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Scholl Athlete's Foot Cream

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Brand: Scholl / Dosage Form: Cream / Type: Viral / Fungal / Yeast Infections

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 15:48
      Very helpful
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      pricey and not worth it

      I do suffer from sweaty feet and sometimes the smell can be horrible but I have never suffered from Athletes foot until a few weeks ago.

      Whilst taking off my socks I found myself looking at this rather disgusting scene between my toes. I had these deep cuts with the skin missing and flaking away. The biggest problem was this excessive itch which was just horrible.

      I decided to try and find a product which would work and help remove this stubborn problem and the pharmacist recommended using the Scholl cream and not the powder.

      == How to use ==

      Well you get this rather small 15g tube which you have to pierce yourself using the lid and eventually this white cream comes out which looks quite thick. I had no information really on how much to use so I decided to put a small layer on between the toes and hope for the best.

      I believe some people use a large amount and end up with sticky socks and I decided I would use this cream whilst having sandals on so it meant the toes had room to breathe without being warm.
      The pharmacist did say that do not keep putting the product on every few hours because it would not work and make things worse.

      == What is athlete's foot? ==

      Having looked around various places it seems athlete's foot is known as tinea pedi and ringworm of the foot which sounds disgusting. Usually this fungus is caused by heat and moist conditions especially between the toes.

      The fungus causes a burning sensation and an itch between the toes and sometimes other areas of the foot.

      The causes are usually due to things such as swimming pools where people have the condition and it spreads so it is best to use your own towel so it is not spread amongst friends and family. Having thick shoes which are tight can also help trigger the problem further.

      == What happened next? ==

      The tube insists that the product will work within 7 days and this is a false claim. Not only that but the itchy feeling came back within a few hours after applying this cream.

      The worst sensation came between my little toe and it was horrible pain and the itchy feeling made me want to just keep scratching. During the night the problem persisted so I decided to apply a larger amount and the cream does relieve the problem but for a rather short time.

      After 10 days I found some of the problem had cleared but not everywhere was healing well and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I had dry feet and was using my own towel so no one else would end up catching what I had.

      I wore cotton socks during the day if I had to visit somewhere and made sure at all times my toes and my feet were always dry using a fresh new towel.

      I was even wearing no socks when at home so my feet were not to warm and yet the situation remained the same. I think the biggest problem was I did not know what else to do without looking foolish.

      I kept up with the product until it had run out and after 15 days it did show some results of success but it was a long drawn out issue and I personally believe there is other products out there which will offer better results.

      == Verdict ==

      I think my final verdict would be not to use this product. Yes it did clear up my problem but the price I paid which was £5.82 for a small 15g tube is rather a lot of money to pay. I do wonder if I went to the doctors and got a proper prescription for a few pounds more maybe might have solved the issue sooner.

      My own problem was listening to the pharmacist and not looking at reviews online. It did solve the heat sensation and the itch but they both came back far too quickly and that for me was very poor.


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        26.08.2011 16:02
        Very helpful



        Recommend but I think next time I'll try an ointment.

        I swim quite regularly which I think is the reason I got Athletes Foot. It's not a nice infection to have and it makes your feet/foot very sore and the skin starts to peel off.' I've had it more than once and it's important to keep using your treatment until the infection has completely gone because otherwise it'll come back in no time which is very frustrating, as I have found.

        I used to use a Boots powder which was quite convenient but not very good at fighting the infection because it is supposed to be used as a complementary product with the cream. So after the powder had run out I was still having trouble with Athlete's Foot and decided to purchase a cream this time instead to see if it was any better.

        I went to a few shops but finally at Wilkinsons, this Scholl Athlete's Foot cream was the cheapest and I thought I could rely on it as it is Scholl and the shoes they make are generally a good quality. It cost around £3 which is more expensive than the powder but I really wanted to be rid of Athlete's Foot as it is a nuisance and also very painful at times. The tube contains 25 grams of the tolnaftate antifungal cream which is supposed to destroy Athlete's Foot fungi. The packaging claims that it should prevent reinfection and relieve itching and soreness.

        Directions of use:
        Wash and dry infected area and apply twice daily. Squeeze out 2-3 cm of the cream and spread evenly over the infected area. You should wear clean socks every day and continue treatments for two weeks after the symptoms disappear to prevent reinfection.

