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Lanacane Medicated Body Powder

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lanacane / Dosage Form: Powder / Type: Skin Care

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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2013 03:04
      Very helpful



      handy to stop skin becoming wet and inflamed

      I am someone with large bosoms; those who do not own a large chest assume that they are fantastic but as well as being heavy they can get sweaty underneath. As a diabetic I am far more prone to skin infections than most people and when I had a red and sore rash under my breasts I showed it to my practice nurse who recommended using a medicated talc. When I went to the chemist there were 2 different talcs that fitted the bill and I chose the Lanacane as it seemed to be the most effective of the pair.

      Lanacane is a talc with triple action, it medicates, absorbs moisture and dries the skin. The active ingredients are cornstarch, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, silica, mathylparaben, menthol, eucalyptol, camphor and aloe.

      The bottle tells me that this combination of ingredients should instantly cool my skin, prevent skin chafing, soothe itchy skin and provide a cushion of protection against further irritation but does it work as well as claimed?

      When my skin is not inflamed I use the powder after a shower. It is finer than other powders and feels really smooth and silky. It does a fantastic job of drying my skin and I do believe it helps to prevent chafing. My skin stays drier than it would otherwise although on some days if it is really hot or I have been exercising I do get a bit sweaty and need to have a quick wash and reapply the powder.

      When my skin has got sore and inflamed I have had mixed results with the powder. The claims that the powder is instantly cooling and soothing are not true on sore skin, the menthol is very harsh and it stings when I put it on. The fact that my skin is kept so dry means that the inflammation does not get worse and it is more comfortable to wear a bra without any rubbing. I do not think that the powder helps to clear up any broken and infected skin any more quickly but this is due to the fact that the infection is generally a thrush type fungal infection which needs an anti-fungal to make it go away.

      The Lanacane powder is an effective choice for those who get hot and sweaty to keep the skin dry and keep them feeling more comfortable. It cost me £4.14 for a 100g tub from my local pharmacy and it has lasted me a couple of moths already and I still have about half left so it is also good value for money. If you already have broken skin then you may also need a stronger remedy to clear it up completely.


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      22.10.2012 21:29
      Very helpful



      A quality non talc powder for soothing skin rashes and burns and more

      Lanacane Medicated Body Powder

      I have a strange rash that appears from time to time and when it does decide to appear I need something to relieve the itching. My step son also suffers from prickly heat and so did my granddaughter last summer and for all these problems I always turn to this product for relief.

      According to the printed claims on the container this product is helpful for all the following conditions: chapped skin itchy skin, rashes, chafing, personal itching, nettle rash, prickly heat, minor sunburn, burns and scrapes. I have to say I have not tried it for burns or scrapes yet but for all the other things on this list I have had dubious pleasure of experiencing and using this Lanacane powder.

      HOW TO USE
      Apply liberally to the area concerned after a bath or shower or indeed at any time you feel you need to because you can't overdose. Obviously it is for EXTERNAL use only and it must be used very carefully with babies. Keep this away from their noses and mouths and try and avoid breathing it in yourself.

      The powder has no talc in it at all so there is no carcinogenic danger from using it. It is medicated so soothes and cools irritated skin. The menthol and eucalyptus are great as they both act as cooling ingredients and often irritated skin gets hot and uncomfortable. I remember when I had chicken pox as a teenager I stood in the open window in my nightie as the cooler I was the less I itched.

      When I had sunburn or at least slightly more sunned skin than I had planned I found that this was a great relief in bed as it cooled me and made my clothes not grip my skin and also meant the sheets didn't rub either.

      When I have my nasty strange rash that erupts as I am allergic to certain ingredients this powder stops bits of my rubbing together and I put this under my arms and bra area and between my thighs as these are the bits that get really itchy and also rub together and cause more itching.

      My step son and granddaughter both used this when they developed prickly heat as did my step daughter when she got a rash from running in synthetic jogging trousers. They all found this gave relief and also helped get rid of the heat rash. And stopped little granddaughter scratching too.

      I also find this is really handy when we are in hot countries as it stops my thighs rubbing together and prevents my skin getting chaffed. Under my bra also gets very sweaty and I find a quick dust with this absorbs the wetness and also smells fresh too.

      It is also great for feet when hot and sweaty as it absorbs the dampness and makes them smell better too and avoids getting blisters from rubbing

      When we are somewhere hot and sweaty I encourage my husband to put this on before he gets into bed as it cools his skin and mops up some of the moisture when he doesn't dry himself properly.

      This is for external use only.
      Store out of reach of children as it is a medicated powder and although safe to use even on babies you need to keep it well away from their noses, eyes and mouths.

      Apparently you have to be over 16 in order to purchase this so not sure what is so dangerous in it but there must be something that I cannot see or don't know its potential for damage.

      Menthol 0.20%, Eucalyptol 0.20%, Zinc Oxide 10% Corn Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Methylparaben, Camphor, Aloe

      As you can see there are a lot of ingredients that are cooling while others are there for their ability to absorb dampness. The effect is immediate and that is what I like. You don't have to wait for ages for a pill to take effect. This instantly relieves any heat and itching and the effect lasts for quite some time too. I find this a product that I always like to have in the house and always take when we travel as it relieves so many skin problems and generally is a great body powder for cooling and absorbing any sweatiness.

      This is a very handy body powder suitable for all ages when used as advised and suitable for a variety of skin problems or just as a cooling powder for when it is really hot. I thoroughly recommend this for your medicine drawer or cupboard as it is handy for so many skin irritations and also for just keeping you cool in hot weather. It smells fresh and is not offensive to either women or men but just makes you smell fresh and cool.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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    • Product Details

      Lanacane Medicated Body Powder is a 100% Talc-free highly absorbent powder gives instant cooling relief to irritated skin.

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