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Salcura Gentle Natural Skin Therapy Spray

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2 Reviews

Brand: Salcura / Type: Skin Care / Therapy Spray / Dosage Form: Spray

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    2 Reviews
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      29.03.2013 15:03
      Very helpful



      This is an effective spray moisturiser but I do not like how it stings sometimes

      WHAT IS IT?

      A moisturising spray that is for dry skin and it is a very natural product.


      Spray onto the skin after you have washed. You have to hold the bottle a few inches away from the skin so that it sprays out in a big arc to cover the area where you have got a problem with dry skin. You can use it all over your body or just where you have some dry skin or excema.


      I use it only on 2 areas because my skin is not very dry just in these places on my back and one of my knees. It is effective but it does not stop my skin from being completely dry. It is hard to spray on my back because the bottle only sprays when it is upright and I have to get my husband to spray it there for me. It is most effective when I have used it for a few days on its own because if I use other products sometimes the Salcura does not work as good.


      I do not like the smell of this spray because it is very strong and not feminine. It stays on my skin for a long time and I do not like that. It sprays on like a liquid and you do not have to rub it in because it will soak into your skin on it's own and quite quick. It does not make my skin sticky but I do not like the feel on my skin very much while it is absorbing.

      Sometimes it stings a little bit and that is bad because I do not think anything should hurt when you apply it even if it does a good job. I discontinue use if that happens but it is only if my excema is bad and I have scratched it.

      It took about one week of applying it 2 times a day before it moisturised the skin on my knee back to normal and I think that is very good because of this being a liquid and not cream or butter. It makes my dry skin feel better straight away but it takes a little bit of time to make it look better.


      This costs about £6 for a bottle but a bottle lasts for a long time and I only have to buy a new one every 3 months. It is very effective and the point that it is natural and has not got lots of chemicals in it makes it worth the money and cheap comparing to other natural products.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        26.07.2011 20:00
        Very helpful



        A great product

        ==Salcura Natural Skin Therapy Spray==

        Having joined up to magicfreebies I have been inundated with a whole ton of free samples and items that I possibly wouldn't have got my hands on unless I was subscribing to all these various sites and in the few months that I have been a member I have come across some really great products that have actually made me purchase the full sized product. Having just placed an order for the larger sized bottle of this Salcura spray I thought I would share my opinion of it as it is a really good product.

        ==What is it==

        The Salcura Natural Skin Therapy Spray is not something that I had heard of before and to be honest not something I was looking for either. I personally don't suffer with any skin conditions but my little boy Jack seems to get weeks of having patchy spots of dry skin which seem to be eczema in appearance. It doesn't really itch him or feel uncomfortable but it does look unsightly and I want to try everything I can to get the skin looking healthy and feeling a little more comfortable. This product is designed exactly for this reason.

        I had a couple of different samples but the "Gentle" spray was the one which seemed most suitable to his fresh youthful skin and this is the one I have since placed an order for the full sized bottle. It is suitable for babies under 12 months and is an all natural product which claims to be an anti itch, anti bacterial and deeply moisturising product.

        ==Price and Availability==

        The free sample I received was a 15 ml bottle which came with a pump action spray nozzle. The larger bottle is 50 ml and has a RRP of £9.99p although can be picked up a little cheaper than this especially online. It seems that there are quite a few different sites selling it but I would recommend looking on the official Salcura site to perhaps pick up a free sample or even emailing them if it isn't available for sample as companies which sell this sort of product are generally more than happy to let people try before they buy.

        I have just ordered a bottle from Amazon as there is a slight reduction on the price and have been able to get it for a price of £8.37p.

        ==Look and Design==

        the bottle is made from a white plastic and this "gentle" variety has a white and green label on the front as opposed to the other versions of the product which come with either a blue or purple label. The blue label is the "Intensive" type and the purple is the "Antiac" one which is used for spots or blemishes on the skin.

        Like I said we had a couple of the various types to try out in sample form but found this green labelled "gentle" one to be the best for Jack's skin. The fact that it is suitale for small babies is also a plus and shows just how mild it is. The spray pump that it has is well done and easy to use and is protected by a small clear plastic lid.

        ==General Use==

        The bottle states that the product should be shaken before each use and should be applied to the affected skin 3 times a day. The mist of spray that comes out with one spray is a good enough amount to cover a fairly large area and the product is a clear watery type of solution which has a light plant aroma to it. The smell is quite pleasant and does smell very natural which would be expected as the product is an all natural one.

        Once sprayed onto the skin the product does need a slight bit of rubbing in to make it evenly distributed but this is easily done and the Salcura is light and has no tackiness or stickiness to it. The product sinks in to the skin fairly quickly which is ideal as it doesn't come off onto Jacks clothes or make any sort of mess or marks.

        ==My Overall Opinion==

        The product seemed to work instantly at soothing the dry look of the skin and made the areas that looked slightly crusty much more fresh and moisturised. I first applied the spray to Jacks skin before bed and when I checked his areas of eczema in the morning I was surprised at how quickly this product seemed to make the areas look so much clearer and the patches were around 75% better than they had been the night before. After another couple of applications throughout the day the patches were nearly all cleared up by the following day and I can honestly say that I have never before found a product that worked on his eczema so well and so fast.

        The fact that I had this product as a sample and have now gone on to purchase the full sized bottle really does speak for itself. It worked well and worked fast whilst being easy to use and easy to store. I really can't find anything negative to say about this product and I would strongly recommend anyone that either has skin problems themselves or has a little one with eczema to give this product a try.

        I think a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation is well deserved!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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