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St. Georges Olive Oil Ear Drops

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Brand: St Georges Medical / Type: ear Drops / Dosage Form: Drops

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    2 Reviews
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      23.05.2013 16:05
      Very helpful



      A brill product and one I think most people should have in their medicine cabinets!

      For as long as I can think back I have always suffered with ear problems of some kind or another. I don't know if its hereditary but my Dad was deaf in one ear and whether its anything to do with that but my ears hurt me so, so often.

      I didn't know until recent times that my ears over produced wax it was only 8 years ago I was living in London and ended up at drop in centre in Soho screeching my head off at a stabbing pain I couldn't get rid of and a nurse telling me I had 'crud' in my ear' and in the end they never syringed it cos it was so badly infected as well and I ended up having to have 3 sets of antibiotics, however I was left with less hearing in my left ear after that!

      Since that happened both my ears plague me. I get itchy ears, too much wax and about once a week either one ear will be stabbing inside or both and if it was only one...it could be either one. As I type this review at the moment my ears are itching me like crazy inside the ear canals and just last night my right ear was stabbing me and kept me awake and as I tried to gently put the tip of my finger into my ear having a look the inside is so swollen I can't. Its a real pain in the asr........ear (s!) I can tell you and anyone who suffers with ear problems will tell you it isn't just your ears that suffer but your whole head and shoulders!

      The one thing I can't do is poke my ears with ear buds, it makes the situation worse and I stopped after mucking about with a Tweezerman for blackhead tool in my ear and pulling out the hardest bit of wax that stunk my whole flat out you ever did see. I vowed I wouldn't do it again cos next time it could be part of my brain but it did make me realise that with a ear bud I'd of just shoved it down!

      I have been to the Doctors on numerous occasions and there's not a lot that can be done. Since years ago I have had my ears syringed, even had a piece of cotton wool lodged in there for a couple of years that had moulded itself to my skin removed and at the time I was told that as often as possible I should use Olive Oil to soften the wax and that should stop the infections happening quite so much. I avoided this because I'm a dinosaur and didn't much fancy putting oil I cook with down my ears but I changed my mind recently when a friend mentioned this product to me and I ended up thinking in for a penny in for a pound and bought myself some from Amazon.co.uk

      The Packaging:

      The little brown glass bottle that is dropper style by pinching the black rubber at the top of it and into the inner glass tube contains much the same information as on the oblong green box it comes in. On the front of the box we are clearly told that it is Olive Oil Ear Drops 'Gentle Natural' and that it is 'For the loosening & removal of earwax' and that the size I bought is 10ml and it is made by St. George's Medical Ltd and then on other sides of the box we are told a bit about about earwax, the ingredients are given, we are clearly told how to use the drops and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the box there is a pamphlet with yet more information on it but I found the information given to me on the bottle and on the box to be more than easy and straightforward to understand.

      Using It:

      All this is, is refined Olive Oil and thats it. There is nothing at all added. It is an oily, greasy product and thankfully it doesn't have a scent to it really, certainly not one like any Olive Oil I cook with!

      To use this is simple and all you have to do is tilt your head to one side and drop in 2-3 drops into which ear you want to soften the wax and stay like it for about 5 minutes. The first few times I did this the liquid just came shooting back out and I had to mop up the oil with a bit of tissue or cotton wool but then suddenly my ears started to 'drink' it. We are told not to use this for more that 7 days on the trot which I do for real ear problems however I checked with my Doctor and I use this as a precaution for my ear problems a couple of times a week to try to avoid the dreaded ear wax.

      Does It Work?:

      For me it has really helped with my issues. Like I have addressed already I still have ear problems but not as severe as they once were thank goodness. This is soothing when I use it and when I have a problem I use it morning and night and even though it isn't a huge bottle it lasts me ages. I now avoid ducking my head in the bath (apparently hair, soap and debris, according to my Doctor is the main culprit of my problems) and I don't use cotton wool or buds or anything else in my ears full stop. My hearing doesn't sound so dull since using this in my good ear and I get less general itching.

