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Vicks Sinex Micromist

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Brand: Vicks / Type: OTC Medicines

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    6 Reviews
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      15.02.2012 01:05
      Very helpful



      A useful product if not over used


      Thankfully, I rarely catch colds. I wouldn't say I'm particularly healthy but, where colds are concerned, it's quite rare for me to suffer with them. Perhaps this is because when I was younger I did suffer frequently with colds. But I'm certainly not being smug as the cold that I recently came down with was (still is) rotten and its effects are still with me after more than two weeks. Perhaps this is to make up for the years that go by when I don't have a cold.

      And although I don't often have a cold I do still suffer with blocked sinuses; I always have. Because of this I am quite familiar with remedies or aids for a stuffy nose. I have used many forms of decongestant preparations. I have often, over the years, used Vick's Sinex Spray-the one which comes in the white plastic bottle with the green lid. And while I do find this effective I believe it shouldn't, as with the Micromist, be used too often.

      I feel that if used too frequently one becomes used to decongestant sprays and then I think they have to be used more frequently to gain a good effect. I also wonder if the nasal linings are a little too sensitive to have this type of spray squirted on them often. But there are times when Vick's sprays can really help and so if used sensibly I would recommend them, especially the Micromist spray.

      It must have been about a year ago that I first tried Vick's Sinex Micromist. It is much the same as the Sinex Spray in the plastic bottle but its operation is different. When looking at the Micromist on the shop's shelf, before purchasing, I compared the two Vick's products. I was familiar with the old type Sinex spray. I noticed that they both contained Oxymetazoline but I thought I would try the newer version mainly because I thought it might be less wasteful in use. I get so fed up with the spray in the plastic container not working when there is still some liquid within it but it is getting low. I feel it's expensive enough and so find it annoying that I can shake the bottle and know there is liquid inside but it won't squirt out. After trying this newer idea in its glass bottle with the pump format I find it is more cost effective than the older style of plastic squeeze bottle. I find that it's still operational when almost completely empty which I cannot say for the squeeze container.


      This preparation contains oxymetazoline which is a decongestant. When the nasal passages are blocked then a squirt of this up each nostril will very soon, in fact, usually almost immediately, give some relief. I find if I feel uncomfortable with a blocked nose but it isn't blocked to the extent that a cold causes then, one squirt into each nostril will be all that's needed. However, if I have a cold then two squirts of this spray are usually needed to alleviate the symptoms.

      I also use this spray if I am suffering with a migraine as I think blocked sinuses have a lot to answer for, in my case, with headaches. I have read up on how Oxymetazoline works and understand that the blood vesels inside one's nasal linings and sinus passages contain receptors and these are narrowed when oxymetazoline is used. This works to reduce swelling in these linings and helps to reduce the mucous, thus easing congestion.

      The product is said to remain effective for between six to eight hours but I feel that the amount of time that one can breathe clearly really depends on the severity of congestion. I think it is long lasting but a good level of easy breathing in my opinion is, probably more like up to six hours than six to eight.


      Vick's Sinex Micromist is a helpful aid for relieving blocked noses and sinuses when suffering with a cold or flu or, when simply feeling uncomfortably 'bunged up' with and it also can be beneficial when suffering with hay fever. As said, I use this to help alleviate a headache or migraine, along with painkillers. I also use this before travelling on an aeroplane when I know I need my sinus passages to feel clear. And, although I try to limit usage, I do always have one of these handy.

      I think it is useful to use this spray just before meals as clearing nasal congestion makes eating a much more pleasant experience.

      HOW TO USE

      This decongestant spray is available in a small 15 ml brown coloured glass bottle with plastic nozzle and a clear plastic hygienic cover/lid to fit over this.

      It is simple to use. While holding close to ones nostril it is easy to hold the base of the bottle with your thumb whilst two fingers can rest and then depress the lid down and away from the nozzle which will then release a spray into the nostril. This can be repeated into the other nostril. Two squirts can be used for each nostril but may not always be necessary.


