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Mycil Athletes Foot Ointment

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2 Reviews

Dosage Form: Ointment / Type: Viral / Fungal / Yeast Infections

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2013 16:31
      Very helpful



      A great little home treatment .

      I'm reviewing MYCIL,which is a cream manufactured to treat Athletes Foot .

      Contains the active ingredient Tolnaftate BP 1% and Benzalkonium Chloride BP.
      Plus............Arlatone 983S.....Cetostearyl Alcohol.....Demeticone 20.....Liquid parrafin......glycerol.....purified water .
      It costs around the £3 mark & is available in any Chemist including Boots,Superdrug etc.
      The tube I have contains 25g,which is sufficient to treat one outbreak very easily.



      Well,I had been bothered by a rash for some time. I went to my doctor's & was prescribed cream that had no effect at all. Went back & was prescribed tablets....took those....still no improvement. Then just as I was about to organise a third visit I mentioned it to the lovely Carers helping us look after an elderly neighbour, and one of them recommended this cream. So off I went & bought some to try, thinking "well,you never know....it might just work". To cut a long story short..IT DID !

      But here is the kicker .....my rash was NOT on my feet but under my breast area .

      The thing is that at 36E I'm quite well endowed, & as well endowed ladies know, this can sometimes mean sweat gathering in the area of the overhang (so to speak) causing nasties to lurk & flourish ,and this can be exacerbated by the bra band rubbing the skin .....so that what started as just annoying sweat ends up in an itchy rash that drives you insane . Mostly it clears up with basic treatment ,but occasionally you get something that stubbornly refuses to react to the usual treatments........like mine.

      The simple fact is that it CAN be a fungal infection,which sounds gross & left me feeling absolutely mortified at the very idea . But as the kind Carer pointed out,it is quite common in larger ladies & not a sign of bad hygiene.
      All very logical really.......that a treatment for a fungal foot issue could be used for a fungal infection elsewhere.

      *****USING *****

      Easy. Just make sure the area is washed before applying(I used coal tar soap rather than perfumed washes during my outbreaks) and dried thoroughly with a towel set aside for your own personal use for this issue. Then use a tiny amount on the tip of your finger and spread it gently on the affected area under one breast....then repeat under the other one. I find that a blob the size of your small fingernail is enough under each breast. And don't 'massage' it in vigorously....just spread it gently .You need to repeat this twice a day . After the first day I found the itch had receded. By the 4th day the rash had gone. I continued using it for another week as advised.
      Always wash your hands thoroughly after using this & the personal towel is VERY important.


      Thank goodness this cleared up at last,but in truth it DID return and I get it about once or twice a year,so I just use the MYCIL again & it clears it up. I'm inclined to think my rubbish eating habits contribute to this issue & that changing my diet would help dramatically,but frankly I'm too set in my eating habits to get into any major food intake upheaval.

      ***** SOME BASIC SCIENCE*****

      The following is taken from the Net Doc.
      "Mycil ointment contains two active ingredients, tolnaftate and benzalkonium chloride solution.
      Tolnaftate is an antifungal medicine used to treat skin infections caused by fungi. Antifungal medicines kill fungi by interfering with their cell membranes, causing holes to appear in the fungal cell membrane. The cell membranes of fungi are vital for their survival. They keep unwanted substances from entering the cells and stop the contents of the cells from leaking out. As tolnaftate causes holes to appear in the cell membranes, essential constituents of the fungal cells can leak out. This kills the fungi and treats the infection. Tolnaftate is used mainly to treat athlete's foot, which is a fungal infection of the skin on the feet.

      Benzalkonium chloride is an antiseptic that is effective against a wide range of bacteria that are often present with athlete's foot.

      Mycil ointment is used to treat athlete's foot, and can also be effective in fungal infections of the groin (dhobie itch) and prickly heat."


      Also worth mentioning is that this ointment has no discernible odour,so no-one will be pointing & laughing at you when you use it & it won't interfere with deodorants etc you normally use during the day.

      So there you have it girls (& boys). Worth noting.

      Thank you for reading & I hope this review was helpful to someone ~~~myloh


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        08.02.2010 17:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Rubs in well, good coverage

        I bought this product for £2.85 for 25g, which is about right for an athlete foot treatment.

        It treats and prevents athletes foot , and recommend that you use the spray as well to prevent further re-infection .

        To apply you first need to wash the infected area and throughly dry it, even if you have to use a warm air dryer. To stop infecting towels that other family members use. Then you rub the ointment in twice a day, morning and night. Keep using until the red angry patches have disappeared and then use for a week after, if you follow this instruction it does work, but I found if I stopped the treatment before a week, after the redness has cleared , its not so effective. And please remember to wash your hands throughly after use

        It comes in a tube similar to a toothpaste tube and you only need a small amount as it covers well, so a tube lasts you a few treatments.

        mycil ointment contains both an anti fungal and an antiseptic and can be used for other fungal skin infections.

        It contains the active ingrediant Tolnaftate BP 1% and Benzalkonium Chloride BP.
        And for all you allergy sufferers it also contains :-
        Arlatone 983S
        Cetostearyl Alcohol
        Demeticone 20
        Liquid parrafin
        purified water

        I have very sensitive skin, but I`ve had no problems with this although I do recommend you wearing cotton socks and try to not wear footwear while you have athletes foot so your feet dont sweat.

        There is a warning on it though if you have extremely sensative skin, not to use it as it can irratate.

        Its available in all good pharmacys and even in supermarkets, its one of the few athletes foot treatments that work without the need for a prescription.

        Its also available in a spray and talcum, but this ones the best


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      • Product Details

        Mycil ointment contains two highly effective ingredients to treat and prevent athletes foot. Secondly, a powerful antiseptic which is effective against a wide range of bacteria which are often present with athletes foot.

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