      When I first used this product I was still using earbuds and I was amazed at the amount of wettish wax there was after using this but apparently again, according to my Doctor I shouldn't be removing it and it should melt and go without any force from me!

      I now have bottles of this stashed all over the place, its such a simple yet effective product and I really do appreciate it. I like the way its not medicinal but entirely natural and always like to use natural product when and where I can.

      This is not a miracle cure though and if you have ongoing issues with your ears we both know you need to get it checked out and to the bottom of the underlying problem, I am not an advocate of self diagnosis but if its just a wax problem your having or want to simply see if it is before getting checked out then is a good product to try!

      I paid £2.70 for my bottles of eardrops from Amazon but a quick look on Amazon now tells me that they have gone up slightly in price to £3.30 however they still have free p+p and are still very effective and worth the money or Google them if interested and you don't want to use Amazon!


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      07.03.2013 08:47
      Very helpful



      A good cheap option for helping to soften and remove ear wax

      Back in the summer of last year I went swimming with my son and my sister and as I had my sister with me I was able to act the goat a little bit dunking and swimming under the water and such like. After I got out I felt as though I was pretty deaf in one ear but thought that it would pass but it actually got worse and soon became very painful. I called at the pharmacy and they advised I got some olive oil ear drops to try whilst the doctor prescribed me some ear drops for swimmers ear without even seeing me! In the end when the ear drops the doctor prescribed didn't work I made an appointment and she had a look in my ear and said that they were very blocked with wax and would need syringing and so I would need to continue using the olive oil ear drops to soften the wax in my ear so that the syringing would be successful. The ear drops that I used were the care brand and this is my review of them.

      I bought the care olive oil eardrops from the pharmacy in my local Tesco but I would imagine they are readily available in other chemists and things too. They cost me around £2.50 from memory which I thought was a reasonable enough price to pay really for the product. There is 10ml of the olive oil ear drops in the bottle.

      The eardrops come in a thin cardboard box which is simple enough to look at and which simply has the product and company name as well as a picture of the dropper dropping some oil out of it. We are told on the box that the product will gently soften and remove ear wax and to be fair I think it is quite often used in removing ear wax in mild cases but in my case it was simply to soften the build up of wax in one of my ears so that it could be syringed.

      Inside the box there is a leaflet which tells you how to use the ear drops but this information is also presented on the back of the box if you were to lose it. To be honest once I had read how to use them once I didn't need to read it again as it isn't exactly rocket science! Basically whilst these drops are suitable for those aged one and over it is said that those under five should get a medical diagnosis before use and I think this makes total sense really as you shouldn't mess around with possible ear issues when it comes to a child in my opinion. When you do use these drops though you need to use the dropper in the glass bottle to suck up a bit of the olive oil and once they are at room temperature you should then tilt your head to the side and squeeze one or two drops in to the ear making sure you do not actually insert the dropper in to the ear.

      Applying these drops isn't the easiest with having to tilt your head and apply them and then leave your head tilted a little while for fear of them falling back out but it isn't too bad when you get used to it. I had to use the drops daily for a couple of weeks as my first appointment to have my ears syringed was cancelled and I was advised to keep it up to soften the wax further. It says on the box to use for seven days but I was happy to follow the advice from the clinic. I also found that plugging my ear with a piece of cotton wool after a minute or so helped stop any excess oil escaping my ear and trickling out! Yuk!

      I found that these drops did seem to help a little with the pain in my ear which was caused from the build up of the wax. I didn't get my full hearing back without the syringing but I did get some of it back and so I have to think that these drops served their purpose and did what they were meant to. The lady at the clinic said that had I not used the drops then they wouldn't have syringed my ears as there would be risk of the hard wax perforating the ear drum apparently.

      Since I had my ears syringed I have used these drops on and off as I was told that once you have your ears done once it is likely you will need it done again and so I am trying to reduce the build up of hard wax in my ears by using this product occasionally. I would certainly recommend trying this product if you are suffering from a build up of wax because it is inexpensive and natural. The product can be used when you are breastfeeding or pregnant and there are no known side effects to be noted unless of course you are allergic to olive oil!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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