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    1 Review
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      16.08.2001 21:20
      Very helpful



      It is really quite a surprise that I am still alive and able to write this opinion as over the past few weeks on a number of occasions my wife has threatened to place a pillow over my head and to smother me to death. The reason for this sign of affection!! Well it is just because I snore sometimes. Well, maybe every night. Apparently I have always snored, but it seems that for some reason my snoring has got louder and more persistent over the past few months. I don’t smoke and I rarely drink and although I am a bit overweight, this has not changed for some time. We cannot think of anything that has changed, so I do not know why my snoring has got worse. My wife is now on her second set of earplugs (the first set were useless) and although she says this helps, she can still hear me and is not getting a good night’s sleep. So we decided it was time to try to do something about it. My wife’s first suggestion was that I should go and see our GP. But, you know what us men are like when it comes to visiting doctors! What if they found something wrong with me? I couldn’t risk that, so the doctor suggestion has gone to the bottom of the list. More practical solutions such as build another bedroom onto the house, sleep downstairs or divorce were now all considered. In the end we decided a trip to the local pharmacist might give us some help. When I say give US some help this does mean my wife. You do understand that I don’t have a problem here. I sleep fine, it is just my wife who can’t sleep. (When my wife reads the last line this opinion may have to be quickly edited!) The pharmacist suggested a product called Snore No More. This sounded ideal. The product is a spray and last thing at night before going to bed you clear your nose and then spray it up each nozzle and then sniff each side of your nose. This sounded easy enough and was easy to use. The spray has no smell or tast
      e and we hoped this would be the answer to the problem. In the morning I was very keen to ask my wife if it had worked. She was so pleased to tell me that it had worked and although I apparently did snore a little bit, it was so quite that she could sleep through that OK. We thought our prayers had been answered. But, when the process was repeated on the second night the spray seemed to make no difference at all and the snoring was just as loud as it had been before using the spray. I persisted with the spray for a week and it never worked again. However, during that week I started to get really bad headaches. At one point it was so bad I had to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon. I don’t suffer with migraine, but this headache seemed to be the same as people describe a migraine headache, as I also could not stand bright lights. It is now four days since I last used the spray and the headaches are going away. They started to decline the first day after not using the spray. These headaches may be a complete coincidence and once they have gone completely I will try the spray again, as I don’t feel that I have given it a proper trial yet. This spray is not cheap. It costs just under £9, which should last about six weeks, but I would not mind paying that if it worked. The spray does not contain any medication, but works on the principle of lubricating the membranes in the nose and at the back of the throat. This apparently should reduce the noise of snoring. I will try this product again and see if I have more success, but as there are two or three similar products on the market I think I will also give them a try and hopefully one of them will help reduce the noise. My wife has a lot of patience, but I think this problem is testing them to the limit. UPDATE ** After a couple of weeks I retried this spray and again it worked fine on the first night, but was not e
      ffective on subsequent nights. Again the headaches starting coming back so I am afraid that I shall not be using this product again. We are now planning to try another product. Watch out for a new opinion.


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    • Product Details

      'Snore no More' is a non medicated nasal spray which contains a natural Polysaccharide in an isotonic solution. It also contains Phosphate buffers, Sodium Chloride, purified water, and Chlorhexidine gluconate as preservative.

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