        The cream does stop the itching and soothes the area quite well. It takes a few weeks for the athlete's foot to go away which is quite long but most treatments for Athlete's Foot are quite lengthy. It is quite uncomfortable using the cream because it sticks to your socks and has an irritating feeling of moistness, which shouldn't be there because that is an ideal condition for Athlete's Foot to thrive on! It is quite good I guess and is more effective than the powder and fighting the infection although the process is very long.


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        04.12.2008 15:54
        Very helpful



        Would not recommend!

        Well it's that time of year again where the heating goes up and I'm still always cold. Commonly known as a "hot house flower" or a "cauld tattie" everyone else around me has to suffer when I turn the heating up and enjoy the warmth. When I'm driving I love to have the heater on full blast with my passengers all melting into puddles! I recently came up with the cunning plan to try and disguise the fact I always have the heater on full blast - I simply turned the heater so the hot air blows down onto everyone's feet! This seems to stop them complaining, with the intense heat being lower down in the car. However, my new plan has backfired - I now have the most unbearable, itchy and very painful Athlete's Foot. "It's your own fault" I hear you all laugh! And yes it probably is. But please have some sympathy for me - it's very painful and very irritating!

        The skin in between my toes is inflamed and red and painfully itchy, so much so that it is unbearable to scratch. You get no relief from scratching, only pain!! For those of you out there who have suffered from Athlete's Foot before, you'll know what I mean.

        ==What Is Athlete's Foot==

        Anyone can be affected by Athlete's foot, which is caused by the fungus "Tinea Pedis". The fungus loves to live on the top layers of you skin and more so in between your toes where it can at times be moist and warm. This fungus can live in moist damp areas such as the changing room floors at the swimming pool and can be easily picked up, being very infectious. To try and help prevent suffering from Athlete's Foot you should always keep your feet clean and dry and should always dry them well after a bath or shower, something I never do! If someone in the family suffers from Athlete's Foot then it is advisable for them to use their own towel, which should be washed after every use. Wearing cotton socks is preferable and if you suffer from particularly sweaty feet then changing you socks a couple of times a day can also help. Wearing flip flops at the swimming or changing rooms at the gym etc. can also help to prevent the spread and indeed catching the fungal infection.

        If you do suffer from Athlete's Foot then it can be very difficult to get rid of the infection. There is a huge range of over the counter preparations available at varying prices and application of these products can last for a few weeks and should continue for at least 2 weeks after the infection has gone in order to prevent the re-emergence of the problem.

        ==The Product I Chose==

        Being provided with such choice and variety and with the usual problem of trying to save money I opted for a simple, easy to apply, nothing fancy cream at a cost of £2.95 from my local chemist. Scholl Athlete's Foot Cream comes in a 25g tube. The tube is a foil tube, which comes in a box with the instructions for use printed on the outside of the box.

        ==Application of the Cream==

        To open the tube you turn the cap upside down in order to pierce the foil film sealing the tube. The cream squeezes easily from the tube and is a white oily cream. Approximately 2-3cm should be applied and spread evenly over the affected area. It should be applied twice daily and your feet should be clean and dry before application.

        When I first applied the cream the cool cream gave me instant relief, whilst the gentle rubbing motion also helped to alleviate the terrible itch. I was so pleased the itch had gone! But not for long as I was later to find out. Within the hour the itch had returned and personally I felt it was worse than ever. One of the main pieces of advice we are given if suffering from Athlete's Foot is always to keep you feet clean and dry, whereas all I felt this cream did was keep my feet feeling wet and sticky. I did persevere for the advised length of time and gradually the infection did clear up but not as quickly and as comfortably as I had hoped!

        I would not recommend the use of this cream in the treatment of Athlete's Foot, as I said it did eventually help, but I didn't like the way it left my feet feeling wet and sticky and it didn't take away the insufferable itch quickly enough for my liking. Next time I will definitely be trying another product, maybe a spray, certainly not a cream.

        Many thanks for reading.

        Also posted on Ciao under the same name.

        © lel1969


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      • Product Details

        A topical antifungal cream for the prevention and treatment of Athlete's Foot.

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