      I am confident that this spray is safe to use if following the directions but I personally would try to limit its use to a few days, if suffering with a cold or flu and if, like me, you are one of those who often feels congested, then I would say to try not to rely on it too much. It is recommended that the spray shouldn't be used for more than seven days at a time as if used too often it isn't as effective. It can also (if used for a prolonged or excessive period) cause what is called 'rebound congestion.' I do think that refraining from using this when feeling 'bunged up' is easier said than done as the Micro Mist does quickly give a feeling of relief and so, knowing that a squirt or two of this will do the trick makes it difficult to not keep using.

      However, it must be said that saline remedies can be used more frequently without side effects.

      And I tend to use other preparations as well as this, such as saline drops or spray in between use if needed. I do think that sprays such as this which contain Oxymetazoline are the most effective for quick and also for a good level of relief as a temporary remedy. However, it must be said that saline remedies can be used more frequently without the risk of side effects. With the cold that I have been suffering with I have needed more than the saline drops and to be honest, also actually more than the Sinex spray, to be able to breathe at all clearly. But this has been a particularly severe head cold causing enormous sinus congestion and undoubtedly the Sinex spray helped. I was grateful to have it to hand; especially when I was feeling really congested and uncomfortable but had to travel by underground to the city of London for an important legal appointment that couldn't be missed for a cold.


      I understand that Vick's Micro Mist is safe to use in most cases but there are some who should avoid or take extra care in its use.

      According to the website, www.vicks.co.uk, you should take special care and seek advice before using if you suffer from:

      *High blood pressure
      Heart complaints
      Thyroid disease
      Liver or kidney disorders

      **Some people with certain conditions and/or taking certain medications should not take this medication at all and so, as with all medicines the leaflet must be read before using.

      ***If pregnant or breastfeeding then your doctor should be consulted before you take this. It hasn't yet been established whether this is a completely safe medication to take whilst pregnant or breastfeeding and so I wouldn't think it is worth considering using this but would think it better to persevere with saline sprays and drops.

      ****Only suitable for children over the age of twelve years.


      (0.05% w/v) Oxymetazoline hydrochloride, sodium citrate dehydrate, tyloxapol, citric acid anhydrous, chlorhexidine digluconate, menthol, benzalkonium chloride, camphor, disodium edetate, eucalyptol, sodium hydroxide and purified water.
      Vick's decongestant sprays are for adult use and for children over the age of twelve years.
      The Micro Mist spray shouldn't be kept for longer than twenty eight days after opening due to hygiene reasons.


      I have purchased Vick's Sinex Micro Mist spray from various places including Sainsbury's supermarkets as well as pharmacies.

      A guide to prices:

      Lloyds Pharmacy-£3.55

      Boots the Chemist-£3.89



      I wouldn't be without some form of decongestant and always have several around alternate their use. I think these are on the expensive side and so have tried cheaper brands but in all honesty have to say that as far as these medicinal sprays go I have yet to find anything which I feel works as well as Vicks. I prefer the Micromist spray to the spray in the plastic bottle in terms of ease and pleasantness of use and cost effectiveness.


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        03.11.2010 08:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great product from Vicks which helps me breath better when i have a cold

        Well it's the start of cough and cold season her in the Jillycat household, my son has bought home from nursery his first cough and cold bug of the autumn so it time for tissues, vapour rub and various medicines to be brought out again into circulation. Now whilst I don't think any of these actually cure the common cold and cough they are all about making those days of sinus pain, raking coughs and dripping noses more comfortable.

        Now a friend of mine said the way to tell if you had a bad cold or flu was if a £50 note fell on you front lawn would you get out of bed to get it. If the answer was yes then it was a bad cold if you didn't care or didn't have the energy to make it downstairs it is flu!

        One of my weapons of choice in the cold wars is Vicks sinex micro mist, For some reason every time I get a cold my sinus always feel like they are going to explode out of my face with gunk so I always feel that as well as taking a conventional decongestant or cold and flu remedy I need something to sniff to clear the passage ways.

