt to life "Worse" they thought it would be as they came out, than when they went in.


      There is no magic cure for Heroin addiction, and Methadone is certainly not the answer, yet corporations are using the weakness of addiction to line theirs and their shareholders pockets, it's a win-win situation for these people, if the ex-addict does relapse, they tend to go back, and with the rate of relapse so high, they must be rubbing their hands....

      Society must sooner or later ask why, with treatments like Dr. Margaret Patterson's N.E.T is not used to ween them off and get those that really want it, off it, (**Neuro-Electric Therapy, or NET, was pioneered by award-winning Scottish surgeon Dr Margaret Patterson, who, in the early Seventies, discovered that low pulses of electricity prevented the acute pains suffered by addicts during cold turkey)

      **excerpt from the Scotsman.

      ---->Battling the N.H.S<----

      I phoned the N.H.S's, C.D.P.S Dept. asking why options were limited to Methadone, when things like Ibogaine, N.E.T and the drugs used in Detox-5, clearly managed to rid people of opiates, and very successfully at that, at every twist and turn I was stonewalled, or met with silence.
      The guys that run "New Ways Clinic" (who were on Trevor McDonald's-Tonight, showing how easy they could stop a person from smoking by stimulating the brains chemicals- Dopamine), have had the very same problem, offering there services of N.E.T to the N.H.S, they too were dummied.

      ---->Numbers/services concerning drug use, mis-use)<----

      0845 466 1400-New Ways Clinic - Manchester

      0800 212 515- Detox-5 - Harrogate

      08000 380 480- PCP (Perry Clayman Project) - Luton

      0800 77 66 00-Frank - www.talktofrank.com/

      01721 722763- Castle Craig - Peebleshire

      01506 430225- WLDAS - Livingston



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      The 5 day rapid Heroin detox. Get your life back.

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