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Dr Johnson's Mosquito & Insect Repellent Spray

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Brand: Dr Johnson's / Type: Insect Repellent / Dosage Form: Spray

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2013 02:41
      Very helpful



      An effective insect repellent for mosquitoes and midges and does what it promises without chemicals.

      Naturally with all the time spent in the garden for the last couple of weeks, I have been pushing my luck working outside well past 5pm when the outside temperature is still warm enough to be outside. However, it is usually around that time when the midges of Scotland get together and come out and play - or rather make a beeline for my skin! Having had a sample of weather and knowing what to expect I thought I'd organise myself properly this year with all the kinds of things I would need in the garden; bought more AA Duracell batteries for the use of my portable Sony radio to keep me occupied to stocking up on sun screen and the odd sun tan lotion spray, just to get some bonus of a tan. I also went online to order a couple of products from Avon, knowing that the American company make great moisturisers under their "Skin So Soft" product line that just happens to act as a great midge repellent too. Trouble is, it has taken longer to arrive in the post than expected from the UK arm of this company's website and was let wind of a recommended product called "Dr Johnson's Insect Repellent." However at my local pharmacies I couldn't find the product and came home empty handed until the very next day when I visited my local pound shop and found a product called "Dr J's Insect Repellent," that funnily enough, turns out to be the exact same product but in a newer bottle to the one shown here on Dooyoo.

      The Product, The Price & The Promise

      "Dr J's Insect Repellent," in a 100ml size bottle should have a retail price of around £3-99 but of course, mine cost me a mere £1 and ended up buying 3 bottles of this product because of the lower price! The bottles now have a much thinner and taller look by design and with a dark green label with white writing - as opposed to the photo shown here on Dooyoo. In red letters at the bottom of the front of the label, you'll find "Spray" in capital letters and the product has a secondary product name, "Tropical Formula," to promote it.

      Largely the promise with this product is that pretty much like my previous "Eureka," insect repellent because "Dr J's Insect Repellent," is an almost all natural product that doesn't contain Deet. That's an important factor to me alone, as I don't tend to get on with Deet products because they often make me cough and sneeze. Instead, this natural spray preparation is made up of citronella, eucalyptus and lavender and with these three natural additives, the promise is largely the ability to keep midges and mosquitoes away, but shouldn't be relied upon as being the sole source of medicinal help to keep those pesky little blighters away.

      General Performance & Downsides

      Unlike Deet, Dr J's Insect Repellent seems to have a clear/natural water based content upon contact when one squirt of the non-pressurized spray gives me enough dispersed liquid to anoint my neck and face. Though the directions suggest to spray onto skin and "rub until dry," I rather like the cooling effect that the spray gives off in general and at times I have often just sprayed this product onto my neck and hair before going out into the garden as well as rubbing it into my skin at other times.

      Though it may well look and feel like water, I find that a little certainly goes a long way with this product and somewhat belies the 100ml bottle size alone. From an external point of view, the bottle is just the right size to take on a flight due to its physical size and non-pressured spray and if I ever go to Asia again this year, this is one product I will take with me! The bottle also comes with a pull off push button protection cap, making it super safe and easy to rely on should you wish to pack it into your suitcase.

      Generally, the liquid on my skin doesn't feel sticky like Deet prepared insect repellents tend to do. Non-sticky to the feel and somewhat refreshing possibly due to the menthol properties that Eucalyptus is known for, Dr J's Insect Repellent feels fairly gentle to my skin and is easy to apply. The biggest bonus to this product is that it doesn't stain clothing very badly - a factor that I found with Boots' awful Tropical Deet repellent earlier on this year.

      Though the product does warn not to apply directly to the face, it can be applied to the hands to rub onto the face, avoiding the eye area and must be used or treated as a secondary product if there's any hope of any relief from tropical mosquitoes. Though Scottish midges and mosquitoes are quite different from their size and general type, midges are a natural Scottish pest that are known to drive tourists away whilst the locals head indoors unless they have a constant supply of repellent in their homes, notwithstanding Avon's well known "Skin So Soft" product, hence my reason for ordering it.

