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Brand: Oxyfit / Type: Oxygen in a can

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2011 13:05
      Very helpful



      worth a sporting chance :)

      I must admit that the first time I came across oxygen bars my initial thought was, "what a bunch of baloney!". Slowly but surely I was hearing more and more about oxygen therapy and as a big runner when it started appearing in my fitness magazine I decided I'd give it a chance and look into exactly what people were on about.

      One of the adverts in that month's magazine was for Oxyfit oxygen cans ( http://www.oxyfit.co.uk/ ) so I started the Google. According to the Oxyfit website these pure oxygen cans will:

      * Boost energy levels
      * Delaying the cell-ageing process
      * Improving concentration
      * Improves mental fitness
      * New energy when you're tired, driving, at work or on holiday
      * Arms the immune system for speedier rehabilitation
      * Helps with easier breathing
      * Also, using an extra supply of oxygen has had numerous health benefits for people suffering from lung diseases, asthma, breathlessness, migraines, tiredness and tinnitus.

      As far as I could tell it couldn't be bad for you as its only oxygen but I couldn't understand why it was being hailed as such an amazing thing. It's very important when exercising to breathe properly as the body needs a good flow to keep it going.

      A poor supply of oxygen can cause a range of problems including:

      * Poor Physical Performance
      * Poor Brain Function
      * Low Energy
      * Headaches and Dizziness
      * Fatigue and Depression
      * Poor Immune Function

      "Train harder, train longer and recover faster" ... well we'll see about that. I went ahead and ordered some. I used the buy in bunk deal on the website as a friend wanted to try it as well. 3 8 litre cans with a 20% discount cost me about £37. Quite a lot of money really but hopefully they'll be as good as advertised and then worth the money.

      Shipping was really quick. I was amazed as the box arrived before its estimated delivery time so no complaints there.

      The cans can be purchased with an oxygen mask or mouthpiece/inhaler cap. I ordered the mouthpiece ones. If you do opt for the mask just know that they are more expensive.

      I had a few breathes before and after a long run. At first I didn't think all that much of it all but over the following hours when normally I would be taking a pain tablet for my knee I realized it wasn't as bad as normal. A few days later and I'm getting ready for a cardio workout. I took a few breathes whilst doing my stretching. I found I was able to do more repetitions than I would normally. I wasn't as breathless as normal which was nice. I had another few breathes after my workout whilst I was doing my cool down routine. It's rather therapeutic just sitting there having some deep breathes normally but with the Oxyfit can it's even more so.

      One can should last me just about a month as I only have a few breathes before and after each run or workout. My mate who tried them with me also said she'd use them again as she noticed her breathing was much better whilst running. Financially I'm not overly sure I can afford to have one a month but I'll definitely try.

      -Clinical trials have shown that the oxygen content of the blood is raised on average by 15 - 20% after 10 breath intakes. Inhalation can support an increase in vitality.

      -8 litre can is sufficient for 70-80 breaths. Other can sizes are available from 2 litres to some much larger ones.

      -Dimensions: weight - 139g, height 28cm, diameter 7cm

      © oioiyou 2011


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