        What is it and how it works for me
        Vicks sinex micro mist contains the active ingredient oxymetazoline, which is a decongestant. Here's the technical bit courtesy of www.netdoctor -
        "Oxymetazoline works by acting on alpha receptors that are found in the walls of blood vessels in the linings of the nasal passages and sinuses. It causes these blood vessels to contract and narrow, thereby decreasing blood flow into the linings of the nose and sinuses. This reduces swelling and the feeling of congestion. It also reduces the production of mucus, helping to relieve a blocked nose."

        In regards to side effects as this medicine because it works on the blood vessel in the nasal passages the side effects do seem to be confined to this area and can include sneezing, dry mouth or nasal irritation. I personally have had none of these in the whole time I have used this spray on and off for a few years

        The Vicki's sinex micro mist comes in a small glass bottle with a plastic pump action nozzle section at the top. The nozzle works by you depressing it with your fingers whilst it is in your nostril. There is a cover to go over the nozzle which I find handy as it means I can put this into my handbag to take it to work with me so I can dose myself up there too. It is a bit fiddly at the start to finger out how to do it but once you have the knack of balancing the bottle on your thumb and then with your middle and index fingers around the depressing part of the nozzle to press it down it does come out of the bottle a treat.

        They recommended doses of this is 1-2 sprays per nostril every 6-8 hours. I normally use two sprays in the first few days of my cold and as I start to get better reduce it down to 1 spray. What I do find is that it is best too do one spray per nostril first then leave it a few minutes then repeat it. This because I find if I do 2 squirts straight away then I get bits of the spray dribbling down my nose which isn't a fetching look. Equally I think if it is dribbling out of my nose then it isn't doing what it should be doing. Another tip for when squirting this is to then not sniff straight after or what can happen is the spray then trickles down the back of your throat and that is very yucky let me tell. In regards to the doses per day I tend to find at the beginning of a cold that I do need to use this every 6 hours so I tend to take one first this in the morning one in the middle of the day and one before bed. By having a dose before bed I actually find this helps me to breathe and get to sleep in the night. The effect of the spray I find tends to be noticeable very quickly and I would say within a maximum of 2 minutes I am breathing through my nose a lot easier.

        Now though this doesn't cure my cold I do think that over the course of up to a week of taking this I significantly reduce my nasal congestion and feel better able to breath and hence do the things I need to do such as work and look after my son etc.

        The nozzle of the micro mist being plastic is easy to clean and to reduce the risk of infection it is recommended to wipe this down each time after use. I tend to use one of my sons baby wipes for this and find that this does the job well and I have never felt that my blocked nose has got worse or has been re-infected. That said I wouldn't want to share the spray with someone else.

        Overall and recommendation
        I would definitely recommend this for nasal congestion it certainly helps me breathe better both during the day and night. It seems to live up to its promises of reducing nasal mucus which is the reason I choose this product. It is definitely part of my winter cold weapons so it's a full 5 dooyoo stars from me.

        This product as well as being used for colds and sinusitis can be used for treating hay fever but as I don't suffer from that I can't make any comments on how effective it is in the treatment of hay fever.

        Where from
        I normally buy mine from my local Boots from around £3.50 a bottle


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          07.04.2010 00:10
          Very helpful



          brilliant for colds and stuffy noses

          I am an avid fan of this product whenever I get the slightest hint of a blocked nose!

          I have been using nasal decongestants for years and Sinex has always been the one I go for in it's varying forms as it really does help.

          Two squirts up each nostril and it's pretty much instant relief, even with the most bunged up of noses.

          I much prefer this to Sinutab or other tablet decongestants as it's fast working and makes you feel much better instantly.

          The spray bottle comes packaged in a box with clear instructions and advice and the bottle is easy to use and the pump spray action is great at delivering measured doses effectively. The spray comes out with some force so it's great for getting where it's supposed to go to sort you out as soon as possible.

          It has a menthol smell that is not at all unpleasant .

