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Brand: Snorex / Type: Spray / Dosage Form: Spray

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2010 01:09
      Very helpful



      Not brill!

      My mate snores. I occasionally snore. We admit to it. To me though it doesn't matter if my mate snores or she doesn't......apart from when we are confined to two single beds in a small caravan, side by side like tweedle dum and tweedle dumber or like now, we are confined to a huge king size bed in her house whilst we try sort to out and house clear it. Me being single and living with my parents and having my own bed means I'm already annoyed at having to share my own sleeping personal space without someone snorting and snoring in my ears like some old sow!

      Luckily though whilst house clearing we came across this product. It belonged to her pig of a soon to be ex wife so I made her shove it up her snout one night to give me some much needed peace and quiet and in return she made me use it too! We had high hopes for a quiet and peaceful time of it all though as we used it my mate did inform me it never worked on her wife and even showed me a video on her phone of said pig snoring and wow was it loud!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle comes in a white box telling me what it is and that it is by a company called Healthy Direct. Basically the box looks the same as the bottle in style and information. The bottle is 60ml in size and white plastic and has a tall lever to the top of it you direct into your throat and that has a clear plastic cap/lid to cover it. Around the bottle there is a light and dark blue and yellow label on there with a picture of people shadows jumping on it and I'm told that it is Snorex 'Be free from snoring' and that it is a blend of natural oils and is an easy to use throat spray. Other information given on the bottle includes being told a bit about the product, I'm told how to use it, ingredients are listed and I'm told that this size contains approx 27 applications and contact details for Healthy Direct (the manufacturer of the product are given). Nice enough bottle and box that are informative enough. It is not a pretty product but more a functional looking item that instills an 'I will work for you feel'.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Provided On The Packaging:

      Snorex is clinically proven to reduce snoring noise in 93% of cases. Snorex may not be as effective if used within 1 hour consuming alcohol.

      Directions For Using It:

      Shake bottle
      Till head back, spray 3 times to the back of the throat, hold for 20 seconds and swallow
      Do not eat or drink after application (repeat spray if so)

      Us Using It:

      Well this is really simple to use. You give the bottle a shake up of course then open your mouth and spray it in 3 times, leave it there for a few seconds and swallow it. When I say it is easy to use it really is to be fair to it. As you spray it it has a sort of waxy nd oily texture and sprays out of the bottle with complete ease.

      It tastes vile though! Really menthol and tasting of plasticy mint, it's really very bitter indeed and makes my mouth feel cold and like I've been licking tins and we both hated it though it has to be said it really is so menthol that it really does make you breath more easily after using it and feel like it's opening up airwaves which in reality is of course what you need it to do of course! The taste does wear off over time and then of course your free to go bed!

      Does It Work Though?:

      We had mixed results really over a few consecutive nights of using it. It totally worked for my small and dinky snores according to my mate but on her rancid noise it made no difference at all!


      A natural remedy that at about £4.99 a bottle is worth a go in our opinion! Full of natural ingredients you can use this in the long term if desired and it shouldn't hurt you! I think it's like any medication of this type...it will work for some people and not for others but really I don't think is a miracle cure for most people though the information given on the packaging entirely disagrees with me on that point!

      Expect to pay about £4.99 a bottle and this is available directly from Healthy Direct.


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