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Pure Potions Skin Salvation

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Brand: Pure Potions

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    7 Reviews
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      20.09.2012 22:55
      Very helpful



      a good ointment

      I have tried many creams and potions for my eczema over the years, I found skin salvation whilst searching for a non steroid treatment.

      Natalie Balmond developed the ointment in her kitchen after conventional treatment wasn't working for her daughter. She thought they could be doing more harm than good, as some steroid creams actually hurt her daughter Lula when applied.
      After lots of experimenting she got the formula right and it helped her daughter almost immediatley and soon her friends starting asking for it.

      It is now available on the NHS, can be bought online and available in some shops. I got mine from Holland and Barratt. A 60ml pot cost me £13.55 so it is not cheap.

      Does it work?

      My skin was fairly dry and cracked when I first used this, as I opened the pot the smell wasn't that nice and I smothered my hands in it - probably too much. The first thing I thought was that it didn't absorb very quickly. The second thing I noticed was that my skin didn't feel as tight when I stretched my hands.
      I used the ointment on my hands about 6 times the first day and by the next morning they felt better. I didn't want to scratch them the minute I woke up. They were still red so I can't say they looked better but they felt a lot better.
      I think I used far too much in the following days as within 2 weeks I was buying another pot.
      I finally felt like I had found the solution to my eczema as my hands were looking and feeling better by now.

      On about day 17 I was getting the feeling that the ointment had stopped working (like I had many times in the past with other treatment). The little blisters that started my eczema off were starting to appear again and were itchy (once this happens my hands start drying out and cracking etc). So I stopped using it and returned to using steroid cream for about 2 days. I then used a mixture of this ointment and the steroid cream over the next week. I then stopped the steroid cream and used a natural spray that I had been sent along with skin salvation.

      It's taken a while but my hands seem pretty good although the skin is still a little thin because of previous steroids.

      This ointment is a pale green in colour and quite thick.


      Nettle extract - traditionally used to reduce heat
      Calendula extract - from marigold, for tissue regeneration
      Chickweed extract - traditionally used for itching
      Chamomila extract - traditionally used to soothe
      Olive oil - anti-bacterial, calming, nourishing
      Safflower oil - excellent for sensitive skin, very smooth
      Hemp oil - an extemely nourishing, complete oil, rich in essentialfatty acids, EFAs and gamma linolenic acids, which eczema sufferers often lack.
      Beeswax, Water & Alcohol

      It can be used for people with eczema, dry itchy skin psoriasis and dermatitus.

      I like this and will continue to use it hopefully to stop my eczema getting so bad again.

      Just over a year after I wrote this review I am still using this but not as much. I find it helps when my hands start to feel tight with very mild eczema and keeps it at bay.


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        11.04.2011 15:23



        There's no denying that this cream is extremely moisturising but that's it. Having read all these reviews I was so disappointed when it didn't benefit my skin at all.It's basically just an olive oil mixture that soothes the skin. That may work on very mild eczema but it certainly didn't clear mine up and did nothing to take the itch away. On the contrary, I put it on one night just before bed and ten minutes later, I could not resist scratching it all off again. It's very very thick and I couldn't bear the feeling of having it sitting on my skin. It made the already-unbearable itching even worse. Back to the drawing board!


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        05.04.2011 22:39



        after over 3 years of doctors hohpital and every cream ,lotions they gave my son nothing helped i read about pure potions skin salvation in the news paper WOW the itching stopped the skin healed my son is a new boy :):):):) its a must try it works


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        14.10.2009 19:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A god send for those suffering from eczema - has kept mine at bay for well over a year!

        I was pointed in the direction of Purepotion products by a family friend who swore to me their products were the best for those suffering from eczema.
        I was very reluctant to begin with as the products on their website are not cheap, I have spent many years spending money on various eczema products meaning funds have become increasingly low!
        I decided to take the plunge and try one of their most popular products which was the purepotions skin salvation.

        ~~The Packaging~~
        The product comes in a green coloured glass jar with a screw top lid. The packaging holds all the relevant information regarding the ingredients included and the claims by the company. One of the things that struck me about the packaging was the statement that it helped most sore skin conditions without the use of steroids.
        I have regularly needed creams prescribed by doctors - all of which have contained steroids and therefore despite them working they cannot be used for a long period of time. There I have to admit to being particularly sceptical about whether such a product could work.

        ~~The Product~~
        The company purepotions claims that this salve is not only rich and moisturising but also helps calm sore and itchy skin.

        The product contains nothing but natural ingredients, which I guess is what really appealed to me. Constantly putting eczema creams made purely from manufactured goods cannot be doing my skin any good, therefore I decided perhaps a more natural approach was what I needed.

        As the name suggests it is a salve rather than a cream. It can best be described as a thick paste that you simply scoop out of the jar with your fingers.
        The smell isn't the most enticing, however it is obvious that it simply a combination of the natural ingredients that you can smell - including the very distinctive beeswax.

