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ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel

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4 Reviews
  • helps minimise scarring
  • relieves itching
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    4 Reviews
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      23.10.2014 19:54


      • "helps minimise scarring"
      • "relieves itching"


      the best for itching relief.

      All three of my children (aged three and under) managed to get chicken pox all at the same time and until speaking to a mum at nursery all I knew to help relieve the itching was calamine lotion that leaves that horrible chalky residue and doesn't even work that well. This mum recommended that I go to the chemist and ask for virasoothe that it was expensive but it really worked.

      I got mine from a little independent chemist and it cost about £6. Its also easy to get hold of at bigger chemist chains and some supermarkets also stock it now too.
      It comes in a squeezey tube its really easy to get it out just be careful you don't end up with it everywhere, you only need a really little bit.
      My little ones were scratching themselves raw until I applied this all over them from head to toe. It really helped to stop them scratching themselves to bits. Its not recommended for use before 6 months (i'm sure a doctor would okay it though), but luckily my youngest had just turned 6 months.
      It absorbs into the skin really nicely and doesn't leave any nasty residue until calamine lotion.
      Because you need so little the tube lasts and did all three of my girls for the entirety of the virus. Its also really helped to minimise any of the scarring, only my eldest has one or two scars but she was the worst for picking at them!

      I honestly cannot recommend this product enough for anyone suffering with chicken pox, it really works and the relief lasts unlike other methods. its really easy to apply, theres no nasty smell and although it is more pricey than calamine lotion I don't think its overly pricey, it is most certainly worth the pennies!


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      20.08.2013 21:14
      Very helpful
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      a good alternative to chamomile lotion.

      My daughter came out in a few spots on Saturday which I had a feeling were chicken pox as they were red with a fluid filled blisters. Come Sunday more spots were popping up all over her body and scalp in fact everywhere except her face.

      I went into Asda to get something to relieve the itching of the spots as my daughter was struggling to sleep. I didn't want to use Chamomile lotion as I find it goes chalky on the skin and I had read online this can make the itching worse. I spotted this on the shelf and it cost £5.99 for a 75g tube.

      The product is described as a cooling gel. It comes in a white tube which has pink writing. The packaging states that it cools and helps relieve itching, supports natural healing and helps reduce scarring.

      The product is suitable for ages 6 months and over.

      To use the product you are recommended to wash and dry your hands before rubbing the gel into the skin sparingly with a light massaging action.

      You are recommended to apply 2-3 times a day or more often if necessary.

      It can be used all over the face and body but you are recommended to avoid contact with the eyes.

      The product has what is known as an Osmo-4 formulation which draws water to the surface of the skin from the lower layer. As this water evaporates it has a cooling effect on the skin which reduces itching. The gel is also designed to moisturise the skin which in turn helps prevent scarring by breaking the itch scratch cycle.

      The gel feels cool when it comes out of the tube, it has no scent and is quite runny in consistency.

      My daughter has some particularly nasty spots around her groin area, under her armpits and on her private areas. These are causing her a lot of discomfort particularly as they are often covered by a nappy. I applied this gel as soon as I purchased it, instantly my daughter stopped scratching. She was even able to catch up on a few hours sleep. We are now on the third day and a lot of the spots are scabbing over and we have only had a few new ones form. This has definitely helped it seems to soothe the redness and my daughter has even told me herself that it stops her 'baddies' itching. It has had a noticeable effect in the nappy area as the first night she was trying to pull her nappy off she is now sleeping better.

      I would definately recommend this, it is expensive but a little goes a long way. Hopefully now she has had chicken pox this will be the last time we need it.


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        27.04.2011 21:15



        Oh my word! This gel is amazing! It really works! Three children and I have only just found this gel my two eldest children did not get the benefit of this topical gem! And feel the need to spread the word my eldest children bear the scars of this yukky illness and think it still remains the one childhood infection that we dread because of the scarring the duration and the incubation period! Watching your gorgeous children struggle with sleep, through itching and feeling generally horrible is awful. This gel took the itch away totally, the spots seemed less angry for less time, dried up quicker and left no marks at all, brilliant! Spread the word!


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        08.02.2011 22:36
        Very helpful



        Who wouldn't buy anything to stop their children feeling ill and miserable. Expensive, but worth it

        I have been very lucky up to now with my kids that they have been pretty healthy. Apart from colds, they have never had any serious illnesses or anything for me to worry about. That is, until my eldest son came home from nursery school with an extra nipple.

        We were changing his top, and he lifted it up, and immediately put his finger on the lump which then popped under his finger, and i immediately recognised it as chicken pox.

        For those of you who have not had the misfortune to come across it before, chicken pox is characterised by the appearance of blisters (spots) in a rash all over the body. Most commonly they start on the chest and back, and then spread to cover the rest of the body. They are caused by a virus called Varicella which causes chicken pox and also shingles. The spots at first look a bit like an insect bite or normal spot, but gradually become bigger. Then they get a clear fluid filled blister on them. This then goes cloudy as the infection is being fought off in the body, before popping and leaving a scab.

        So, my boy has been in contact with someone with the virus who has then sneezed or coughed, or perhaps he used a cup at nursery after someone else with the virus.