      Application however is fairly rapid with equally good rapid results; I noted immediately that midges flew around but away from me but not landing directly on me. It may well have to do with the scent, which is extremely strong of lemons and citronella. If you don't like the scent of citronella, then this product will not be appropriate! The strong scent also has high tones of lavender that sometimes comes across well after an hour when the lemon scent dies down. Certainly when wearing Chanel's Allure Homme Blanche with its lemony aftershave depth, this product would make a likewise great accompaniment!

      Dependent on the amount you apply to your body, or exposed skin, the product does seem to have a very long lasting strength factor and I've so far felt confident enough to work well into the late hours in the garden when midges are out. The bottle does suggest that this spray can be used every 2 to 3 hours and I would have to say that I agree with this claim, as the product is strong enough to last within that timeline before an application again may be required to sustain being eaten alive! I have given one bottle to a friend of mine who is due to go to Africa soon and one to keep in the home and another bottle in the garden shed.

      Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

      Luckily there are a few other ranges of insect repellent based products that Dr J/Dr Johnsons appears to sell such as:

      * 50ml Dr J's Insect repellent roll-on with added Neem oil & Tea tree oil.
      * 50ml Dr J's Bite and Sting Relief roll-on.
      * 100ml Dr J's Mosquito & Insect repellent gel.

      Without a doubt I recommend Dr J's Insect Repellent spray, particularly as a reasonably priced product that seems to last a long time and gives good peace of mind as well as being ever so handy to take on a flight due to its non-pressurized design and 100ml sizing. As a naturally based repellent spray without added Deet, this product does what it says and provides rapid protection from midges. Though strongly scented, it does a good job and an effective product to combat those pesky little blighters that can end up ruining a perfectly warm evening outside. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2013.

      To see the range:



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        21.07.2010 16:05
        Very helpful



        Works and I'm glad I found out about this product!

        Living by the seaside now, up until this point I had never seen a mosquito in y life to the best of my knowledge! Now though and in my flat they are a regular occurrence, especially at night. At night I can open my flat window and in they fly bringing in with them they're mothy mates and midges and both me and my flatmate were (up until last week) covered in blotches, puncture marks and big old bites where we'd been getting nibbled regularly and had gone itching mad.

        This is why this product was purchased. We got sick of it and one night when my bf came to stay and complained of a bite off something I nipped out to Boots fuming about it all and asked the pharmacist what she could recommend before I lost the plot and this was what she suggested for me to buy!

        The Packaging:

        100ml white plastic bottle with a pump action sprayer to the top of it and a small see through plastic lid/cap that pops on and off with ease. On the front of the bottle there is a green label and on that I'm told that it is Dr Johnson's Mosquito & Insect Repellent and that it is a natural product. On the back of the bottle other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients and cautions are given, the size is stated and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Simple looking packaging but it is informative as it needs to be of course.

        A Bit About The product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Naturally tested
        Tested by professionals
        Deet free
        Suitable for children over 24 months
        Soothing and cooling

        Using It:

        To use this all you have to do is spray a little of the glossy white liquid liberally over exposed areas of the skin and rub gently in until dry. For best results we are advised to repeat application every 2-3 hours or as we think is necessary.

        Applying this is very easy and straightforward to do. Although it is a wet liquid it does have substance to it though it is more of a lotion than a cream. I simply wipe a small amount over the skin which is at risk of being bitten. It feels smooth and cooling when applying it and doesn't take much rubbing in at all, just a gentle sweep is all thats required really. It isn't one bit greasy and providing I make sure it is rubbed in doesn't transfer at all.

        The smell of this is like a faked citrus aroma and although its not putrid I don't think it smells very pleasant at all. However in its defence that initial strong smell does wear off within about half an hour.

        When first applied it does have a menthol like feeling on the skin which is pleasant and again that wears off rather quickly and thats it job is done!

        The biggest question I'm sure that you have is does it work and the only answer I can give to this is a big, resounding Yes! Mossies and insects really don't wanna be nibbling this by the looks of it. I do reapply it often to be on the safe side but this is easy to do so, skin feels soft and hydrated when its on and more than that...I'm not being eaten alive any longer. Sure the smell isn't great but thats a small price to pay in my opinion and this gets a huge thumbs up from me....my flatmate and my boyfriend!

        I paid about £3.00 in Boots for my bottle though it is available in all good chemists and supermarkets etc.


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