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Lite-Pad Mobile Light Therapy

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Just 6 inches high, this portable Lite Pad uses bright 5,000-lux LEDs to simulate natural sunlight. A guaranteed route to improved physical and mental wellbeing during the dark, short winter days.

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2008 02:37
      Very helpful



      A great little device to combat the winter blue

      Winter is a time of year when the days get shorter and the nights longer. The hours of daylight gradually reduce until we get to December 21st which is the shortest day and then they lengthen again.

      This lack of natural sunlight causes problems for some people. The condition is often called 'winter blues' or SAD. Seasonal affective disorder is not just being 'fed up' , or a bit depressed. It is a condition that can be charted and follows a set pattern. Sufferers are significantly depressed and show physical as well as psychological symptoms when they are deprived of sunlight for a couple of days.

      The pineal gland, which is a small endocrine gland which is embedded in the brain of all vertebrates. It produces melatonin which moderates and modulates the sleep/wake functions. Lack of sunlight (taken in at the eye) causes this gland to misfunction and this happens most often in the winter, although dark summer days can also affect the condition.

      The ideal cure for this is a holiday in the sunshine. I suffer from this condition and a few days in a sunny climate like Cyprus, or North Africa during winter really improves things. The effect lasts for about a week before it needs to be topped up again, however, it isn't always possible to go abroad and find some sun.

      The Light Pad Mobile Light Therapy Pad provides a useful, if not so enjoyable alternative. Light boxes for the treatment of this condition can cost hundreds of pounds and most of us can't justify spending that much on an item like this. This is priced at £39.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy, and recently sold on Bidup TV for £12.

      Light-Pad is a way of making up for the lack of sunlight. It uses very bright bulbs of approximately 5000 lux to simulate sunlight. A sunny day is summer has a brightness of about 50,000 lux and a sixty watt light inside a building only measures about 500 lux.

      Treatment has to be carried out daily and at regular intervals. The manufacturers recommend that you use the pad for a week and get any natural sunlight exposure that you can.

      Sit close to the light and place it pointing towards you but set at an angle so that it doesn't glare into your eyes. Use your light pad as you do other things like working on a computer, telephoning, writing, working, etc. Treatments can be carried out as often as you wish.

      The apparatus itself is small and compact, and it only measures 164x154x26 milimetres. The flat panel comes with its own stand and a timer that can be set for 15, 30, 45, 60 minute sessions.

      A travel pouch and adaptor are included in the kit and there are very detailed instructions and information on the product.

      You can also programme sounds to play in the background if you want to use your pad for relaxation. The sounds available are rain, water, ocean, bird, heartbeat and brook. Personally, I found these sounds very annoying and I don't like them. They just don't have a soothing effect on me. You can adjust the volume but this didn't make any difference for me.

      Anyone using this light-pad treatment should be aware that it is not a medical treatment and that it is not an alternative to medical treatment. Anyone who suffers from severe SAD should contact a medical professional for advice.

      There are several things to be careful of here and the first is eye safety. Take care not to stare into the light because it could cause damage. If you have any mental symptom that give cause for alarm, stop using this unit and consult a doctor.

      I suffer from severe seasonal affective order and the light-pad doesn't cure the symptom but it is does alleviate them enough for me to be able to function. It is an alternative to taking medication which will help those who suffer mild attacks of this condition. In more serious cases it could also offer some relief.

      Worth a try, but as I said before, not a replacement for medical treatment if your condition is severe. I did think that the pad itself could have been a bit bigger so that the light spread out further.

      To some extent, everyone who lives in our region of the world is likely to suffer some winter depression. So this could also be a useful item for anyone who just feels that they need a lift from a quick blast of sunshine.

      Do it for a week and see the difference. It isn't as good as a week in the sun but it helps.


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    • Product Details

      Just 6 inches high, this portable Lite Pad uses bright 5,000-lux LEDs to simulate natural sunlight. A guaranteed route to improved physical and mental wellbeing during the dark, short winter days.

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