          I hate not being able to breathe through my nose and the only thime this priduct has not worked for me was when I had a very nasty sinus infection, and that needed antibiotics anyway so it really stood no chance.

          If you want instant relief give this a try as it has always been brilliant for me.


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          19.07.2009 14:42
          Very helpful



          Bang average for the market

          Traditionally I've stuck loyal to the Sudafed brand when it comes to nasal sprays. Never did I feed I'd need to cheat on it and go elsewhere. But one unfortunate weekend in February meant I was laid low with a terrible head cold, and I'd run out of Sudafed spray. To my uproar, the local chemist/shop had run out of the brand - it's to be expected as it works wonders - so I had to purchase a 'new' brand, I was stepping into unknown territory. I'd brought a Vicks Sinex Micromist... Oooooooo.

          From the familiar Vicks brand of cold and flu reliefs, it comes in a glossy cardboard packet in the colour of "British racing green" (yes, such a colour to describe flu-relief exists in my eyes!). The bottle containing the spray solution is a 15ml dark-brown glass, with a white nozzle and a Vicks sticker explaining further the ingredients and directions for use. For adults and children over six, it should be use in each nostril once every 6 - 8 hours unless advised otherwise by your doctor. It's not suitable for anyone younger than that, and obviously, if problems persist, consult your doctor.

          The activate the spray, apply pressure to the nozzle in the same way you'd work a syringe - by pressing down on it using your index and middle fingers. This will produce a strong mist instantly, so if you're testing it for the first time, don't spray near your eyes.

          The smell is something I'd instantly associate with products such as Vicks vapour rub. When spraying it into your nostrils, especially when your nostrils aren't completely blocked, the spray can almost feel as if it's burning the back of your nostrils. This is arguably proof it's working, but the same thing doesn't happen when using the equivalent Sudafed spray.

          The active ingredient, or the main component to unblock your nose is something called oxymetazoline hydrochloride, at a ratio of 0.5 mg/ml. The other ingredients read like a chemists wet dream and mean nothing to us mere mortals, but they are: levomenthol, sodium citrate dihydrate, tyloxapol, citric acid anhydrous, chlorhexidine gluconate solution, benzalkonium chloride solution, camphor, disodium edetate dihydrate, eucalyptol, sodium hydroxide and purified water.

          Unfortunately, hand on heart, I wouldn't recommend this brand. Yes, it does the job to a degree and will help you unblock your nose and be able to breathe through it again. However, the sensation of clear nostrils doesn't remain for anywhere near as long as Sudafed, which can be sprayed at the start of the night before you sleep, and still be clear when you wake up 8 hours later. Also, Sudafed doesn't create the uncomfortable burning sensation at the back of your nostrils...as if you've gargled Listerine through your nose.

          You can pick it up from all good pharmacies and chemists for any price just over the £3 mark and just under the £4 mark...however, you can buy Sudafed for the same price. Unless you've got shares in Vicks then, I wouldn't buy it. Simple.


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            10.06.2009 23:36
            Very helpful



            try it!

            This is the first year ive had proper heyfeaver. Ive always had a little bit but ive not had to take anything for it but after waking up this morning with a face so puffed up it was unbelivable ive had to finally call for backup.

            This was one of the middle priced ones in the shop, i went for this one as vicks is a name that goes with blocked noses, kinda like chocolate = cadburys,.

            You get a nice non threatning looking box (some heyfeaver cures boxes are scary!) with the bottle and a leaflet inside.

            When it took the bottle out of the box the white cover for the pump where you press down on fell off. i kinda went into a little panic mode then as i couldnt really see as my eyes where that bad. but, when your calmed down, its very easy to fix.

            You have to spray the spray a couple of times to get it going so it gives you the right dose. It dosent actually smell to bad when it comes out. The stuff my mother has smells like very old socks that have been stuffed down the loo, so i was pleslently suprised by this.

            I was a bit scared of this as i dont really like things going up my nose, i didnt know this actually went off!, i had to spray it like 10 times out my nose and once in the other nostrol to convince myself it actually done it.

            about 10 minuite later my nose felt so much better!, if your new to heyfever or your not to sure about nasal sprays give this a shot.