        Early symptoms might be a high temperature, or feeling a bit fluey and having a sore throat for a couple of days before. We had no warning like this, just the appearance of the blisters. I was lucky i knew to look out for it as nursery had sent out a letter saying a lot of children at the school had been suffering with it.

        The infection is really contagious so quickly spreads in a school type environment. I debated smearing my younger son against the older one to help the spread, but then figured he probably had it anyway, and it didn't always work out that well for Edward Jenner developing his small pox vaccine. So, i restrained the scientist within. It is contagious from a couple of days before the spots appear until the spots all scab over. Incubation period for the illness from various sources online is up to 2-3 weeks. When my nephews had it, the elder nephew spread it to both younger nephews in exactly 2 weeks, so i am expecting my youngest to start with it fairly soon. I only hope i don't get it again myself having already had it twice when i was younger. I don't really fancy shingles either.

        So anyway, Day one: we had 5 spots. One on his chest, two on his back, and two on his genitals. All warm areas where the clothes were close to his skin. I made him get a nice bath and washed his hair so he would be more comfortable the next day as i knew we would see more, especially after popping the spot.

        Day 2 - the spots were starting to appear. The only things i had in the house were TCP, antiseptic cream, and some bicarbonate of soda. Before you all think i am mad, i have been adding the TCP and the bicarb to the bath water. The TCP to help bathe the sore areas and stop the skin becoming infected, and the bicarb is good at relieving the infection. My husband was ordered to go to Boots to buy this gel that had been recommended to me. Although it cost £8.36 for a 75g tube of it, i was convinced by my childhood memories of sitting for ages being dabbed with calamine lotion which was then ineffective as soon as it dried.

        My hubbie came home with the gel, and we applied it to my son. By now he was moderately spotty.

        Day 3 - This was the day he was suddenly covered in the spots. He kept asking for the gel to be put onto specific spots as they were appearing. We applied it about 4 times over the day, and he was not scratching at all but asking for the gel to be put on. He was also complaining of a headache, and a bit shivery so we supplemented the gel with childrens parecetomol.

        Day 4 - He felt worse than the day before. He asked for the gel to be applied a few times, and also was off his food, so again we used the infant medicines to supplement. He even appeared at 1:30am asking for the gel to be put on.

        Day 5 - peaking. He seemed to be even more spotty, but laid on the sofa most of the day. He only had the gel on a couple of times but did not ask for it.

        Day 6 - today - he has not asked for the gel at all. The spots are very cloudy and popping, scabs are forming. We are almost back to normal as he is sleeping better, eating well and energetic again.

        Now we just need it all to heal so he can go back to school.

        This gel to me has been a miracle. I was not looking forward to my son being really grouchy and trying to stop him itching, but he hasn't been that itchy at all. The gel claims to cool and help relieve itching which it appears to have done.

        The tube looked tiny, but the clear gel is quite thin, and you only need to apply a small thin layer before gently rubbing it in. One tube has been 2/3rds used in a pretty normal case of chicken pox. This has been applied in a thin layer several times to nearly his whole surface area of skin. The only ones i have not applied it to are the spots that are on his eye lid and just under his lower rim of his eyes.

        The gel is said to help support natural healing. I do think this claim is true as well. Spots that looked really red and as though they might become infected were less red and weepy after this treatment. You could argue this is the TCP in the bath too, but i think the fact he has not sat scratching it and introduced other bacteria has probably helped. (A common side effect of chicken pox is impetigo (skin infection) caused by scratching.)

        The gel is said to help reduce scarring. I can also believe this as i have only seen my son scratching once, and this was his scalp (no gel applied) when he was asleep. Scars i have from chicken pox are from where i took the scab off through scratching.

        Compared to my memory of childhood chicken pox, we have had quite a smooth experience of it. He has not been really miserable and itchy and i feel the gel helps.

        Even psychologically, the thought of making a 4 year old sit still for long enough to coat their body in calamine before washing it off and starting again, i am 100% convinced of this gel's value.

        So much so, i asked my hubbie to call to Boots again to get another tube for the inevitable case in my younger son. The gel is so popular that the Boots at meadowhall, Sheffield had sold out of it and he had to go to another branch to get hold of it today.

        So, in my opinion, if your child has got Chicken pox, don't waste time on the very old fashioned calamine lotion. Splash some cash and get this gel. I don't think you could regret it. There are obviously a lot of parents in the south yorkshire area who agree with me this week.

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Virasootherelievesthe itchiness associated with chickenpox.It is an odourless clear gel that is clinically proven to provide relief from chickenpox symptoms.Virasoothes component Osmo 4 works through the process of osmosis to hydrate and cool the skin through evaporation and hence subdues the urge to scratch.It is available in a 50g and 75g tube.When children have chickenpox it is important to stop them scratching their spots as this can produce scarring, and in 10 per cent of cases scratched spots can become infected.Aswell as using Virasoothe gel it may also be advisable to wear loose fitting cottonclothing.Keeping fingernails short can also help.After a week most children with chickenpox will feel better and after 2 weeks the spotsdry up, scab over and disappear.How to use Virasoothe Cooling Gel?Rub Virasoothe gel into affected areas of the skin two to three times per day.It can used all over the face and body.keywordsvira sooth, vira soothe, chicken pox, vyrasooth

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