        You can apply the salve to any areas of the body, although for me the main area has to be my arms. To be honest the first time I applied it to my arms I wasn't impressed and was still very unsure about it. It feels very thick and greasy (even when you only apply the minimal amounts) on your skin and the absorption process is very slow and time consuming!

        However I really would urge that you stick with it. Because of the greasiness, I have found that it is best to apply the salve before you go to bed - using both pyjamas and sheets you don't mind getting greasy (not really a huge problem as it comes off very well on a normal wash).

        Following application it is immediately obvious that your skin is going through a moisturising process. In my case my skin instantly felt relieved and soothed. I no longer had the same tight feeling across my skin that haunts me on a regular basis.
        Whilst the instructions claim you can apply the salve as often as needed I found that even just once a day really helped the process of healing.

        After using the salve for almost two weeks I did see a visible and noticeable improvement in my condition, however I did still need that extra little bit of help. A course of antibiotics prescribed by the doctors helped clear up the last of my eczema. Therefore whilst it did help with my condition it didn't clear it completely.

        I now use the salve as a prevention technique. I have not suffered severely from eczema for well over a year now but have continued to use the salve. Whilst I couldn't tell you if the salve has prevented the eczema, it has definitely helped to moisturise and soothe my skin.

        ~~Availability and Price~~
        Purepotions was founded by very frustrated mother whom found anything suitable to soothe her daughters dry skin. She developed these products which were originally only available in her home town where she made pots of the lotions for her friends and family.
        The success of her products has ensured that there are various stockist around the country and also a website that you can buy the product from.
        Unfortunately I do not live near a stockist so had to use the internet.

        The pot is available in three different sizes:

        30ml at £6.30
        60ml at £11.00
        120ml at £16.50

        I chose to use the 120ml pot after testing the product and although it is quite pricey very little is needed per application and therefore the salve does last a long time.
        It is definitely something I would recommend for long time eczema sufferers.


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          04.07.2009 23:27



          lovely item even if only for a treat

          Im not exactly sure where we got this from it may have been a gift but its the best stuff i have ever used.
          The one we have can be used as nappy cream for babies and smells of lavender its lovely!
          The pot is only small but when you use the salve you'll soon see that a little bit really does go a long was and smells even better when in use.
          While using this for the last 2 years( think ive only had 3 pots) my little girl has never once had nappy rash,and i honestly mean not once.
          now that may not just be down to the salve as i also use washable nappies for my daughter but you can bet its a big factor in it.
          its a bit more expensive than other nappy salves on the market but it worth every penny in my opinion and you can get some lovely gift sets for new mother and babys ;o)

          the pure potions website says the nappy salve is, rich in minerals and deeply nourishing. Great for babies nappy area and also suitable for babies with nappy rash. This salve repels water to protect against dampness and can be used daily. Many adults use our nappy salve as a multi-purpose salve, on dry hands or as a moisturiser too so isnt limited to just one use.

          the ingredients in the salve are-
          olive fruit oil - nourishing, anti-bacterial.
          beeswax - a natural emulsifier. provides a protective base and keeps the skin moisturised.
          safflower seed oil - gentle and excellent for sensitive skin.
          hemp seed oil - extemely nourishing, moisturising, rich in essentialfatty acids (EFA's), which are often lacking in those with dry skin.
          tinctures of
          calendula - for tissue regeneration.
          nettle - rich in vitamins.
          lavender - cleansing and relaxing

          It is recommended that you do a tiny test patch when using the salve for the first time as it may or may not result in a allergic reaction to any of the ingredients (it is highly unlikely but its always better to be safe than sorry where little ones are concerned).


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          20.09.2007 15:32



          Great Oinment....

          Priced at about $15, this Skin ointment is a great remedy to almost all skin problems. Its great for all skin types, and at the price mentioned above it is an absolute steal. Apply the cream before sleep,and in the morning just wash it off to reveal the bright beautiful skin. It is advised to wear some old clothes during the night when you use this, as it tends to get a little messy. An also make sure, that the cream does not spread from one area of the skin that might contain an infection. The product as a whole is great and for this price, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT....

          TC <>


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          14.09.2007 22:34
          Very helpful



          This has to be worth a try to eczema sufferers!

          This product was developed and is still produced in my home time, Brighton. Therefore, I must first declare that I do not know anybody concerned with the product, personally and have no financial interest in it whatsoever. I genuinely wanted to bring it to the attention of a wider audience because it has been of so much benefit to me in coping with my eczema experiences which are detailed in a separate review.


          Purepotions Skin Salvation has a homely history in that it was developed by a Mum, Natalie Balmond, to help her daughter, Lulu. At the age of one Lulu developed chronic eczema so severe that she had to be bandaged from head to foot each night to protect her sore and bleeding skin. Despairing of conventional, mainly steroid treatments (which she knew could cause skinning of the skin and have other side effects), Natalie took advice from friends who had some experience of natural remedies. After many months of experimenting, she “brewed” up this concoction – a rich beeswax based salve using nourishing oils and traditional herbs - in her own kitchen. She discovered that, within a very short space of time of regularly applying this, Lulu’s skin improved dramatically.

