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Scholl Medicated Verruca Removal System

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Brand: Scholl / Type:Medicated Verruca Removal System

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2011 11:45
      Very helpful



      Got rid of my verruca quickly and cleanly

      It is somewhat of a mystery to me as to how I managed to end up with a verruca on my foot. I hate having bare feet and have not been anywhere that I can think of where I may have been exposed to catching one. It's a big joke between all my friends that I never take my socks off for anything! Nevertheless, a couple of months ago I noticed I did indeed have a pesky verruca appear and I was keen to get rid of it as soon as possible. I asked my other half for advice on treating it as I have not had this sort of problem before. He picked up this Scholl Medicated Verruca Removal System for me from Wilkinson's at the cost of around £4.00.

      Product description: "The Scholl Verruca Removal System has a targeted medicated action for the safe and effective removal of verrucas.
      + The Scholl Disc System helps protect surrounding healthy skin.
      + Cushioning pad for immediate pain and pressure relief.
      + Dermatologically tested adhesive.
      + Ideal for the treatment of common warts on the hands.
      + Suitable for use on children."

      The Scholl Medicated Verruca Removal System sounds like it could be quite complicated, but upon closer inspection it was actually very easy to get on with. The System comes in a small, lightweight box that contains 15 plasters and 15 medicated discs. The discs are spread out on a backing sheet like stickers, and displayed in varying sizes so that you can select the right one to treat the affected area without it spreading over on to the healthy skin surrounding the verruca. The discs are covered with a protective layer of film and I would really recommend taking great care to keep this in place, I hadn't covered mine back over properly and some of the discs had been left exposed and they stuck onto the inside of the packet which meant that they were then useless and had been wasted.

      Recommended directions for use: Ensure feet are clean and dry. Select a disc of suitable size, and apply adhesive side to the affected area. Remove plaster from the backing paper and affix over the disc. Leave the disc in place for 48 hours and then remove. Repeat treatment for up to 12 weeks.

      The unknown origin of my verruca was strange enough, but also strange was the placement of it. Unlike most verrucas which appear on the soles of the feet, mine was located on the side of one of my toes. This made it quite awkward to get the plaster to stay in place. The small discs had a strong adhesive and were easy to apply, but the plasters supplied with the pack are thick and foamy, designed to give a cushioned effect for easing the pressure on the area when you are walking. Because the plaster was bulky it did not curve very well around my toe, and so to get it to stay in place I had to stick another normal plaster strip over the top of it to stop it from moving around and peeling away. My first attempt at using the Disc System was a no go, as the plaster had dropped off inside my sock and I hadn't noticed. I tried again using the double plaster layering and that worked much better.

      The discs should be left on for a period of 48 hours, and I was always feeling curious to know what was going on underneath there! The first time I changed the disc over I did not really notice any change, apart from the skin felt a bit softer and looked red. After I removed the second disc I was in for a surprise - it had already worked! However, the way in which it worked was quite hideous and I was completely unprepared for the results. The active ingredient in the medicated discs is salicylic acid, and what it does is work its way into the skin and weakens the upper layers so that the verruca can be removed. My skin had become a bit swollen and loose, so I rubbed at it gently to see if it would flake away, but to my disgust, the whole area, verruca and all came away in one big lump! Ewwww. I was really impressed that it had worked so quickly, but as the packet had said it could take up to 12 weeks of treatment I put a final disc on just to make sure that the problem had entirely cleared up. Because the top layer of skin had been removed, I was left with a bit of soreness and the new skin looked very red and agitated. This was only a small discomfort though, and overall I was just pleased that the treatment had worked.

      The Scholl Medicated Verruca Removal System definitely worked for me, and other than the rubbish plasters I would say that it performed extremely well. The results that I had were much quicker than anticipated, and there was hardly and fuss involved as it was simply a case of sticking on the discs and then changing them every two days. It took about a week or so after I finished using the discs for the delicate new skin to calm down and lose its redness, but my initial problem was resolved within a week and I have not had any further issues since. A quick and easy system that I would recommend.

      Active ingredient: Salicylic Acid 40% w/w.
      Discs also contain: Polyvinyl Alkyl Ether Adhesive, Titanium Dioxide, Liquid Paraffin, Thiophenol Antioxidant, Iron Oxides.


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