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            23.04.2009 15:25
            Very helpful



            Handy to have around if your suffering from a cold....

            Vicks Sinex Micromist is part of a group of treatments referred to as a "topical decongestant", this product is sprayed into the nostrils where the active chemicals get to work at relieving inflamation and helping shift mucus secretions (known as snot to anyone under 30).

            -Micromist Vs Traditional-

            Prior to purchasing this Micromist product, the last time I had turned to Sinex, I was about 18 and suffering from a heavy cold, the Sinex nasal spray I purchased was one of the old fashioned ones in the squeezy white plastic bottles. You know the ones with the green writing, and screw cap lid.

            To be honest it did help with a bunged up nose, it did do the job. However the one major downside from my experience was the inadequate product delivery system.

            The traditional Vicks Sinex was basically a squeezy white plastic bottle with a small holed nozzle, and the propulsion of the fluid into the nasal passage was not a reliable method, because it was dependant on the quantity of the fluid left in the bottle, and the amount of hand pressure applied. An what with both of those being variables, all to often it would deliver nothing at all, or alternatively a jet of high powered fluid up your nose (not pleasant) rather than a controlled metered dose.

            Thankfully the days described above are gone, and for the more discerning user, Vicks Sinex now also comes in a Micromist bottle which contains the same active chemical Oxymetazoline ( a topical decongestant) as the main ingredient, but the biggest difference is the pump system for delivering a metered dose, and the convenient slimmer size.

            -Appearance, General Information and Opinion-

            Bottle size: 15ml
            Active Ingredient: Oxymetazoline
            Cost: £3.40 to £3.41 (at time of writing: data from mysupermarket.com)

            The bottle is a brown glass, and measures in at around 2cm in diameter, with an 8cm total length from base to top, making it conveniently a nice size to drop into a pocket or handbag (not that I have one of those of course).

            The top of the bottle is the real point of interest however, beneath the clear plastic protective cap, there is a hygenic wipeable nozzle, with a "pump action" head unit. This is specially designed to create a metered "mist" of product when pressure is applied to the pump action system. In addition the pressure needed is minimal..

            This means that when you insert the nozzle gently into your nostril, you can easily push on the pump system, and get a fine mist of decongestant sprayed into your nose, right where you need it, and in a controlled dose.

            I mention, and have kept mentioning controlled dose, because actually its pretty important! Over using (overdosing) this product either intentionally or unintentionally (if not using a metered dose) can cause the opposite effect of decongesting, it can actually exacerbate a blocked nose by causing irratation and promoting extra mucus secretions. So actually getting the right dose delivered is pretty important.

            On average I found the relief depending on severity to be almost instant, to a few minutes maximum. On occasion it did cause a sneezing fit, or an excessively runny nose, but that cleared up in minutes and left me breathing freely for well over the 6 hours stated.

            Although I used this to deal with the horrible symptons of a cold, I do understand it can relieve the symptons of Allergies such as hayfever, although I would consult a Dr if intending to use this for a prolonged period.


            I would say that if your suffering from a cold, and having trouble breathing through your nose, then this product is perfect. Vicks Micromist certainly works and is far more reliable and easy to use than the old fashioned products.

            As mentioned a moment ago. As well as the obvious uses (i.e. if you have a cold/flu) this product is also of great use if you suffer from Hay Fever, and/or an Allergy. Although this will not prevent the symptoms it will assist greatly as a reliever. An can be used occasionally quite safely.

            One for the medicine cabinet for sure!


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          • Product Details

            Fast relief from a nasal cold / A microfine decongestant mist which is delivered in a measured dose that gives up to 8 hours relief from a blocked nose due to common colds, hayfever and sinusitis.Fast Relief from blocked nose due to common cold, hayfever and sinusitis.Measured dose pump.Adults and children over 12 years:1-2 sprays per nostril every 6-8 hours. ContainsOxymetazoline hydrochloride 0.05%w/v.

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