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Isabella Smith ThÚ Citronelle Insect Repellent

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Brand: Isabella Smith / First Aid Type: Insect Repellent

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2013 13:16
      Very helpful



      A quality product and an asset in the war on insect bites.

      Insect Repellent, Thé/Citronelle

      There is something about me that insects find very interesting, I am like a magnet to them , whether it is mosquitoes in the Maldives or Midges in Scotland I attract them. My husband looks on with amazement as they rarely worry him, and he certainly never has the bites to show for it!

      I have tried many things over the years including B vitamins, insect repellents of various types from the lethal and serious Jungle Formula, to the more gentle natural therapies, and my most recent purchase several months ago was the Isabella Smith Thé/Citronelle Insect Repellent.

      I purchased this on a recommendation I had from a beauty guru I watched on YouTube. Her point was that this was a perfume with insect repellent properties, so it was a fragrance as well as a medicinal product, and this was of interest. I went ahead and purchased this from www.isabellasmith.co.uk after some research about the website, as it was new to me. Isabella is Danish author as well as being a television presenter within Denmark, and has her own magazine and shop over there which specialises in home and garden products. According to her website this shop is one of the most popular in Denmark, so I found that to be very reassuring. The UK arm of the company has a warehouse in Bedford with an office in Knightsbridge, so orders are shipped from the UK so don't take long at all to arrive. The website is absolutely beautiful, and I spent a long time making a comprehensive wish list from the amazing range of products sold, many of which are environmentally friendly. The insect repellent is occasionally sold on Amazon as well so this gives an alternative buying option.

      The Insect Repellent I purchased is the standard one, but you can also choose one of two other options, one called "Insect Repellent, Épices", which has spices such as star anise, orange, and cinnamon, and a floral version "Insect Repellent, Floral" which has Lily Of The Valley and rose as the fragrances used. I chose the basic version as this was the one reviewed on YouTube, but also because it is said to be a unisex fragrance that can be used by both men and women. As my husband expressed an interest in this product I thought it would be ideal to share, as many times we are out together and insects appear in their droves.

      The fragrance has a citrus fresh light scent that is beautiful, and although slightly reminiscent of an aftershave, it has similar notes to fresh and light fragrances designed for women, so is perfect for both sexes. It is ideal to wear for a picnic, for example, especially if you just want that extra bit of protection in case there are insects about. The website claims that it deters mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, bees and black flies, so this is quite a claim so I think it is helpful for me to talk about my personal experiences of using this product, and where I think it excels and where maybe it needs a back up.

      I think it is vital to say that there are two occasions when I would not depend on this product alone to repel insects. The first is if I was to travel to any region in the world where mosquitoes carry malaria, or where any insect carried a disease at all, as I would then take more serious precautions. If in doubt seek medical advice and up to date information for where you are planning to visit. Secondly if I was someone who suffered from infected bites, as some people do, I would not depend on this sort of product alone, as infected bites can be very serious and require prompt medical attention.

      So having said this my experiences can be put into three main areas- first of all a holiday to the Maldives. Mosquitoes are a problem on some of the islands, and though very irritating and prone to biting, they are not a malaria threat at the moment, and so in recent years on my visits there I have moved away from Jungle Formula to more natural remedies, and also to more prudent use of long trousers as dusk approaches. They are more prevalent at night, and on my last visit I used this perfume in the evening and in conjunction with the long trousers I was actually very well protected, and sustained only a few bites that were mildly annoying. It is difficult to say if this experience was due to the product, or to the island, as we tend to visit a different one each year, and those with more dense foliage are the most prone to mosquitoes. However the island we were on had dense foliage, and did not use a smoke machine in the evenings, which many islands do to deter insects, so I am confident in saying that the perfume had protective properties, enough to say that I would certainly take it again.

      My second experience was in Scotland where midges are a problem. Normally in The Outer Hebrides, where I spend a lot of time, midges are less irritating due to the high winds, but this year there was little wind and they were annoying on some days. I applied the perfume and certainly was less affected by them than I normally would be, and also as we are based on a farming area when we visit I was also less bothered by flies than normal.

      My third experience has been with regard to the dreaded wasp that I tend to associate with September pub lunch dramas. My husband and I eat out in various pubs at the weekend, and make use of sunny days to sit in the gardens. Yes there have been wasps present, but they haven't made their usual beeline for me as they normally do, so I can only assume the product works!

      The price of the perfume is £9.50 for 50ml and the bottle itself is probably not the sort of dressing table adornment you would want to display, as although a lovely delicate green, it does have a few insects depicted on the front and the words- NO DEET.

      It also has the instructions for use, which instruct you to spray the cologne on all exposed areas avoiding the eyes, and use is to be repeated after 2 hours to maintain the repellent properties. Obviously it is important not to overlay the scent with other products, so I avoid using body lotions and other scented products if I am depending on the perfume to be effective. The bottle also suggests that you check your body for ticks after spending time in places where these are likely. This is vital in The Outer Hebrides as there are ticks here and these carry Lyme disease which is extremely serious, so I am pleased to see this warning on the bottle.

      Also the product is not recommended to be used on pregnant ladies or on infants or toddlers.

      The fragrance itself is lovely. I really enjoy wearing it as it is such an uplifting scent. It reminds me of the Body Shop Bergamot range from years ago and is a pleasure to wear. My husband loves it too so it really does live up to its claims of being a unisex product.

      In conclusion I would say that this product is a valuable weapon against the irritation of insects, but extra precautions must be taken in areas where Malaria and other insect borne diseases are endemic. Also I would not advise depending on this if you are prone to infected bites. I have found it be very effective in the situations I mentioned, but I would strongly advise to consider other options if serious repellents are vital to maintaining health.

      This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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