          At first she produced just two pots a week for her own use but, very quickly, interest grew and demand spread and, a few years ago, she started her own business, marketing it only locally at first. Since then the product has received favourable reviews in the national press and become much more widely available.

          ~~~The Ingredients~~~

          These are listed as:-
          Olea Europaena (Olive) Fruit Oil
          Cartha Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
          Carthamus Sativa (Hemp) Sed Oil
          Aqua (Water)
          Alcohol ( from tinctures)
          Calendula Recututa ( Matricaria) Flower Extract
          Stellaria Media ( Chickweed) extract
          Urtica ( Nettle ) Extract

          Of these, the herbs have been selected as those traditionally used to reduce heat, ease itching, calm and heal. The beeswax seals moisture and nourishment into the skin whilst hemp oil is included because it contains essential fatty acids which eczema sufferers often lack.

          ~~~My First Experience~~~

          I first saw reports of this in the local press (not as an advertising feature but a news story about a Lulu and her mother and the “miracle” salve). I later learned that this was being made available on a trial basis, locally, as it had attracted so much interest. Brighton is like a village in terms of how word spreads and, having mentioned my interest to a friend who knew a friend of a friend of a friend etc., I eventually received a small free sample pot through the network.

          I was suffering from a nasty eczema attack on my chest at the time, which steroid creams had failed to clear. Using this sample, together with small applications of the steroid cream, my skin showed immediate signs of improvement becoming less “angry”, painful and itchy and cleared entirely in a week. I have stocked it in my medicine cupboard ever since and swear by it, but, in addition to using it for full blown eczema, I tend to apply it to any any odd patch of dry or flaky skin

          ~~~Attributes Appearance and Application~~~

          The best attributes of this salve are that is safe for all ages, even babies, can be used as often as necessary anywhere on the body and has been of proven effectiveness for the relief of all dry, sore, itchy skin conditions including psoriasis. A long list of testimonials on the website http://www.purepotions.co.uk/ - 1X0 all ring very true in the light of my experience.

          Coming, without frills, in a plain greyish-green jar, which can be recycled as glass, the actual ointment appears to be like a very dense version of the original Vaseline. It is unscented and, if any aroma can be detected at all, it is a slight waxy whiff which is not too unpleasant.

          It can be applied liberally whenever needed but I find just sweeping my finger over the surface gives enough to cover one cheek (of my face!). It does go a long way!

          It is not absorbed into the skin very quickly and, maybe for this reason, application overnight is advised. However I find it does not leave too much of a greasy glow. If I use it on my face, I can apply foundation over it with ease and no loss of covering power. It is also safe to be used with steroid and emollient creams if necessary.

          ~~~Safety and Warnings~~~

          We often hear warnings about buying products claiming to be miracle cures etc. especially from unknown sources on the intranet. However, I firmly believe this is a safe and effective product. I can verify that it was produced by a mum for her child and mums do not willingly put their children at risk. It does not claim to be a cure but a salve which will “alleviate the symptoms of eczema and other sore skin conditions”.

          The website also stresses the importance of finding the underlying cause of any skin condition and has added a forum where users can “share experiences and discoveries about any aspect of the condition with others, whether concerning dietary changes, detergents, allergies or suitable clothing”.

          The accompanying literature contains a further warning that “this product can stain sheets and clothing when used over time”. However I have never experienced this problem.

          ~~~Availability & Price~~~

          The first outlet where I found this product on sale was the Dolphin House Shop, a small outlet attached to the Dolphin Children’s Clinic in New Road, Brighton. This clinic offers a range of alternative therapies for children. The shop sells a range of natural products and is well worth a visit.

          I still buy my supply there but now it is far more widely available from a variety of online, health-based web sites but it is cheaper if you buy direct from the manufacturer online. I tried an online purchase direct recently, for the purposes of this review, (http://www.purepotions.co.uk/ - 1X0 ) and it was delivered in two days.

          It now comes in three sizes and the prices direct from Purepotions are:-
          30ml £5.75
          60ml £10.00
          120ml £15.00 ( or discounted to £13.00 each if you buy three or more)


          I can only speak from my own experience and that of others to whom I have recommended the product. Without one exception, we all found it to be beneficial in easing the symptoms of our varying skin conditions. It is a wholly natural product without any preservatives, perfumes or chemical additives and is inexpensive when compared to many other products. I hope it will be of benefit to others.

          Other products by Purepotions (untried by the reviewer as yet!)
          Skin Salvation Bath Oil
          Lavendar Nappy Salve
          Camomolie Baby Oil


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        • Product Details

          This salve is suitable for all types of eczema, psoriosis and sore skin conditions. it can be applied liberally to any part of the body as often as needed. apply thickly before bed to reduce night time itching. it is best to wear old pyjamas after applying as the salve can stain when used over time. take care not to spread the salve from one area of skin to another if the skin is infected.

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