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Silent Night Snore Stopper

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/ Type: Sleep Aids

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2008 22:45
      Very helpful



      I am so happy I discovered the silent night snore stopper!

      Just lately, I have had a few problems sleeping - mainly due to my dear husband! Much as I love him, I don't love his snoring and I'm afraid that just lately it has become quite unbearable - a bit like sleeping next to a foghorn. Many a night I have been awake at three listening to his slumbers, and one night out of desperation I got up and did an internet search to find out whether there was anything out there we could try to help prevent his snoring. This was how I stumbled across the Silent Night Snore Stopper. It was selling on Amazon for only £9.90 so I decided to order one there and then! In the morning I told him what I had done and we waited a few days eagerly anticipating (me more than him) the arrival of this thing that was going to be the answer to all my wakeful moments!

      So let me tell you a little about this product and what it is intended to do. It looks a little like a watch and is worn on the wrist. It fastens with a velcro strap so will fit all sizes. It comes with a conductive gel and there is a warning not to wear the device without using this.

      The snore stopper works by detecting when someone is snoring through a sound sensor. As soon as it senses the snore it sends out weak electrical impulses which the person who snores feels and this causes them to turn over and change their sleeping position. It is this movement which stops them snoring but doesn't wake them up.

      You can select the intensity at which you want the device to work. I think that the heavier the snorer, the higher you would want the intensity to be. The snorer places it on his or her wrist and sets it just before they are about to go to sleep. From then on the sound sensor will record your sound every four seconds and obviously if it hears a snore it will send an impulse. By spreading the gel which is supplied on the electrodes and that makes the best contact which ensures the greatest effect. It also switches itself off after eight hours so you don't have to think about that in the morning.

      When I first told my husband what I had ordered he was a bit concerned that I had bought him something which was going to give him electric shocks. Understandably, the first time he wore it he was a bit cautious, but in the morning when I asked him, he said that he honestly had not felt a thing.

      So the question is did it work? Well I have to admit that because it was costing less than £10 I wasn't expecting marvels. There must be something in me that thinks you have to pay a lot for something in order for it to work. Well I was wrong because this snore stopper is absolutely fantastic. I do still hear the odd snore from my husband, but because this is sensed it is never long lasting and at last I am able to get a good night's sleep. Also,when I was doing my three o'clock research into snoring, I read that snorers also have quite disturbed nights themselves. and my husband does think that he is sleeping better too.

      The device runs on a lithium battery which is supplied. I can't say how long this will last because we've only had it a little over a week, but opefully for a long time. When it does run out I will certainly get it replaced because I am so much enjoying having a good night's sleep.

      I really do recommend this little device if you are suffering from someone else's snoring. Tie it up with a ribbon and tell them that you've got a present for both of you and then wait for it to work! It is no discomfort to them, and because it works it does mean that everyone has a good night's sleep. I've even given up thinking about separate rooms now - which is probably a good thing as we haven't any spare!


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    • Product Details

      The Silent Night snore stopper detects snoring sounds, and these sounds trigger a weak electrical impulse to your wrist. The snorer feels these impulses, changing his sleeping position, he stops snoring without waking up.

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