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Brand: Lyclear / Headlice Treatment / Type: Headlice Treatment

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    3 Reviews
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      28.10.2010 07:32
      Very helpful



      See review.

      One thing my kids always seem to be complaining of is the dreaded itch, you know the one, where they have been scratching for a while then let it slip that they had been cuddling or sitting next to, or even touching heads with another child in their class, thus catching nits!

      As my children both seem to have caught them so many times each, I decided that I would try a repellent spray, I have tried the conditioner and tea tree oil method, and even with weekly checks they still seem to catch them!

      The spray I bought for this purpose is part of a whole brand of nit repelling and hair clearing products, with me having quite a good success rate of the actually nit removing, so was quietly confident with the spray.

      The spray in question is - Lyclear repellent spray.

      Instructions for use are simple enough, style hair as usual, then spray around 5-25 times lightly over the hair, though I am assuming that towards the higher scale of sprays is recommended for longer hair, 25 sprays on my sons hair would mean wet through!

      You then leave the hair to air dry, it says not to dry with a hairdryer, something to do with a reaction with heat to the spray, which in fairness really doesn't take too long to dry, though I wouldn't recommend spraying just before leaving the house on a chilly morning!

      The spray is a mixture of an actual insect repellent (full details in the instructions with the bottle), specifically designed for nit infestations, which to me is a bit strange as it should be repelling them away from the hair, not encouraging them to jump!

      There is then a huge list of ingredients that I won't list as I don't know what half of them are, but there is also eucalyptus oil in there which is one of the scents that nits are known to dislike, and the fact it makes my kids hair smell nice once applied is just a bonus!

      Does it work, only as good as the tea tree conditioner does, I think you can convince yourself that anything works until it doesn't anymore, though my kids did manage a good few months without the dreaded infestations, then my son caught them and infected my daughter, this was with daily use of the spray so either they were lucky to not catch them in the first instance or the nits just got used to the spray.

      Price wise this cost me around the £5.00 mark, which if it had worked would have been a bargain, but I have effectively paid that much for a hair scented spray!

      Don't bother with this stuff, just stick to the conditioner and combing treatment, if they are going to catch them they will regardless!

      Thanks for reading x


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        07.01.2010 18:20
        Very helpful
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        A very good product

        Last year seemed to be the year of the lice my daughter had them for 3 months solid. The problem at school I found was it didn't matter how many times I did my daughters hair there always seems to be one parent that can't be bothered so the whole cycle starts again.

        How it works

        You spray on the hair after washing it and it is supposed to repel the lice from going on the head in the first place. This I thought would then cut down on the constant buying of nit lotions and sitting combing through mine and my daughters hair every night.

        The price

        I bought mine for £7.99 at Boots which I thought was very expensive but if it worked I thought it would be a bargain. You can get it cheaper how ever which I found out after a bit of research. It's available on ebid for about £5.50 which isn't a bad price at all.

        Does it work?

        I first applied it after washing and drying my daughter's hair as the instructions say it has to go on dry hair. I have to honest the smell was awful and my daughter complained that her hair would stink. I sent her off to school and kept my fingers crossed I was a bit dubious as I have used other brands with the same claims. I have to admit though since using this spray everyday we have been nit free.

        Would I recommend it?

        I would recommend to parents and teachers alike as they seem to be the most unfortunate victims of the plague of nits. Apart from the smell I have to admit it is a very good product and highly recommended.


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          18.11.2008 19:17
          Very helpful



          An effective method for repelling headlice

          For anyone who's had the misfortune of having to deal with troublesome head lice (on their children's head) or their own, you'll know it's no mean feat eliminating the little blighters.

          If however, you've managed to find a solution that worked, the last thing you want is 'the return of the lice.' A 'B' movie in the future perhaps?

          Anyway, I've had more than my fair share of head lice invasions, or rather the kids have. After the last expelling session, I decided, enough is enough. I couldn't face going through this palaver again and thought "there must be a way to stop this happening." And there was (so far)!

          As a follow on to my earlier review on the effectiveness of the Full Marks Head Lice Treatment, I now present - Lyclear Repellent.

          After a brief chat with the pharmacist in my local chemist, I left with a paper bag containing a small bottle of Lyclear Repellent costing £6.50, quite expensive, but if it worked, then it would be worth it.

          ~~~About Lyclear Head Lice Repellent~~~

          Lyclear head lice repellent is a liquid solution that promises to provide prolonged protection against invading head lice. It states that it's clinically proven to repel head lice through laboratory testing and studies on people.

          It contains a safe and effective repellent which is called IR3535. I decided to do a little search on this particular ingredient and found that its full name is Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate - whew! Any further investigation just brought forth some scary looking chemistry letters and numbers which I won't even attempt to replicate here. I'll just assume it's safe to use.


          Lyclear head lice repellent comes packaged in an outer cardboard box and is presented in a small 100ml plastic bottle with a pump top. It's just the right size for my rather smallish sized hands to hold on to while pushing the pump top with my forefinger.

          Each bottle should contain enough repellent for up to 50 applications, although this is dependent upon the length of the hair. In the case of my kids, two of whom have waist length hair, I imagine I'll finish the bottle somewhat faster than normal.

          ~~~Instructions for Use~~~

          According to the instructions, all you need to do is spray the repellent onto the recipient's dry hair and away you go. The instructions suggest using it daily at times when there's a high risk of catching head lice. I don't know if there is a 'head lice season' but I decided not to wait for the next invasion.

          In our case, I figured the best time to use it would be in the mornings before they go to school where they seem to attract these nasty things. There is also a warning NOT to use a hairdryer after spraying Lyclear. Now, this kind of warning always makes me pose the question "why not?" It would have been useful if there was some kind of indication as to what would happen if a hairdryer was used. It's a bit like telling a child not to do something, and when they ask why, you reply "because I said so." Still I suppose as it's supposed to be used on dry hair you wouldn't be using a hair dryer anyway.

          ~~~Who Can Use It~~~

          Lyclear head lice repellent is suitable for use on children as young as 2 years old.

          ~~~My Verdict~~~

          As I kept forgetting to spray their hair in the midst of the frantic morning rush to get ready and out of the door, I decided to place it on a shelf next to the shoes, right next to the front door. This way I'd be confronted with the bottle and reminded to actually use it.

          It would seem easy enough to apply the lotion. I'm more than used to spraying my hair with various sprays so thought this would be simple enough. Additionally, the bottle states it has a pleasant smell. Even better.

          Reality begs to differ. The first time I sprayed one of my daughter's hair with this spray, she ended up almost choking and spent the next few minutes coughing. I told her not to be so silly. I then had a repeat performance from daughter number two. I repeated my statement.

          I had to admit though, the smell was not pleasant. I suppose that could be because I am used to the nice fragrancy smells of hairspray and this smells, well, the closest comparison I can think of is a cough sweet. It's not offensive though.

          Since that first day I have used it daily before school. However, as the coughing episodes continued, despite my telling them to hold their breath, we now spray it outside and they hold their breath while I do it, then run away very fast! I just have to hope no one is watching.

          So does it work? I would have to say yes, although I hate to tempt fate. All I can say is so far so good. And long may it remain that way.

          Thank you for reading.

          Oh, and it's available at many popular pharmacies for around £6.50 a bottle.


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        • Product Details

          Lyclear Spray & Comb: new Double Action Formula eradicates head liceand eggs / Effective in 15 minutes / Easy to apply, no drips, odourless,no pesticides / Includes metallic comb / Contains mineral oil anddimethicone.

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